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What are the War Thunder Official Forums actually for?

Perhaps I am naive, but I thought Official Forums were a place where developers and players could work together to make the game better.
But the more I look at the forums the more I submit ideas, the more I realize, Gaijin doesn't care.

Take the Italian Copy Paste problem:
We all know that the majority of the community agrees with removing USA copy Paste from Tier II Italy. The polls indicate it. The multiple content creator videos indicate it. The lack of people playing the Chinese Tree indicate it. The posts on Reddit indicate it. The polls on Youtube indicate it.
Smin knows it too, he just can't say anything about because he works for Gaijin. "no set magic number." Just LOL. The reason why this will not be changed even though there is a better and equally economical solution is because Gaijin would have to A) admit they were wrong. B) do more work. C) appear like the community could actually influence them. If they fix this, no matter how obvious and better the solution, people will start to demand more complicated things change with the same expectation. Things that actually affect their income. Things that they can't really fix. This whole thing was Gaijin taking the easy and unimaginative route. The solution offered here: 
 is just as effective, just as cost effective, and far, far, more elegant. But, as I have been reliably informed by Smin. 
"There is no set "magic" number and im really not sure why you are so persistent on this factoid. This matter simply is not a large community wide issue as you make it out to be. Yes, clearly there is evidence from this topic from those that voted of an opinion they hold. That does not however translate to the wider community because despite what you claimed, Reddit was not "flooded" and its not even discussed at all there. Equally on the Russian forum this matter is also not a "large" issue, so the overall claim this was a massive issue was overblown and not representative of the community as a whole. Yes, this is a matter that you have made your voice very well heard on as have others within this topic and it has been passed on. However as of right now there simply is no sufficient evidence from the wider community to indicate any kind of reversal of plans or changes are required right now. "
Just to clarify there were multiple content creators who created specific videos on the subject. Even more content creators commented negatively on it in broader videos about the patch. Also there was a survey with over 7,000 votes on Spit\_Flyer's youtube channel. Furthermore there were several threads mocking the copy paste in Italy on Reddit as well. There was community outcry, but as smin stated. "No sufficient evidence." The implication here is clear. Unless we see the outcry like when they changed from over 20 tiers to 5 tiers, proposed pay to win extra FPE and Crew, or the Parts and FPE debacle, Gaijin won't take action. Really these forums are just a charade. A place where people can exchange ideas and vent. But not a place where feedback is taken seriously. The polls according to smin: "As with all things we have and will continue to monitor. We have lots of poll topics all over the place with 200+ votes or media on other platform with more than 180 comments . There wont be an update from the devs every time 100 people vote or something." Again the implication is clear. The votes don't matter. 200+ votes. Meaningless. "No set magic number" allows him to set the number at, Never Reached. Other clear examples of how this forum doesn't really matter. Take this official topic: 
Five pages of recommendations to address the problems with Naval battles. Clear Themes gleaned from the feedback, lack of effective rewards, Severe Power Creep, boring gameplay for large ships. And after months of this thread being up and over a hundred comments the answer is, yeah we're not doing anything with that feedback. No game mode changes planned just some QoL stuff and maybe some map tweeks: On 16/06/2020 at 14:29, [Conte\_Baracca](https://forum.warthunder.com/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=674012) said: Cool. Is there any changes in the works. Nothing specific. It makes total sense why any specifics are a bad idea. Just a sense that the naval mode is looking at some meaningful changes like AIR RB got last couple patches. On 16/06/2020 at 14:32, [Smin1080p](https://forum.warthunder.com/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=585712) said: There are of course QoL changes for Naval with every passing major and more to come in several areas. As for maps, new ones are in development, some bugs on old ones are being resolved and this feedback will be passed so the developers can see some additional feedback on specific points on certain existing maps like what was done for Kursk and Italy this patch. The game mode is suffering greatly and they STILL don't listen. Another example is how Italy had no starter jet. Years ago a suggestion was created and passed to developers: 
 Note the dates. However, instead of getting a unique Italian starter jet, Gaijin threw in the Italian Vampire. Don't get me wrong...I like the Vampire and the Italian one is better than the British one. But, it was the cheap, easy solution, instead of the interesting, unique solution. Gaijin only "listens" when convenient. 

submitted by T4NK3R1802 to Warthunder

Aggro Slivers Strategy and Sideboard Guide

What's good y'all. I'm BerkBerk, aka JustBurn420 on MTGO, the original creator of the Aggro Slivers archetype back in January. When I say archetype, I want to clarify that I consider Aggro Slivers to be a distinct archetype compared to the old CoCo Slivers list that was more of a midrange deck; less than half of the two archetypes overlap with each other. Aggro slivers does not use slower cards like CoCo, Sedge Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, and mana slivers, instead loading up on more aggro options, along with the incredibly fun Frenetic/Dregscape combo. With no disruption, Aggro Slivers can swing for lethal on turn 4 somewhat regularly. I've made a couple posts about the deck here before, but an update has been long overdue, especially with the deck recently getting more exposure thanks to big names like u/kanistrae and Martin Juza.
The basic strategy of this deck is simple--drop our creatures and swing with them. Because of the nature of slivers, we want to overextend a bit more than most other creature-based decks do, though against some decks we still have to take caution. Sequencing can be important, but that doesn't mean we always lead with our strongest slivers; against some decks, the first 2cc sliver out will get immediately killed regardless of who it is. The sequencing rules vary every game, but just pay attention to why we're casting them in the order we are. Unsettled Mariner, Dregscape Sliver, and Frenetic Sliver provide all the protection; the rest of the slivers, including the 14 lords (and pseudo-lords), are all there to more efficiently swing for damage.
Creatures (36) 4 Galerider Sliver 2 Sidewinder Sliver 2 Striking Sliver 4 Cloudshredder Sliver 3 Dregscape Sliver 2 Frenzy Sliver 4 Leeching Sliver 4 Predatory Sliver 4 Sinew Sliver 4 Unsettled Mariner 3 Frenetic Sliver
Artifacts (4) 4 Aether Vial
Lands (20) 4 Cavern of Souls 2 Fiery Islet 3 Mutavault 2 Silent Clearing 4 Sliver Hive 1 Snow-Covered Plains 4 Unclaimed Territory
Sideboard (15) 4 Chalice of the Void 4 Dismember 3 Harmonic Sliver 4 Leyline of the Void
4 Aether Vial
The only acceleration in the deck. Vial brings incredible value when dropped on turn 1, and is usually left at 2 counters unless we draw a Frenetic Sliver and lands are in short supply, or unless we play a second Vial. A hand with one land and an Aether Vial, while not at all ideal, is usually a keeper. Vial is also great for combat tricks and getting around counters.
4 Galerider Sliver 2 Sidewinder Sliver 2 Striking Sliver
I've found 8 1cc slivers to be the right amount we want mainboard, sometimes painfully going down to 7 post-board. Obviously Galerider is the best of the bunch, but the other two are still great in combat situations. Flanking is obviously useful when there's blockers, especially multiple blockers. First strike across the table helps prevent huge creatures from attacking us during standstills, while we're waiting to draw a flying sliver. And occasionally, we can kill an opposing creature by vialing in the Striking Sliver after attacks are declared.
2 Frenzy Sliver 4 Leeching Sliver 4 Predatory Sliver 4 Sinew Sliver
14 lords! In an aggro deck, consistency is key, and 14 seems about right. Keep in mind we need at least two of them to pull off a turn 4 kill. In almost every situation (other than when the opponent has an Ensnaring Bridge), Predatory and Sinew sliver are superior to the other two; the extra toughness is great vs W6/Plague EngineeLava Dart, and the buffs also work on defense. Leeching Sliver shines in finishing off opponents through blockers, so it's often saved as the last lord to cast when possible. If we have both Predatory and Sinew in hand, it's often better to cast Predatory first, as the deck has more W mana sources than G, and there's always a chance you'll need to cast the other alongside either a Cloudshredder or Mariner. The exception, of course, is when the opponent has two untapped lands and a potential Aether Gust.
4 Cloudshredder Sliver
Despite being a 2cc 1/1, Cloudshredder is an absolutely amazing staple of this deck, providing both haste and evasion. I have never sided one out. This was actually the card that first inspired me to build this aggro version of slivers. It's the heart and soul of our deck.
3 Dregscape Sliver 4 Unsettled Mariner 3 Frenetic Sliver
These are our protective slivers. Unsettled Mariner disrupts more cards and abilities than many players realize. (And it shows with how many players, even good ones, inexplicably walk right into getting countered.) It protects everything we have on the board, and as an added bonus, it also slows down some random combo decks. Frenetic Sliver protects our slivers from removal and allows us to only worry half as much when we overextend. Dregscape is great for making that final push for damage after a bunch of our slivers are killed, and is also randomly cool if our opponent mills us for some reason. In very rare cases (ie: twice ever for me), Dregscape can allow us to come back against a Blood Moon or Magus lock that's not backed up by pressure. Frenetic and Dregscape together also make for a surprisingly effective combo, allowing us to flicker your slivers after they have been unearthed to prevent them from being exiled at the end of the turn (assuming we win the flip). Note that when using this combo, we can choose to either get our slivers back at our own end step (if we flicker them during our main phase), or during our opponent's end step (if we flicker them during our own end step with the exile on the stack); either timing can be ideal depending on the situation.
4 Cavern of Souls 2 Fiery Islet 3 Mutavault 2 Silent Clearing 4 Sliver Hive 1 Snow-Covered Plains 4 Unclaimed Territory
The core of our manabase is our 12 ideal lands--the playsets of Cavern, Hive, and Unclaimed Territory--that can help pay for any spell/ability in our deck (other than Leyline if you want to get technical). We usually want to have at least one of these lands in our starting hand, unless we have a Vial. We also have 3 Mutavaults for extra beats and flood insurance, 4 Horizon lands, and a basic Plains (Snow-Covered because I never changed it from when it was basically mandatory during the Snowko days, but it really doesn't matter anymore). We use a Plains instead of any other basic because it's the only one that can cast both Unsettled Mariner and Cloudshredder Sliver, the only two 2+cc slivers with no generic mana in their costs. I strongly believe we shouldn't run any basics other than the lone Plains, as no other basic would give us enough value. Similarly, our Horizon land distribution is 2 Fiery Islet and 2 Silent Clearing because both of those pairings can cast both Unsettled and Cloudshredder. On top of that, getting one of each Horizon land would allow us to cast anything other than Predatory Sliver, occasionally allowing us to keep a hand that might not otherwise be keepable.
Sideboard (15) 4 Chalice of the Void 4 Dismember 3 Harmonic Sliver 4 Leyline of the Void
Sideboards evolve with the meta, but this is what mine looks like now. You absolutely want full playsets of the Chalices and Leylines, and you also want 2-3 Harmonic Sliver and 2-4 copies of creature removal. Dismember is by far the best removal at our disposal (except in the Prowess matchup). I personally run 3 Harmonic Sliver and 4 Dismember, just to make sure I have an answer to certain problems, but these would be the cards to cut if you needed to make room for something else. Some other solid options to consider are Damping Sphere (if Tron becomes too popular), Darkheart Sliver (if Prowess becomes too popular), and Grafdigger's Cage (if Dredge becomes too popular).
Other sideboard options that are currently far too narrow to use, but might be worth considering as the meta shifts in the future: Diffusion Sliver, Syphon Sliver, Spiteful Sliver, Spatial Contortion, Surgical Extraction, Warping Wail, Pithing Needle, Plague Engineer (eww), and Containment Priest.
Flex Slots:
Mainboard: I'm confident in my list as is, but if you're deadset on making a change, the deck's mainboard flex slots are the 2 aforementioned Frenzy Slivers--that's it. I really wouldn't recommend touching anything else. I personally love Frenzy Sliver and believe it's the optimal choice, but fellow Aggro Slivers player u/ekienhol aka SouthernSliver swapped them out for 2 Darkheart Sliver instead in his SCG Regionals Top 8 list back in March, which was then picked up by Kanister. (This is the only difference between my list and SouthernSliver's list other than slightly varying manabases and sideboards. We still respectfully disagree and debate the merits of both on Discord regularly.) With that in mind, let's examine the arguments behind both flex choices:
The case for Frenzy Sliver: This is an aggro deck at heart. The primary goal is to swing for 20 ASAP, which is best achieved via lords. Frenzy Sliver is a (pseudo-)lord; it costs 2, swings for 2, and buffs other slivers by 1. Darkheart Sliver costs the same and swings for the same, but doesn't do much else on offense. Going from 12 lords to 14 slightly increases our chances of a turn 4 kill. Against decks like Jund with multiple planeswalkers that we have to kill, Frenzy Sliver actually becomes better than Leeching Sliver. Frenzy Sliver is also noticeably easier to cast with this deck's manabase. Against most match-ups that aren't Prowess or Burn, Frenzy Sliver is clearly superior. I really don't think it's worth weakening our g1 match-up against most decks simply because of how bad the Prowess match-up is. I'd rather be stronger against the field as a whole, and just hope to not get paired against Prowess.
The case for Darkheart Sliver: The main benefit to Darkheart Sliver is that it's great against Prowess, our worst match-up. The flex slivers get sided out in the majority of match-ups anyway, so even though Darkheart Sliver feels more like a sideboard card, the cost of mainboarding a couple is really only paid during game 1s. Aside from hating on Prowess and Burn, Darkheart Sliver can also occasionally come in handy when in close races with other aggro decks. It survives W6/Plague EngineeLava Dart. Lastly, in really niche situations, it can function as extra copies of Frenetic Sliver to do fun stuff like negate a creature's Lifelink, fizzle secondary benefits on targeted spells/abilities, and send targeted Adventure spells to the graveyard. In can also send all your creatures to the graveyard instead of exile in response to exile spells, something mildly useful with Dregscape in the deck. That all said, this is just me playing devil's advocate, mainly out of respect for the talented players who prefer Darkheart over Frenzy; ultimately, unless Prowess rises to like 15% of the meta or something, I still strongly believe that Frenzy Sliver is the right call for the flex slots.
Q: Why no Manaweft/Gemhide Sliver? A: Too slow.
Q: Why no Sedge Sliver? A: Too slow.
Q: Why no Necrotic Sliver? A: Too slow.
Q: Why no Homing Sliver? A: Too slow.
Q: Why no Blur Sliver? A: Too slow.
Q: Why no Sliver Hivelord? A: Way too slow.
Q: Why no Collected Company? A: Too slow. Also a bit inneffecient with so few 3cc slivers. Lastly, the deck has literally no way to produce the green mana required to cast it. Recommending CoCo for Aggro Slivers is like recommending Goyf for Burn--you'd have to splash an entirely new color, and you'd end up with a completely different deck.
Uro Pile: Good match-up. It's somewhat unfair to generalize all the various Uro lists as one deck, as some of them vary quite a bit, but the basic concept of just surrounding Uro with controllish good stuff is universal. And in general, these Uro lists are a good match-up for us regardless. We usually have enough speed to outrace them, and we can fly over a Uro that sneaks into play. Watch out for Supreme Verdict and Engineered Explosives; with no Frenetic or Dregscape, know when to overextend and race, and when to hold back a bit. If we get locked by Cryptic Command and Mystic Sanctuary, we can break that with either a Mutavault or a Vial + Cloudshredder; just wait until after the Cryptic resolves to activate the abilities. (If you play online, make sure you check that box to not skip your priority when declaring attackers!) +4 Leyline of the Void, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -Sidewinder Sliver
Prowess: Horrible match-up. It's also a bit unfair to generalize all Prowess lists as one deck, but regardless of list, it's not going to be easy for us. We need a critical mass of slivers for them to be efficient, and it's way too easy for Prowess to keep us below that critical mass while maintaining their game plan, especially with cards like Lava Dart in their deck. Their creatures are a huge threat to us, and the life cost to Dismember any of them might actually hurt more than it helps. (I've experimented with siding in a lone Dismember anyway, but I'm not sold on it.) Prowess now having access to flying creatures makes our life even more miserable. That said, we do have a couple solid weapons against them: Unsettled Mariner and Chalice. Neither will automatically win the game on their own, but both are capable of stealing some games. +4 Chalice of the Void, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Leeching Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Gruul Midrange: Bad match-up, partly because Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are so effective against us. Opening with a Vial is huge against them for that reason, though it's still vulnerable to Pillage. They win the long game, so our strategy is basically to race them and hope for the best. +4 Dismember, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Burn: Even match-up. They have the ability to kill a bunch of slivers, but in doing so, they run low on burn to use on us. We need a critical mass of slivers, but they need a critical mass of burn, and when neither happens because they burn too many slivers, we win the war of attrition. Unsettled Mariner is amazing against them (they have to pay 2 for Searing Blaze!), as is Frenetic Sliver; they're pretty much forced to kill both of them on sight. Because we play Vials, we don't need to worry about Eidolon too much; if anything, they should be siding it out. Chalice is good enough to side in, but note that a chalice for 1 isn't exactly crippling for a Burn deck that plays a bunch of 2-3cc spells. +4 Chalice of the Void, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Leeching Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Rakdos Lurrus Aggro: Bad match-up. Similar to the Prowess match-up in some ways, except now we have to worry about their graveyard a lot more. With us bringing in eight non-creatures and them attacking our hand, Aether Vial should get sided out to keep the creature count from dipping too low. +4 Chalice of the Void, +4 Leyline of the Void, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Azorious Control: Good match-up. We have multiple ways to deal with Batterskull: we can negate it's lifelink with Frenetic Sliver, kill it by blocking group of first strikers, or simply fly over it and outrace it. The swords can be a bit more annoying if they manage to get them out, so we need to kill them before then. Vial and Caverns are obviously great to get around their counters. Dismember can be great or next to useless in this match-up, and I'm still not completely whether or not bringing them in is the right call, but bringing in 2 seems like a good balance. Feel free to experiment with this though. 4 Unsettled Mariner, -1 Dregscape Sliver, +3 Harmonic Sliver, +2 Dismember
Tron: Even match-up. We can outrace them, but sometimes they just get Tron a turn too early and start doing ridiculous stuff to steal the game. They do have board wipes, so we need to play Frenetic Sliver as soon as it's possible. Unsettled Mariner can limit the destructiveness of a Walking Ballista. Watch out for a Bridge via Karn! Remember that we can use Frenetic Sliver to blink Predatory and Sinew Sliver to get under the Bridge, and that Leeching and Frenzy Slivers naturally work around it. Also, be sure to kill Karn regardless. Chalices are great on the play, hitting 16 of their cards, but not as effective on the draw. Play: +3 Harmonic Sliver, +4 Chalice of the Void, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver Draw: +3 Harmonic Sliver, +1 Chalice of the Void, -4 Aether Vial
Eldrazi Tron: Even match-up. Unsettled Mariner really shines here because it protects us from both Walking Ballista and Thought-Knot Seer. The various Eldrazi can sometimes make combat tricky, but a flying sliver solves that problem. If they drop a Chalice, we have Vial and Caverns to get around it. Be aware of Blast Zone, as they'll probably be searching for it often. Also be aware of Bridge via Karn; the same advice from above applies here too. +4 Dismember, +3 Harmonic Sliver, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Jund: Good match-up. Kill their planeswalkers first unless you see a clear path to swinging for lethal. Be aware of W6 (and Plague Engineer post-board), and adjust by prioritizing Predatory/Sinew Sliver over Cloudshredder Sliver early in the game. Officially, I recommend siding in Chalices on the play, but that's somewhat decklist dependent; if it seems like a particular opponent isn't running that many 1cc spells, or if it seems like they're packing more artifact hate than expected, feel free to leave the Chalices in the sideboard. Play: +4 Dismember, +4 Chalice of the Void, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Dregscape Sliver, -2 Leeching Sliver Draw: +4 Dismember, -4 Aether Vial
Dredge: Even match-up. They have the advantage pre-board, but we have the advantage post-board. I feel like that describes a lot of decks' matchups against Dredge. Pre-board, Unsettled Mariner is crucial to stop the inevitable Conflagrate as we try to race them. Post-board, we have to mulligan aggressively for a Leyline. If we secure the Leyline and they don't have the enchantment removal, we can usually easily kill them before they can recover. (And if they do have the enchantment removal, let's just hope they had to mulligan so aggressively to find it that we have enough time to beat them anyway.) +4 Leyline of the Void, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Devoted Druid: Bad match-up. They tend to combo out a turn faster than we can kill them. That said, we can still outrace them with a decent hand and a bit of luck, and a well-timed Dismember is often enough to steal a game. We can't waste our Dismembers on mana creatures; we need to save them for the combo pieces (or possibly Giver of Runes in some situations). +4 Dismember, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Niv to Light: Even match-up. Our strategy here is straightforward--kill them fast. They have enough removal to cause us problems, but they're also a slow enough deck where we can often sneak under them for the win anyway. It's hard to predict what's coming sometimes given their spell diversity, but Unsettled Mariner is great against a good chunk of those spells. Frenetic Sliver is also key to dodging their various forms of removal. (No sideboard changes.)
Amulet Titan: Even match-up. Unsettled Mariner is a must-answer for them if they're trying to go off with Valakut. Flying becomes really important because of all their blockers. Game one is rough, but we improve post-board as we shift our focus to trying to disrupt them. Dismember kills both Dryad and Azusa, and in corner cases, can even kill an attacking Titan while we have a blocker. Harmonic kills Dryad and Amulet. Chalice shuts off Pact, which can either do nothing or completely decide the game depending on their hand. +4 Dismember, +3 Harmonic Sliver, +4 Chalice of the Void, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -3 Dregscape Sliver, -2 Leeching Sliver
Grixis Death's Shadow: Even match-up. The GDS matchup can get tricky due the inherent intricacies of that deck. It's crucial to pay attention to their life total, especially when a Death's Shadow hits the table. We need to keep note of not just how many turns we have before we can kill them, but also how much life they have to lose before they can kill us. If it's not a race we can win, we need to hold back on defense until that changes. +4 Dismember, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -1 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Humans: Good match-up. If they manage to go nuts with the +1/+1 counters out the gates, we might lose before we can stabilize. But more often than not, this matchup ends up in a stalemate until we topdeck a flyer and swing in the air for the win. Patience is key, as we win the long game here. +4 Dismember, -2 Frenzy Sliver, -2 Unsettled Mariner
Bogles: Good match-up. Striking Sliver can sometimes stall them for a turn or two, and Frenetic Sliver is great for blocking and preventing lifelink. Post-board we get Harmonic and Chalice, which makes things downright unfair. Bogles can always go nuts and steal a game, but we have a clear advantage here. +4 Chalice of the Void, +3 Harmonic Sliver, -4 Unsettled Mariner, -2 Dregscape Sliver, -1 Sidewinder Sliver
Gifts Storm: Good match-up. They might outrace us game one if we don't have an Unsettled Mariner, but we get better post-board with more ways to interfere with their game plan. +4 Leyline of the Void, +4 Dismember, -4 Aether Vial, -2 Frenetic Sliver, -2 Dregscape Sliver
If you've made it to the end, thanks! For more in-depth discussions, or at least to hear me stubbornly ramble about my own ideas while telling you why I believe _____ Sliver is too slow, feel free to join the Slivers Discord. Either that, or feel free to swing by my stream to watch me misplay while ignoring all my own advice.
edit: a word and formatting edit: a typo edit: thanks to whoever gave me whatever that shiny thing is! edit: thanks Sandmann785 for that other thing! edit: thanks joeykamari for the snek! edit: fixed a mistake
submitted by berkilak420 to ModernMagic

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