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Throwing barb has been my favourite class in Diablo 2 for years, and thankfully we finally got the best change it needed in PD2 in the form of infinite throwables. We used to have to run to town to repair every two minutes, and then usually have some sort of bug involving having to re-equip our weapons thirty-six times until they worked properly. Despite still having anxiety that the red arrow icon is going to pop up on my screen and ruin my day at any minute, throwing barb is loads of fun and very powerful (contrary to popular belief) in Project Diablo II.
First of all I'd like to address a lot of this community's idea that throw barb is terrible. It is not. YOUR throw barb is terrible (lol). The main problem stems from it having always been (and still is) a very, very gear dependent build. No guide has ever really recommended you play throw from day 1, and if so has warned you that it's going to be rough. I decided I was going to start with it anyway, to see how viable it was, and because it was what I wanted to play the most. What I'm trying to say here is *WITHOUT GOOD GEAR (primarily weapons) YOU WILL HAVE A BAD TIME* Thankfully, this is fairly easy to avoid, by banking with our good friends at GHEEDMAN SACHS (gambling!)
  • 1 point Frenzy
  • 1 point Double Swing
  • 1 Point Double Throw
  • 1 Point Leap
  • Put 1 point in everything in the Warcry tree as you level
  • 1 Point in Iron Skin/Natural Resistance/Increased Stamina/Increased Speed
  • Max Throwing Mastery
I basically went 5 str -> 5 dex -> 5 vit repeat for levelling up stats. Str and dex both give us the same amount of damage, but more gear will require a higher strength value. I tried to just have enough stdex to equip gear, dump everything else in vit, NEVER put points in energy. Ever. Mana pots. That is all.
You can play throw from level one. It's actually very strong on all classes to do this. Pick up the first white javelins and set your right click to throw. Plonking off quill idiots and dickhead shaman is very enjoyable. You can also run up and stab them. It's great.
This will define the main gameplay loop that we use throughout the game: Run in to hit with frenzy and gain the frenzy buff, run out, throw till the buff falls off, repeat. Frenzy is the most valuable tool you have, allowing you to kite better, move between packs better, and wildly increase your dps. Use Howl or leap out if you're getting overwhelmed.
We do not max double throw or frenzy early as the mana costs become way too steep way too quickly. You know what my grandma always used to say: "No mana no murder!" (she had dementia) and as throw barbs we love murder. Throwing mastery gives us lots of great stats at the cost of NOTHING BUT POINTS. Fantastic!
Pick up all magic (blue) and rare (yellow) throwing weapons of any variety you find and identify them. Pick up all caster items (druid/barb helms, sorc orbs/staffs, necro wands/offhands, pally scepters, etc) whether they're white or magic or rare. Identify and sell these. This will keep your gold numbers high throughout the game. This is very important as besides from extracting beautifully carved weapons of destruction from the corpses of our enemies, our other main source of death sticks is GAMBLING.
What is gambling you ask? In every act there is an NPC vendor who will let you throw away your hard earned blood and goop-covered coin in exchange for items that will probably be shit. Besides committing demon genocide, this is our favorite pastime. If you don't spend at least a little bit of time doing this, you will probably not succeed as a throw barb. Top end damage on our weapons is the crucial thing separating us from unstoppable killing machines and:
You have died, Death has taken its toll of Gold and Experience.
So how do we know if we gambled something good or got totally ripped off?
The most important things are Enhanced Damage % and + Max damage. You don't really care about poison or elemental damage. Attack speed is very nice as well but this is why we have our good friend FRENZY permanently assigned to left click at all times. All the stats that amplify damage on your skills and on gear only affect PHYSICAL ATTACK DAMAGE. That nifty 1-50 lightning on your weapon STAYS THAT NUMBER AND DOES NOT INCREASE. That is why it's shit and we don't care about it.
The number printed as damage on the top of the weapon is what gets run through all of our multipliers addifiers and exponifiers. That's all we care about. Whether it be a javelin or a knife or a throwing axe, whatever gets you the highest max damage is king (if you are comparing similar top end weapons and one is massively faster, I would use the faster one) Mana leech is also nice.
Gamble frequently for weapon upgrades, especially if you feel your damage starting to sink, or if the next class of throwing weapons starts dropping. There's Normal, Exceptional, Elite tier weapons, with higher base damage in each tier.
Battle Dart is the exceptional version, and Flying Knife is the elite. When these start becoming available, you should gamble some more, and also pick them up off the ground a lot. These usually represent a massive increase in damage.
Do not stop picking up lower class weapons though, as if they have a high enhanced damage % you can UP-TIER them in the cube, I am currently using a 395 top end damage 20% increased attack speed Ghost Glaive that I got as a Glaive and shit my pants and then up-tiered to Spiculum and then again to Ghost Glaive.
Familiarity with the names of the base types and what tier they are is nice, I just relied on Sawyer's loot filter that told me if I could "up tier to exception/unique class weapon" but I have now switched to Kryszards filter and wish it had this functionality. I will probably add this in and post it myself.
DO NOT USE YOUR IMBUES. The best way to prepare yourself for hell is save all of your Charsi Imbues for the first sets of white Elite Class throwing weapons you find. I got two weapons with about 90 top end damage doing this and it got me through a lot of hell. Some loot filters are hiding white bases beyond level 10 or some stuff, make sure you read what the filter is doing and edit or comment it out if you have to. You can imbue eth items and they stay eth! If you find some definitely do this. If you find high ed % damage eth rares you should up those.
  • Stealth chest: FCFHFRW dex and some resist. Not bad. I used this until I made lionheart. You can keep remaking it in higher defense bases because the runes are so common.
  • Any gear with life or mana leech, gloves with increased attack speed, boots with faster run/walk; and then anything with resists.
  • Angelic ring/ammy will give you very high AR that will carry you through a lot of the game. They are cheap and easy to come by so you can corrupt a bunch of these and get good stuff on them too.
Early game most important stats while levelling in somewhat most important order:
  • Strength: damage and allows us to equip better gear, usually chests
  • Dex: damage and allows us to equip better gear, usually throwing weapons.
  • Attack speed: while we get a lot from frenzy, before it's maxed we won't be hitting highest IAS breakpoint, and it's nice QOL to have good AS if frenzy falls off.
  • Life/vit: can't be a knife-throwing gatling gun of destruction if you're dead
  • Life/Mana leech: very high QOL. I played most of the game without much mana leech besides what happened to roll on weapons. I had hand of broc early, those are nice (3%life/mana leech) but you need a bit more than that. I spent most of the game with 1 column of health pots and 3 mana pots.
  • Faster run/walk: get through game faster and run away from things trying to kill you faster
  • Faster hit recovery: get less fucked over and be able to run away quicker if you end up getting hit
  • Early game merc: I used act 1 fire arrow merc lvl 18+ for vigor aura until late nightmare. The movespeed is great for getting from place to place, kiting things, and running away to snipe things from a distance.
After maxing Throwing Mastery max Double Throw. Then max Frenzy. At this point if you're having some issues late nightmare or early hell with resistances (capping them is THE most important thing you can do to succeed in hell. My inventory is ENTIRELY full of resistance charms) you can put ~4-6 points in Natural Resistance, but it starts to get hit HEAVILY by diminishing returns after that. Then max double swing.
Have about 110 st110 dex, rest in vit.
If you have found anything of any tradeable worth, acquire a Raven Frost ring as soon as possible. Great damage/ar ring with CANNOT BE FROZEN which is a 100% must have state to get through hell on this build. There's a lot more sources of this now in PD2, and raven frost is one of the better ones.
Make lionheart chest as soon as possible. This chest is absolutely insane now for the investment, and I am still currently using it having completed hell, tier 2 maps, and ubers.
As much attack speed/resists/leech on gear as possible. Boots with faster run/walk is very important. Jewellry you mainly want resists and leech. We don't really give a shit about + all skills in this build, but it's nice.
You should be feeling the attack speed power of Throwing Barb by now, and most of your enemies should be getting completely destroyed. Embrace the frenzy - run -chuckalotofpointythings - repeat playstyle for highest chances of success. Use the tools barbarian has at its advantage like Howl, Battle Cry, Grim Ward, Leap, Find item (mostly on travincal council, you can skip this though if you want) and kickin' ass to destroy your enemies. I would recommend also keeping thawing potions in your inventory if you don't have CBF.
Around this time you can switch to the act 5 barbarian mercenary. He has might aura in PD2, which for me is around a 50% damage increase. It is absolutely insane. This is ultra important. You get a tank, and a huge damage buff. If you are neglecting your mercenary, don't expect to make it through hell, period. Pd2 is harder but one of the tools we got is Boots Gloves and Belt slots on mercenary, use them to your advantage. This is another reason we pick up all the caster items and vendor them because if he's dead, you're gonna have a bad time.
Starting gear on merc is anything you have with resistance, and a high damage/attack speed weapon with some source of leech. You want his resistances capped. Honor runeword is a nice starter weapon, as well as pieces of sigon/Immortal King set. Note that barb mercs can now use 2h axes and maces.
You should have 1 point in all shouts, 1 point in the four barb passives, maxed throwing mastery, maxed double throw, maxed frenzy, and dumping the rest of your points into double swing by now. Aim to have at least 90+ top end damage weapons, and that is bare minimum.
Act 1 Hell is the hardest part of the game for us. I struggled the most here. Getting frozen all the time and a huge toughness spike in enemies. Farm nightmare until you can get high resistance and a merc that survives for a bit. I farmed Eldritch/Shenk from a5 frigid waypoint, then did Travincal Council. Repeat. Cows is pretty shit farming from my experience but anecdotal bias is strong in this game.
Before battle, pre buff with Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Shout. (make sure Battle Command is first in your rotation). Having + to Warcry skills or + barbarian skills weapons on your weapon switch is great for this. You can shop +3 Warcry glaives at a5 anya or marah (malah?)
To kill things, run in, hit with frenzy, apply battle cry, run back, double throw until everything is dead or on top of you, at which point run/leap away, or howl. Pay attention to your mercs health, the Health Potions on my belt are mainly for him. shift + Potion hotkey to force feed the potion to your merc instead of you. In sustained fights use grim ward on a nearby corpse, in groups I ask necromancers to cast desecrate for me on bosses so I can have grim ward up.
Battle cry is highly undervalued, use it as much as possible. It breaks phys immunes (some phys immunes in maps seem to be more stubborn to this, and I plan to take points out of natural resistance and frenzy when I have more resists and IAS to make better use of this)
You should be aiming to have 250+ top end damage weapons here. Any of the elite throwing weapons are great, but rares or magics will be better than them (corruptions aside). Glaives tend to have way higher top end damage and frenzy will make up for the shit attack speed. Wraith flight is also a great option.
Cannot Be Frozen is mandatory. I didn't have this in act 1 hell and fighting through catacombs and andariel was absolute pain. I filled my inventory with thawing potions. It sucked. Do whatever nefarious deeds you need to do to get Cannot Be Frozen. Raven Frost is usually the easiest option, it's gone down quite a bit in price now.
a5 merc is even more important here. Invest heavily into him. Lawbringer runeword in a legend sword and treachery armour are cheap-ish gear that will carry him to victory. Lawbringer in a legend sword base lets him leech, do high damage, do ele dmg, break undead phys immunes (this lets you easily farm Hell Countess) and generally slap shit around. Treachery will give him huge attack speed bonus, poison damage, and the lesser fade buff which is almost always active now with 30% chance to cast on being hit, giving him huge resists and Physical Damage reduction. Use the rest of the slots to fill out resists, attack speed, and leech.
My current merc setup:
  • Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest: Life Leech, all res, defense, life. Fantastic. GG is probably 3 OS Andariel's with like max res or ED jewels.
  • Lawbringer legend sword: Sanctuary aura, leech, damage, attack speed. Make in 15% Enhanced Damage ethereal base if you can. More important to just hurry up and make it ASAP though
  • Treachery chest: Attack speed, poison damage, Lesser fade. GG is probably 4 OS upped shaftstop. Corpsemourn also good for wall of skeletons (credit to u/Flappy_Pancakes)
  • String of ears: Leech, physical damage reduction.
  • Laying of hands: Attack speed, damage to undead, resists. I use Lava Gout gloves on myself and swap them off to him and take the laying of hands when I want to kill demons better
  • Boots: some shit rare boots with resists. GG is probably Gore Rider. Need to look into this more.
He can tank almost anything including bosses and map monsters. He can solo hell blood raven zombies and blood raven herself easily.
Most of the gear you'd want to use can be put on your merc, and you can swap gear between the two of you depending on the situation.
~150 dex
Rest into vit
  • Helm: Guillame's face. To me this is irreplaceable. 30% FHR, Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, strength. Amazing for straight up damage. I lucked out and hit Cannot Be Frozen on my third Gface, and am waiting for a puzzlebox to socket it with some IAS/ED jewels or lightning Max Res runes for Ubers.
Other options: Arreats, Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest, Halaberd's reign, anything with leech and resists and lifedamage. I really would just get Guillame's though.
  • Chest: Chains of Honour. This is what I'm working towards currently. Damage to undead/demons (most of the improtant enemies are one of these) 65% allres allowing you to take out your points in natural resistances, stop filling your inventory with res charms and get dex/amax damage/life ones. Also helpful for when ubers reduce your resistances by a crapload (i forget exact number). Physical damage reduction. Increased defense. Amazing chest. I have 4 OS 15% enhanced defence dusk shroud I am saving for this. Wire fleece is good too.
Before that, just use Lionheart. You can just keep remaking it to get higher enhanced
damage.Fortitude is a good in between though too. If you wanna use treachery yourself, go for it, but don't complain when you go into blood moor and get gibbed by a quillrat cause Lesser Fadedidn't proc yet.
  • Belt: Nosferatu's coil. Deadly strike, leech, attack speed. Godlike. With belts, anything with 20% increased attack speed is a good start. I used goldwrap for most of the game, and now swap between String of Ears and Nosferatu's coil. Coil being my mainstay for damage. Having a Thundergod's vigor on hand for ubers is gonna be nice as well.
  • Gloves: Any of the 20% Ias gloves. I currently use a 26% Enhanced Damage corrupted Lava Gout, but switch between that and Laying of Hands/Ghoulhide depending on the situation. You have more freedom with gloves, I plan to have all of these in my stash: Dracul's Grasp, Soul Drainer, Steelrend, Laying of Hands, Lava Gout, Ghoulhide.
Barring these, use the Blood Gloves recipe to craft gloves and pray for %IAS.
  • Boots: Gore Riders. Deadly Strike, Open Wounds, Crushing Blow, Faster Run Walk. Everything we want. Beautiful. These are also one of our best sources of Open Wounds for Ubers or else diablo and co will out regen you and you will fucking die, a lot. War Travelers are also a solid option.
  • Weapons: Warshrike/LaceratoWraith Flight/Gimmershred/Demon's Arch/200+ top end damage rare throwing
I planned my build to have 100% deadly strike with warshrikes, gface, gore, nosferatu, and corruptions/glove slot. That's a lot of damage. All of these weapons are good though and will carry you through hell. I don't value Lacerator as high as other people because as soon as you group with a necromancer you're casting some shitty amp damage overwriting his amp and other curses, and the strength requirement is very high.
You could also get amp from Atma's Scarab if you wanted. Gimmershred is nice for phys immunes, Demon's Arch should perform very well also. (credit to u/Flappy_Pancakes) I am currently using Gimmershred in mainhand and a 395 top end ghost glaive in my offhand, and all monsters and bosses die basically immediately.
Try to get ethereal weapons if you can
NOTE: always make sure your faster weapon is in your main hand!
  • Rings: Raven frost. Pretty much the best source of Cannot Be Frozen barring a Cham in helm or a Cannot Be Frozen corruption on helm or other piece of gear. This item is S-tier. I stopped my hunt for one when I got CBF on my Gface, but otherwise I would be using it.
  • Crafted rare rings: Use blood ring recipe to craft rings. GG is high life and mana leech with damage stats and resist. I'm using two of these. I've made about 40 rings, and probably only 5 were good, but they are really good. I will link to a page on crafting at the end of the guide. Wisp projector I'm pretty sure should still be pretty good.
  • Amulet: You have some freedom here, right now I'm just using a +1 barb, mana leech, and quad res amulet. You can use the Blood Amulet recipe for some life leech. Highlord's wrath is insanely good. Atma's scarab is great. Crescent Moon can get you mana leech. GG flex-tier baller mode amulet is Metalgrid with an Iron Golem made out of Last Wish or something. Will update with more info on this when I find 3 Jahs, and a Faith to put on an act 1 merc.
  • Weapon Switch: two +3 to Warcry glaives shopped from Anya in a5 using the Nihlathak portal to reset shop. I got two of these in about 10 minutes time spent doing this, and found a 285 dmg glaive in the process.
Aim for 86 FHR breakpoint, highest IAS breakpoint, and 8%+ life/mana leech, preferably more. Especially life leech.
If you wanna be super pro you can shop for a wand or knife with life tap charges and swap to it and life tap bosses and swap back. I did this in beta a lot. It's difficult, but very effective. You can also hand it to one of your friends and tell them just to life tap stuff while you mow it down. Great for carrying people through Hell ancients.
I also keep a Demon Limb in my stash for prebuffing for Ubers.
Note: to have a nice life you need mana and life leech SOMEWHERE. You'll be fine without them, but you'll be in town a lot because Double Throw drains mana like a ***** on *** with ***.
ALSO you may be wondering why I advocate for maxed frenzy, yet have all this IAS recommended on gear. First, we want the maximum IAS breakpoint on gear. Until we have super end game GG gear, this is not doable without max frenzy, or some high level of investment into frenzy. For ease of playability and mental tax, I say max frenzy. The duration of 28 seconds at level 20 makes it easy to keep up at all times.
In a perfect world, you will use an attack speed calculator to see what level of frenzy you need to hit IAS, and only be at that, and dump extra points into Battle Cry, Iron Skin, Grim Ward, or Battle Orders. I have yet to respec once, but once I get chains of honor and hit level 90, I will be doing this and dumping points probably into Battle Cry or Iron Skin. (Iron skin gives 1% physical damage reduction per 2 hard points now, which is great). The attack speed calculator I use is: https://diablo3.ingame.de/diablo-2/calculatoren/angriffsgeschwindigkeit/
You want to be at 7.14 attacks per second with frenzy up.
You should be tearing through everything at this point. I can easily farm anything in hell quickly and without any issue. Group play you will be a DPS king. Tell necromancers to life tap everything and you can basically turn your monitor off and go do something else while delivering swift death to all the denizens of Wraeclast. Erm, Azeroth. I mean Sanctuary. Farm up loads of gold then go on gambling sprees. Pay attention to classes of weapons you get and if you get super high %enhanced damage and max damage roll and it's normal class, GOOD GAME. Now up that shit twice. Hell yeah.
Hope this guide has been useful to you, and helps take you from "oh my god throw barb is ass" to "oh my god I wish there was an app to find hot single throw barbs in my area!" This is my first guide so any comments on formatting, further clarification, or any criticism you have, please leave in the comments and I will be sure to make it more readable and informative. If you have questions, I'm Flymanxoxox in game, character xxxObamaGokuxxx
Thank you very much for your time
Information on item types, crafting, and other calculations can be found at the best site on the
internet Arreat Summit: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/
Crafting math: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/crafteditems.shtml
Blood item crafting recipes: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/crafted/blood.shtml
Gambling guide: https://www.reddit.com/pathofdiablo/comments/ea2nxg/the_complete_overview_guide_to_gambling_in_diablo/
NOTE: There is a visual bug where bounces from Double Throw don't display visually on the enemies health bar. They are still taking damage. When you hit them with a main throw the damage will display. Mods confirmed this bug, and this has been a bug on these types of skills since Lightning Javazon in D2. I have tested this a bunch myself, don't worry, you're doing damage.
There is a bug where corrupting throwing weapons has a chance to do nothing. I have reported this on bug report section and to mods, they're aware of it.
submitted by Phlintlock to ProjectDiablo2

November Software Thread

This subreddit used to get the same 10+ questions a day, over and over again of "What software should I use?"

TL;DR - you want DaVinci Resolve Resolve, Hitfilm Express or Kdenlive.

Seriously read this top section

Sorry about this wall of text.

These three things are crucial (spoiler tag to make you read):

  1. Footage type (See below)
  2. Hardware/System specs. Just saying "HD or 4k" doesn't help
  3. Even if you don't want something "fancy", you still need to read this

Much of this comes from our Wiki page on software.

If you get to the end of this post and you need more, check there first.

For example, MOBILE EDITING SOLUTIONS are in the wiki.

Nobody is an expert on all of the tools.

Trying it with your system and footage is the best way to work.

1 - Footage type. Know what you're cutting.

Action cam, Mobile phone, and screen recordings can be difficult to edit, due to h264/5 material (especially 1080p60 or 4k) and Variable Frame rate.
Footage types like 1080p60, 4k (any frame rate) are going to stress your system.
When your system struggles, the way that the professional industry has handled this for decades is to use Proxies.
Proxies are a copy of your media in a lower resolution and possibly a "friendlier" codec.
It is important to know if your software has this capability. A proxy workflow more than any other feature, is what makes editing high frame rate, 4k oand h264/5 footage possible.

See our wiki about

* Variable Frame Rate

* Why h264/5 is hard

* Proxy editing

2- Key Hardware suggestions, before you ask.

The suggested hardware minimums for the "average" user
  • A recent i7 (due to intel Quick Sync)
  • 16GB of RAM
  • A GPU with 2+ GB of GPU RAM
  • An SSD (for cache files.)
Can other hardware work? Certainly - but may not necessarily provide a great experience.
GPUS do not help with the codec/playback of media but do help with visual effects.
We have a dedicated hardware thread monthly. Hardware questions belong there.

3- I Just need something simple. I don't need all those effects.

Sadly, having super easy to use software means engineering teams.
iMovie came with your Mac and is by far the easiest to use editor for either platform.
There isn't a lightweight, easy to use free/inexpensive editor that we'd recommend for Windows.
We wish iMovie was available for windows. The closest we've seen on windows is Olive editor (open source)

Okay, so what do you suggest?


  • DaVinci Resolve - Needs a strong video card/hardware. Max size (free) is UHD. Full version for $299. Mac/Win/Linux. Full proxy workflow. An excellent tool if your hardware can handle it.
  • Hit Film Express - freemium - no watermark. Extra features at a price. Mac/Win. Full proxy workflow. UGH. As of 6/2020 it seems they have a price for some very, VERY basic capabilities (like cropping and text.) We're not sure that HFE will make the next month versionof this post for that reason.
  • Kdenlive -Open source with proxy workflows. Windows/Linux. Full proxy workflow. There are other open source tools, but likely, if you're going down this path, you'll need a proxy workflow. # Olive Editor Easier than Kdenlive - but in the middle of a major rewrite - may be unstable.


  • Shutter Encoder is a free, cross platform Compression tool. It's a GUI front end to FFMPEG (a command-line utility). Like the other tool we often recommend, handbrake, it can convert media.
    • It can do a variety of conversions, including H264, HEVC, ProRes and DNxHD/HR.
    • It can trim a video without re-encoding (it's not an editor, a trimmer in this case)
    • It can convert a Variable Frame Rate video to Constant frame rate in h264 (but we'd recommend to convert to an edit friendly codec)


  • iOS Free: iMovie
  • iOS Paid: Lumafusion
  • Android (and Chromebooks that run Android apps): Kinemaster

Before you reply and ask for other advice, our wiki has other tools, including tools a list of other editors and mobile solutions

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