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Part 65 Transcript: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" -- @Georgwebb Video Series

George Webb
Previous Notes
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20
Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28 Part 29 Part 30
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  • [Day 217.18. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube] *Okay. It stayed 217 I think this is 18
    • Wow Wow it seems like the days are forever
    • I just got done interviewing Rod Wheeler he was sitting right here a couple of feet away right there with Jason Goodman and we just got a call from H.A. Goodman
    • So I think we're going to do a phone interview tomorrow and to kind of tie it together join forces whatever
    • And I think everybody is in the same boat--we just all want just truth and to come forward
    • So I won't go through I post on crowd source the truths on Jason's channel the feedback, so if you want to see the feedback from the interview you can go there
    • I'm getting--I've had many people send me the two guys that got killed in South Carolina the day after Seth Rich was murdered
    • And this kill the killer thing goes all the way back to Arkansas I've seen it so many times it's just such a repeating pattern
    • And--it's almost like Anthony Weiner goes over--gets two guys with the Guatemalan embassy and then goes home--to sync his Blackberry with MWW
    • Now I'm not saying that's exactly what happened--he might have synced his blackberry first, and then got the two killers at the Guatemalan embassy, or maybe got coffee in there somewhere, but that seems to be this repeating pattern
    • And this threatening the parents and then putting a PR person in front of the parents seems to be this repeating pattern all the way back to Arkansas
    • Now having said that Brad Bauman we would confirm tonight Brad Bauman was in every meeting with the parents
    • And I do think this is this is hardball and the one thing after being on Washington two weeks here
    • It's just all about intimidation
    • It's all about intimidation both on the Republican side and the Democratic side
    • And it really is a--the deep state is a serious thing, and it really does need to get cleaned up
    • If you let it go the one thing I've learned is if you let it go it just gets worse and worse and worse
    • If you let adult organ harvesting go you get the child organ harvesting at double the rates
    • When Dana Priest it our article about all the private security firms that were doing surveillance on innocent Americans, when when that was 2000, if you let that go four years later you end up with 8,000
    • G4S type firms of--the Booz Allen type firms--where you're hiring--your tax dollars--are hiring surveillance firms to come back at you
    • So we're going to look at Aguillera
    • This Christopher Wits Diamont--Christopher Wits Diamont called me tonight, and sent me a lot of really kind of compelling information about this Aguilera
    • I just think of Christina Aguilera's brother being shot in Myrtle Beach, along with the partner
    • And he said that he was not only an operative for Hillary Clinton but also a senior person
    • Now if the day after Rich rich is killed a senior operative is killed
    • I mean this reminds me so much of the Arshad Mahmood killings and the other MS-13 cleanup killings in Long Island, Long Island serial killer
    • That that really has to be explored because that's again this is repeating pattern of modus operandi
    • So that's my last thoughts for the evening
    • Jason Goodman will put up the interview the cut interview probably in about a week, because we have to go through Rod Wheelers attorney for final approval, but that's the initial impressions for today
    • And we look forward to another big day tomorrow hopefully we will chat with AJ Goodman and compare notes
  • [Day 217.19. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 217 this is I think 18
    • We are really trying to get to sleep, but two more breaking things at the end of the night here
    • Muller may declare state secrets for the South Ridge case
    • {{ Jason shakes head in disgust }}
    • So now we really only have--if you sweep away the school play stuff--we only have four pieces of information
    • The FBI went to get the laptop, they went to get the phone, we have FBI bullets perhaps and now we've got Mueller declaring state secrets
    • J: If he does that is just your number one indicator that something screwy is afoot
    • Yeah I mean if that's not a clamp on what the metadata is for Seth Rich and McFadden talking back and forth, I don't know what is
    • The other one is Ray McGovern--Ray McGovern is also weighing in
    • 40 or 50 year, 45 year FBI and CIA guys saying that
    • J: vouching for Murray Craig Murray
    • Craig Murray's saying he the ambassador saying I picked up thumb drive in American University on the 22nd of September
    • J: and McGovern it was
    • For WikiLeaks
    • J: And McGovern is important because Craig Murray is not allowed into the United States
    • Right
    • J: and United States and Uzbekisant he said are the only two countries that won't allow him in but
    • And that's because he told too much truth about torture in Uzbekistan and the CIA kind of took him out with the MI6
    • But but when you have a 45 year vet of the Intelligence Agency talking about the deep state
    • And talking about how that drop did happen
    • J: incredible journalists
    • Yeah he's great and but here's what I want to do I run all these things to ground
    • I want to actually go to the exact spot
    • I want Craig Murray or Ray McGovern to guide me
    • We went back by the dumpster I think that's where it was backed by the busses on the upper side of the campus
    • But I want, for credibility, I want Craig Murray to tell me exactly where he got the thumb drive
    • J: can Craig Murray contact us? Does anyone in the network have any kind of...
    • He has a Twitter and I would just kind of send this out to Craig
    • J: That would be so great if we could
    • I will do a live thing. We can do that tomorrow morning we'll walk directly when--Craig Mary might be getting this right now at 8 o'clock
    • J: That'd be great
    • We'll walk directly to where the to the exact spot
    • J: I would like to go to England and interview Craig Murray
    • We could do that as well I first would like to reenact where Craig Murray got that thumb drive
    • And then who did he get it from?
    • How tall--start with a metadata--how tall was he? Build, race, accent, nationality?
    • J: Ws it Eric Braverman?
    • I think was Eric Braverman
    • But it might not be
    • It might have been--it could have been Braverman tried to pass the drive I still think and Chelsea on the 15th
    • J: thumb drive
    • The thumb drive
    • He tried to pass the thumb drive in Chelsea
    • And they blew it up
    • J: Blew up the bomb [pressure cooker bomb] right in september
    • But I think Eric Braverman may have said, "I'm gonna go, I'm gonna,"
    • I think maybe Craig Murray comes over as a second attempt at getting the thumb drive and Braverman gets it
    • Why? Because McFadden dies that night the handoff happens, and then Braverman goes to the embassy the next morning
    • J: I think we should say it again, because people don't put enough attention on the fact that Gavin McFadden, Jon Jones, Mike Ratner,
    • Mike Ratner all died within three months
    • J: Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas
    • And then there's the two MS-13 guys that died in...the day after Rich dies in South Carolina
    • If those are attached to Hillary's campaign which were working on Aguilera that's seven
    • J: what about the Federal prosecutor who washed up in Florida?
    • Well that that wasn't in the three months stretch, but that's another one that's
    • J: No but there's just so many people related to this that are just dropping like flies
    • So we got to reenact the drop for Craig Murray to the exact spot
    • And again like a like a good cross-examiner would do, they'd say, "oh I got a thing over in Louisiana"
    • Well okay we're going to leave it that? No, no: "What city. What--what Park Bench. Was it what time of day was it?"
    • Because then we can verify it with with cameras
    • American University is going to have cameras all over the place
    • So we're going to be able to verify that--there's going to be people who were at the speech. Even he gave a speech there that day so they're going to say, "what did he do before or after the speech?"
    • Somebody's going to tour the campus with him, and showing them around in the campus
    • He's going to have I want to know exactly what time of day
    • And we just know it's a wooded area
    • We need to get very specific well
    • J: I think we just need him to get in touch yeah
    • So please tweet this to Craig Murray
    • And we'll do the walk
    • We'll reenact the handoff tomorrow morning
  • [Day 218.1 Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 218 this is part 1
    • Here behind me, the FBI vault in Clarksburg West Virginia
    • No actually that's not
    • We're still in Washington DC, but it's not far from here
    • And that's where I think the laptops and Blackberries have been moved from Lorton Virginia
    • If you go to Crowdsource the Truth, you can have a more extensive discussion
    • But a lot of people think Comey declaring state secrets in the Seth Rich case
    • J: "Mueller"
    • G: is going to shut it down, actually it's Mueller, excuse me Mueller.
    • Mueller is going to shut it down with state secrets
    • Actually that's a good thing--that's that's great metadata, because we interviewed Rod last night
    • He said door number one was robbery
    • Door number two was a family issue
    • Door number three was work. work.
    • Well this is this is eliminating all three of those and creating a door number four, which is WikiLeaks
    • The only way this could be Muller, and Muller signing a PR person, Pat Hall--I think is the name--is because it's WikiLeaks
    • Now we have a third piece of metadata, which is
    • Mueller, state secrets is one.
    • The FBI confiscating the cell phone and the FBI confiscating the laptop [is 2]
    • And then the only other piece of data really is Seth Rich's own testimony which is 1222 is the address he lives at
    • So the only thing you can take all the school play stuff out of it, and the only thing you can conclude as the FBI raid was at 1222 [is 3] and they got his phone and his laptop and it had state secrets on it that's the only thing you can conclude from the metadata
    • {{ 1: state secret, 2: 1222 his address, 3: took cellphone and laptop from 1222 -- if Seth Rich's murder was a streetside robbery, then why did the FBI take his phone and laptop from his home? }}
  • [Day 218.2. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 218 Seth Rich
    • So the three pieces of metadata I covered in round one
    • First one is Robert Mueller has decleared state secrets--that means it is state secrets
    • He should know his ex director at the FBI -
    • Two: the FBI has his phone
    • Three: the FBI has this laptop that's all we really know for the only testimony we have from the victim is "I lived at 1222 not 2113"
    • So the fourth or fifth piece of evidence that's still being weighed
    • It came from a very reliable law enforcement source is there's an FBI bullet
    • Now everyone wants me to comment on this burglary that's supposedly happened down at W and Flagler
    • That is a cover to explain the FBI bullet that got pulled out of seth Rich
    • The hospital pulled the bullet out--somebody pulled that bullet out of the third lobe of the liver
    • And now you have to explain how did an FBI bullet get into Seth Rich?
    • The only way you can do that is you have some kind of hokey robbery
    • Now there was a robbery.
    • There could have been a robbery--but it for the radio
    • To give the secure radio to the perpetrators
    • Because the reason why you need the radio is you need to know about pursuit, you need to know about law enforcement that isn't in on operation
    • But the FBI bullet:
    • The reason why it's in Seth Rich is because the FBI shot Seth Rich
  • [Day 218.3. Hillary'Hillarys , Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Ok Day 218 Part 3
    • National Portrait Gallery behind me over here on the beautiful Verizon Center and F street
    • A couple of blocks from K street. I still haven't gotten that job as a lobbyist /s
    • But anyway, the reason why you have to go to Howard, is if Rich has the bullet at the 222 raid, more closer to Lou's Bar and Grill or I say Acre121
    • But if he has that wound in the liver, you have to take him to Howard.
    • You no choice because you have to get that FBI bullet out of him before you take him up the hill to MedStar
    • The reason is you don't want him coming into MedStar as a gunshot wound
    • The reason they leave the discontinuity in the bowel is so there's something wrong with him
    • So what they do at the top of the hill at MedStar is they close the bowel--there's gotta be something left.
    • They don't even know that there's a bullet wound
    • Because it's the same Doctor--it's Dr. Sava, it's Dr. Ateljevich
    • Dr. Ateljevich comes down, pulls the bullet wound [sic] out as Dr. Ateljevich
    • He goes up the hill as Dr. Sava and does the wound-close and closes the discontinuity in the bowel
  • [Day 218.4. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 218 part 4
    • Jason Goodman is alive don't worry
    • J: Still Alive
    • National Security Letters. You know what a National Security Letter is?
    • So if I'm the FBI, and I want somebody not to talk and gag them, I can give them what's called a National Security Letter an NSL
    • J: Oh like Sibel Edmonds
    • Yeah NSL Sibel Edmonds
    • J: She talks about that
    • State secrets. I think she even wrote a book called State Secrets
    • {{ 911bs: It's actually called "Classified Woman: the Sibel Edmonds Story", and here are her other books, including 'Lone Gladio'. Here is her listener-supported, alt-media channel, NewsBud which I highly recommend }}
    • J: Oh.
    • Anyway people say well the special investigator, Comey, not a special prosecutor special investigator they're trying to make it sound like a special
    • J: Mueller?
    • Mueller. Mueller. Did I say Comey again?
    • J: Yeah
    • Because they're so close!
    • J: Mueller Mueller
    • And ANDY
    • J: Isn't he a special prosecutor in the uh [ALLEGED COMEY MEMO NONSENSE]
    • But he's a special investigator..but he doesn't have the subpoena powers, I don't think
    • J: that'll be good question better check that
    • Yeah but anyway everyone says, "well, don't worry about him declaring state secrets, he can't do that"
    • Well all he has to do is pick up the phone, and call Andy [Andrew McCabe].
    • J: Yeah I mean he was the head of the FBI for years... under...
    • 14 years?
    • So he just picks up the phone and calls Andy and Andy gives the NSLs
    • J: yeah of course
    • Andy NSLs MedStar and he NSL's Howard
    • J: why hasn't he done that already?
    • He's already done it
    • Andy has already done it.
    • J: McCabe
    • McCabe has already done it. He's already done it he wouldn't be saying it now, and introducing it now, and put it bringing in a PR guy now, if it wasn't the cover for something that they've already done
    • So they have already done I believe they've already done it
    • Now Judicial Watch can FOIA
    • So Judicial Watch is tried to FOIA they got rejected, said no response
    • Now they can sue
    • So now the lawsuits coming
    • J: How long does that take?
    • That's going to take forever, but but it does prove that they've declared state secrets
    • So that is a confirmation that Seth Rich case is a state secret case
    • J: Which means that he's obviously involved with Wikileaks. If it's a street robbery how is that state secrets?
    • Yeah yes I mean that I mean they've proven that part of the case
    • It's like Comey and then the FBI coming out and saying if the desktop sych was how the transfer of the six hundred thousand emails
    • J: Quarters / Coroners here
    • Okay. See you later everybody
    • {{ 911bs: GOV has 20 business days to respond to FOIA, after which you can sue but it's better to contact the FOIA ombudsman first because they can light a fire; if you don't get a response from them within 3 days you ought to start suing, then if you get a response from their activity you can drop the lawsuit. Judicial Watch is probably burned out on dealing with Ombudsman and just goes straight to suing, which makes sense if you're getting nothing but obstructionism from all of the government. I would like to see JW file a FOIA for every government document in existence and sue them for each one they do not get within the minimal timeframe the gov is allowed legally }}
  • [Day 218.5 Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 128. {{ 218 }} Here is part 5
    • So everyone Jason is working on our second interview
    • I think I'm breaking into two parts one and two
    • Together it's again on the roof
    • It wasn't in Ice Station Zebra conditions with 90 mile an hour winds
    • This one is a little bit better it was like a 85 degree
    • J: 80 mile an hour
    • Yeah it was pretty bad
    • So Jason's doing lot of noise reduction and all that stuff that he does--takes out the hums and errs and and stuff
    • I wanted to talk about Atel and this is just rode rode time and all that
    • But everybody--says oh this is satanic and this is a satanic symbol and all this stuff
    • Actually what they are are tells {{ 911bs: aka 'spy signalling', 'winks', semaphores }} and the reason why you use tells in the information, info business, in the Intelligence community is so that you don't have to constantly communicate things
    • For instance let's say you wanted to say 'always interview this police officer'
    • There's going to be five police officers listed
    • And you want them to go to Wingate Robinson ok?
    • Because he went to Georgetown and he knows John Podesta really well
    • So if you're the FBI agent you're going to have to call somebody, and say, "well who do you want me to take to do the to do the cover story?"
    • Or not the cover story, but who do you want you need an interview, if we have to go and interview one of the five officers that was at the Seth Rich scene supposedly
    • So you say well we'll capitalize it and then we'll put the word 'win' in there because we always win: we're the FBI--we win win win
    • J: So as A J Goodman would say 'all they do is lose lose lose'. That's what they say about the Democrats sorry oh
    • Yeah. The FBI is damn good so don't
    • J: Ya I know I'm just saying just a little plug for AJ yeah
    • So anyway, you would like let's say you have a home that's owned by the Awan brothers
    • You would have the other partner--the fake partner that you're going to dump all the dead on, and you're going to dump all the parking tickets on--will be Winfield. Okay.
    • And again you'll capitalize it in all your press releases
    • So if you see the press release of the five police officers, the first one there is going to be this track super star, running back super star--he's kind of got that he's the GQ I mean he's--he's gonna have a big photo appeal
    • Windgate Robinson hasn't really been brought forward as the superstar yet but he's going to be brought forward
    • J: Well I'm not to release too much but he did come up in our conversation with Rod Wheeler
    • His Sharon came up who linked to Rod Wheeler yesterday
    • Rod Wheeler said, "why did Sharon WinGate Robinson connect?"
    • J: Very weird right?
    • So that's a set up for, "Hey this is coming, if we have to go to the police officer, if we get forced into police officer interviews, we're going to go to Wingate Robinson"
    • This guy--you look them up you ran track of Georgetown it was an epic
    • J: Is it a real guy or is that a fake name?
    • No what they do is they take the real name Robinson, and then they add a hyphen in front of it with Wingate, Winfield, Win something {{ wincroft }} and that way you don't have to change the name of the person's real name
    • {{ 911bs: what's the 'gate' part? The new Watergate? EmailGate? Gatekeeping? LionsGate? Gate to MedStar? White house gate jumper? The Gate the SS crashed? Bill Gates? All the above? }}
    • Now like for instance with doctor Ateljevich down at down at Howard, you have him writing that anonymous, fourth-year intern piece
    • And then all of a sudden now people are trying to guess his name well, they're like oh what are we going to do?
    • So they come up with a character out of what is it, 'Lord of the Rings'? {{ Dr. Dilbro Wingate? No.. }}
    • Isn't Eowyn...? {{ Ohhh. }} I'm not a Lord of the Rings guy, but Eowyn and I think is the Lord of the Rings guy
    • And of course--it's some blogger, who is the man who loved cat dancing or something that's going to take you off in some wacky directions and then somebody's going to write a blog about how cat dancing is fundamental to this whole thing and--
    • It's not it's just them saying I don't go any further: this is a stop sign.
    • Don't interview doctor Eo-WIN [Eownyn] that's a "no don't do that".
    • {{ I wonder if Dr. Eo WIN hangs out at LOSE City Bar? }}
    • So it's going to be a solid it's going to be a tell you veg but I'm just trying to say why you would use a towel and why those are important because every time you communicate out to get your story straight, if your story changes, then you need more footprints
    • So tells are really important--whatever you want to call them winks or tells
    • J: And and might be the first time anybody's ever spoken about it on the Internet that I've heard of
    • G: Um. Well. Ok.
    • {{ 911bs: this may interest you guys[3300][33stat][777Society][FreedomPhrygCap][LoveTrumpsHate][ospfo][cryptopoppies][ad][hologramhillary][777p-hegel][ob][nlw][bse][mm][rh][oait][hpl][pgcw][tcsc][COG-HRCratline][[weAreA1one][LouiseNevelsonPlaza][33LibertySconces] }}
    • {{ For George, [The etymology of the word 'Columbia' in the context of 322] }}
  • [Day 218.6. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 218 I think this is six
    • And we're Jason I are having our endless tousle about production quality of that interview who are or release it in this part one part two so--
    • We're just kind of filling the time here with spycraft stuff, until we get to our favorite small sounds[sic]Eric Braverman's moms' house in New Jersey and Cherry Hill just over the Ben Franklin Bridge,
    • Not far from Dover, actually where the servers are located for NGP van.
    • J: Oh really?
    • NGP van it's in Dover. It's a little bit further I mean I'm not saying it's ...but in Delaware it's not very far at all from from where she lives
    • GPS: Watch Out: Object on Road Ahead
    • Object on road. Ok. It's not any of
    • J: So long as it's not an IED
    • It's not an IED so we're good
    • So spycraft stuff: the reason why tells are important, because as your organization gets bigger, and you start rolling out covert folks
    • I mean the first really great model--and I'm not in any way a Hitler fan, obviously, us being we're Jewish--but Hitler had his bicycle clubs
    • And basically through the bicycle clubs they would go on the end the weekend they do all these activities, and everyone would be like oh gosh Germans love to run around on bicycles
    • {{ 911bs: Now it's civil war and ww2 reenactment groups (nazi cosplay) in america (((and still bike clubs))) }}
    • Well it was the cover for the German Army {{ inaudible }}, Wehrmacht and the SS
    • So there was two levels being trained right under the nose of Europe
    • And you could do the same thing I'm just saying how easy this would be in the United States
    • I'm not saying Rolling Thunder is that organization, but you could take a thing like Rolling Thunder, and then have the bottom 10% being prowler teams {{ recall how HarleyClaus was looking at you }}
    • So again they would have license plates or license plate they would have to make licenses which would have Win somewhere in the last name
    • You really wanted to make an obvious you would capitalize the Win
    • So it'd be GoodWin, Godwyn Winblatt, Winsome, Winfield, Wingay {{Winstone, Winterthur}}
    • You can put win in the middle but sometimes, but that it's hard to read late at night when you pull somebody over
    • But it's basically a tell through JTTF that, "Hey that let this guy go"
    • A lot of times in the Intelligence business you need to stop traffic you need to stop the target from getting to a drop
    • So you'll pull over a police officer
    • You'll speed you pull over the police officer to get the police officer to stop, and then set up something with the local police,
    • Then you can start saying hey I got to do here's what the next OP is going to be, to really think on your feet quickly
    • So you don't have time to go, "here's the verification step and then--radio back to Washington DC to check credentials"--you need that tell right on on the license
    • Now if somebody in law enforcement can come back--anybody who's been on JTTF teams (I'm not holding my breath)
    • But anybody who's been on JTTF teams--if you want to come back and verify what I'm saying--we'd be very helpful
    • J: That's crazy
    • Well, I'm just saying that's how you would do covert and then there were certain bicycle clubs which had certain symbols
    • {{ Maltese cross, skull with snake going thru it and dagger, for instance }}
    • And here's where everybody gets off track thinking this is demonic
    • It's just some bicycle clubs were known as the Wehrmacht other Bicycle clubs were the SS--which I can't member how to say in German {{ [SS = Schutzstaffel] Think of someone shooting a duffel bag full of nazi uniforms }}
    • And the East Germans picked it, right up right after the war for theirs until 1989
    • J: Stassi?
    • Stassi yeah
    • So this isn't something new and it wasn't invented by the CIA, or anything like that, just been around a long time
    • So spycraft Road stories I guess
    • J: That's really cool
    • Yah that's kind of fun
  • [Day 218.7 Hillary's Leakers. and Henchmen - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 218 I think this is Part 6
    • Jason's still editing
    • So anyway there's going to be an official story coming out sometime this week, that's going to be a bombshell type of thing
    • We don't know who's gonna provide that bombshell yet
    • But I can tell right now by the set up that it's going to be Wingate Robinson.
    • Wingate Robinson is going to be the officer
    • He's going to be the GQ guy, he's going to say, "hey I was there at the site and there's nothing to see here folks. I was there."
    • J: By GQ you mean a fancy looking guy?
    • Yeah yeah yeah"
    • Again it's a diversion away from 1222 that was over by I can remember street name
    • 1222 that was over by at Lou's City Grill which is the seven-minute block versus the 40 minute long walk
    • J: Hey I just thought of something: Win is a tell. Is LOSE also a tell?
    • Well
    • J: Lou's bar--he's losing his life! I think that's something
    • {{ 911: You guys really need to read my interjections in these transcripts more }}
    • Well let's look at all the Lous around the country.Lou's lous' win and lose? Ah the losers, all the winners you're good!
    • I think I think you got one on me I'm blushing out that's terrible
    • I got it I got it well let me be - that may be the tell for the day,
    • Win and Lose
    • The targets are always it loses, and the winds are always people that will get them
    • And aren't we a great team for winning for people
    • {{ Jason thumbs up }}
    • No I mean Pantomiming a CIA/FBI person, FBI counterterrorism not field--
    • That we're saving these--we're taking these terrible criminals (that are Germans {{ie: innocent americans on HRC's 'naughty list'}}) and getting their hearts to people who really need them {{ ex: rich, terrible people like Rockefeller, Soros, McCain }} and their scientists, wonderful writers {{ club fed, bill nay, space tyson }} that just happen to give 1M to Hillary Clinton
    • So you're gonna see this Podesta linked to Wingate Robinson that I do believe is coming, in a big way, probably Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday
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