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2 Years of compiled research available as PDF download or video formate proves the official narrative of what happened on 911 is false and based on lies. I have enough evidence for law enforcement to open up a new 911 investigation into the event and the people who conspired to make it happen.

2 Years of compiled research available as PDF download or video formate proves the official narrative of what happened on 911 is false and based on lies. I have enough evidence for law enforcement to open up a new 911 investigation into the event and the people who conspired to make it happen.
Edit: Links to PDF downloads and video links with timestamps at the bottom.
19 years ago today over 3000+ American civilians were MURDERED in the attacks on the World Trade Centres. Millions of people around the world DO NOT believe the official narrative. Thats because the official narrative of what happened is FALSE and BASED ON LIES. I have spent the last 2 years of my life compiling factual content to expose the lies pushed by the mainstream media ,and to call BULLSHIT on the governments FAIRYTALE NARRATIVE they have given us for 19 years.

19 hijackers directed by Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the biggest terrorist attack the world has eever seen. They bypassed every security checkpoints, in all airports they traveled through in the USA without causing and suspicion. Then with only box cutters for weapons they simultaneously hijacked 4 commercial airliners once they were airborne. The 911 official commission report states to this day no one could determine how the hijackers were able to gain access to the cockpits of the four hijacked airliners.
Whilst airborne they were able to evade the North American Aerospace Defence command (NORAD) who's job is to provide aerospace warning, air sovereignty and protection for the whole of North America against this exact scenario. Then with no prior training in airliner aviation they successfully piloted and crashed two 767 airliners into 75% of their targets.
The official narrative states that building 7 just collapsed from fire, and world trade centres 1, 2 collapsed from pancake theory. Accoring to which the fires while not melting the steel, heated it up sufficiently which caused the floors weakened by the airplane strikes to break loose from the steel columns. This in turn started a chain reaction. You would expect from this theory to see a whole stack of floors piled up on top of each other and a spindle of court columns in the middle. Instead the building came down at free fall speed at an average of 10 floors per second. 200,000 TONNES OF STEEL SHATTERS AND EXPLODES OUTWARDS OER 500 FEET. 325 MILLION KILOGRAMS OF CONCRETE COLLAPSES AND TURNS TO DUST. This was all done by jet fuel.
The plane that hit the pentagon mysteriously vaporises on impact. Then the FBI confiscates over 80 cctv tapes from the surrounding areas which showed what really happened. The same FBI that paid Arman Salam $1Million to orchestrate the attacks on the World Trade Centres in 1993. The plane that hit Shanksville also vaporised on impact. The official 911 commission report took 442 days to be published. Thats 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days after the attacks on September 11th 2001.
The report conclude that there were no warnings for the attacks and multiple government failures prevented adequate defence. Osama Bin Laden and his subordinates planned and conducted the biggest terrorist attack in world history. They out smarted the entire US Government, secret service, intelligence agencies, an the aerospace defence command centre. They planned and executed all this from a small cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

When you follow the money and connect the dots all roads lead to ISRAEL. It soon becomes very apparent that 911 was an OUTSIDE JOB, most likely carried out by MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence), who were working in conjunction with rogue intelligence factions of the CIA.



Put simply. Israel benefited from 911 because they wanted to destabilise all countries surrounding Israels borders so they expand their borders into these war torn regions and create what they call THE GREATER ISRAEL. Read my post linked at the bottom about 911 and Israel for further context.

Next lets look at some facts which should make you question the official story. First lets start with this. Picture evidence of a BOMB that FAILED TO DETONATE found in the rubble of ground zero.



Next lets take into account the fundamental laws of physics and how on the day of 911, science decided it was going to bend reality.

We are told Thousands of gallons of jet fuel leaked over multiple floors which consequently ignited and brought the towers down. Lets work out just how much fuel were talking about here.

WTC1 was allegedly hit by an American Airline 767-200. More specifically the aircraft type was a 767-223ER which is part of the 767-200ER family. ER = Extended Range Boeing 767-ER models are exactly the same as non-ER models but they have a longer design range. Meaning they are designed to fly longer distances. Design Range for a 767-200 = 3900 Nautical Miles. Design Range for 767-ER model = up to 5200 Nautical miles depending on the variant. The maximum fuel capacity for a 767 airliner is 23980 gallons.
Airline industry procedures state airliners only use the amount of fuel they need for each journey and a little in reserve. American Airlines Flight 11 – N334AA was traveling from Boston to Los Angeles. This converts to 2252 nautical miles. Next is the calculated percentage of fuel that should have been in American Airline flight 11 based on its flight path and design range.
Max Fuel Capacity = 23980 Gallons
Design Range = Up to 5200 Nautical Miles
Boston to Los Angeles = 2252 Nautical Miles
5200 – 2252 = 2948
2948 Divided by 5200 = 0.56
0.56 x 100 = 56%
The Airliner should have been carrying 56% of its maximum fuel capacity to travel from Boston to Los Angeles. 56% of 23980 = 13429 Gallons. This proves that American Airline flight 11 that allegedly hit WTC1 was not carrying a full tank of jet fuel. It was carrying about 56% of its maximum fuel capacity.
WTC2 was allegedly hit by a United Airline 767-200. More specifically the aircraft type 767-222. It was also traveling from Boston to Los Angeles, distance of 2252 nautical miles.
Max Fuel Capacity = 23980 Gallons
Design Range = 3900 Nautical Miles
Boston to Los Angeles = 2252 Nautical Miles
3900 – 2252 = 1648
1648 Divided by 3900 = 0.42
0.42 x 100 = 42%
The Airliner should have been carrying 42% of its maximum fuel capacity to travel from Boston to Los Angeles. 42% of 23980 = 10072 Gallons. This proves that United Airline flight 175 that allegedly hit WTC2 was not carrying a full tank of jet fuel. It was carrying about 42% of its maximum fuel capacity.
It would not make sense for American Airlines or United Airlines to fill up a full tank of fuel if it was not needed. They do this to save money on the cost of fuel distribution in comparison to weight, distance and time of flight.
Next lets look at FEMAS calculations for how much fuel was used in the fire ball explosions in comparison to how much fuel was actually on board each airliner.
FEMA (a Government source) concluded that on the attacks of September 11th 2001 both planes were carrying around 10,000 gallons of jet fuel. (This matches the calculations for flight 175 that allegedly hit WTC2 and is about 3000 gallons less for the predictions for flight 11 on WTC1.) FEMA also concluded that around 3500 gallons of jet fuel burned within each of the towers. This means that 6500 gallons of the 10,000 gallons of fuel on board each plane was used up in the initial explosions in WTC1 and WTC2.

The official theory states that tens tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel leaked across multiple floor. LIE. The truth is that 65% of the 10,000 gallons of jet fuel burned up in the initial explosions. This means that 35% of the remaining jet fuel (which would account) for approximately 3500 gallons) allegedly leaked across multiple floors and caused the demolition of the towers. It would be more accurate to say... Most of the jet fuel burned was used up in the explosion. A couple of 1000 gallons of jet fuel that remained in the building was consumed in the first few minutes.
FEMA and NIST came to slightly different conclusions when it came to jet fuel and how it spread in the towers.

8684 GALLONS = 1,161 CUBIC FEET.
Here is this amount in comparisson to the size of the World Trade Centres.
Here is a picture which shows bombs were planted below the impact hole.

Here is a screenshot of the pentagon which proves NO PLANE crashed into it:


All the content listed above is giving you a taster of the material available in my PDFS. Here are the links to download my work and watch my videos. I would write more if Reddit allowed it but posts are limited to 40k characters. Please download, view, and share my work with everyone and demand a new investigation into 911 immediately!

ALL OF THIS WORK IS PART OF #FREEDOMGATE- MUST READ: https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/gcxioi/freedomgate_the_revolution_of_the_human_race_is/
A POST I DID ON 911 AND ISRAEL: https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/gdj6kd/please_stop_what_your_doing_and_bring_you
PART 1 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/ke7lz65tfys27ww/TRUTHGATE_-_911_-_PART_1_-_CORRECT_VERSION.pdf/file
PART 2 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/iotrgc9pvnve3xm/TRUTHGATE_-_911_PART_2.pdf/file
PART 3 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/qruqb7owgl7u1oc/TRUTHGATE_-_911_PART_3.pdf/file

911 PART 1 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-correct:f
0:00 - Is 911 The Biggest False Flag in History? YOU DECIDE06:49 - No Warnings10:28 - 19 -Highjackers?15:38 - Osama Bin Laden - A CIA Assett19:58 - The Pentagon Missile24:50 - Shanksville Flight 93 - A Hole In The Ground27:50 - World Trade Centres - Pre 91130:31 - World Trade Centres Structural Support34:52 - World Trade Centre Elevators36:48 - The Bath Tub - Water Tight Seal Built Into The Foundations39:18 - World Trade Centre Construction41:12 - September 11th 200141:55 - Pancake Theory - A Think Tank Creation To Conceal Which Was Obviously a Demolition48:22 - Buildings Free Fall Collapse Into Its Own Footprint56:51 - True Volume of Jet Fuel In Each Plane01:02:38 - Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA01:05:33 - What Is Jet Fuel? + Jet Fuel Only Burns When You Atomize It01:08:53 - The Towers Empty Floors - Derelict Buildings01:12:41 - Safety Measures Against Fires01:16:33 - World Trade Centre Sprinkler System - 55,000 GALLONS OF WATER A MINUTE.01:26:37 - Building Fire Examples - No Building Has Collapsed The Same As The Twin Towers Did Before Or After 911.01:34:32 - A Plane Crashed Into The Empire State Building In 1945 - IT DIDNT COLLAPSE01:36:54 - Fire Does Not Melt Steel01:39:53 - Floor Trusses - THEY WERE NOT WEAK
911 PART 2 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-PART-2-VIDEO-EDIT:7
For some reason this LBRY link works for some and not others. Here is the link to the same video on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t90GYu9vlHA
0:00 - Debunking The Floor Truss Theory Continued2:37 - Controlled Demolition And Explosives - THE EVIDENCE 12:19 - Molten Steel + Thermite (An Explosive Compound) 23:15 - Lasagne Steel + Glowing Red Steel Cover Up25:12 - A BOMB THAT FAILED TO DETONATE FOUND AT GROUND ZERO33:16 - THE NEW WORLD ORDER - FACT NOT FICTION44:49 - Sub Basement And Other Explosions Before Plane Strike01:07:34 - Testimony of David Long - Eye Witness01:15:29 - Fire Fighters - Explosions - Explosive Testimonies01:30:47 - Sabotage of Elevators - RIGGED WITH BOMBS 02:08:35 - Office And Basement Explosions 02:10:26 Sabotage of Emergency Back Up Generators - RIGGED WITH BOMBS
911 PART 3 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-PART-3---VIDEO-EDITED:8
0:00 - World Trade Centre Complex2:40 - Operations Command Centre (OCC) - Evacuated Early04:58 - Secret Security Command Centre (SCC) + Mechanical Equipment Rooms BOMBED17:54 - Power Cut Off To Elevators19:34 - A Firefighters Worst Nightmare30:00 - The South Tower - DEMOLITION37:06 - The North Tower - DEMOLITION44:36 - Visible Smoke At Bottom of Towers From Basement Explosions45:35 - Ground Zero52:40 - WTC Cover Up - Controlled Demolition Inc.01:00:21 - Profiting From 911 - SAIC01:20:42 - Turner Construction01:23:17 - Manhattan Demolition Truck Seen On 91101:26:10 - Mark Dayton Lied About 91101:28:00 - NORAD JET FIGHTERS DEPLOYED OVER 200 MILES FROM NEW YORK ON 91101:30:13 - NORAD And Dick Cheney01:37:03 - Hijacked Planes Flew Directly Over American Air Force Bases Without Causing Any Suspicion?01:39:50 - Operation Northwood - PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION01:42:32 - The Truth About MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH370
911 PART 4 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-PART-4-VIDEO-EDIT:2
0:00 - Convar - PROOF INSIDER TRADING TOOK PLACE ON 911 - $100 MILLION DOLLARS TRANSFERRED MINUTES BEFORE THE DETONATION07:21 - 911 Key Witnessed And Activists Who Were Silenced38:20 - Evidence of NO PLANES Hitting The Towers (Parts 1-4)40:05 - NO PLANES - PART 1 - 4 Separate Videos Showing Towers Just Exploding - NO PLANES.42:05 - NO PLANES - PART 2 - Wing Goes Behind Building - CGI ERROR42:39 - NO PLANES - PART 3 - Testimony of John Lear - EX CIA PILOT01:07:11 - NO PLANES - PART 3 - Every Plane Has Unique Serial Numbers On All Its Parts - No Part Has Ever Been Proven To Be From Any Alleged Plane Used On 911 - THE GOVERNMENT HAS KEPT THE ID NUMBERS SECRET FOR 19 YEARS - WHY?01:15:26 - Architects + Engineers For 911 Truth01:17:00 - Building 7 - Purposely Omitted From The 911 Report01:23:07 - NIST Didn't Find Any Evidence For Explosives - THATS BECAUSE NIST DIDNT TEST FOR EXPLOSIVES - HOW CAN YOU SAY THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR EXPLOSIVES IF YOU DIDNT EVEN TEST FOR EXPLOSIVES?01:28:55 - Building 7 Continued - SINGLE COLLUM COLLAPSE?01:41:32 - Freedom Of Information Images Released 14 Years Later - PROVE BOMBS WERE PLANTED BELOW THE IMPACT HOLE.
911 PART 5 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-part-5-finish:7
911 PART 6 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-part-6-finihsed:9
911 PART 7 = https://lbry.tv/@seanspeaks:a/911-PART-7-FINISHED:b

submitted by seanspeaks77 to conspiracy

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