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The start of my fanfiction set in kanto...

First, this is not self insert, I used first person because then I don't have to think of a name. Second, Lac has a Japanese name of "ラㇰ" in case you wanted to know for whatever reason, and the Dojo Badge would be "ドヂョバッジ"

I was happy to be going on his pokemon journey finally. I was leaving home later than most. Most people left around age ten. He had had to wait until age 16. A native of Kanto he had seen the regions of Kanto and Johto, and even the sevii islands merge together. Though there were now more than twenty gyms available, he had seen his native gringy city go without one for many years. It was simply unsafe to go out at night, you see, so his parents were nervous.
As the population dwindled in my latter years, it gradually became more safe, though polluted as ever to go out. It was when I was 16 and a half that my parents let me go. I guess it made sense that they would wait so long. They gifted me a pokemon, and bid me on my way. I received a pokemon very rare in the region, a galarian ponyta, who I had grown up with, bred from my mother’s rapidash she caught in arborville when she had gone on an adventure and I was bid go. When I come back I want to turn this city around. I looked at the list of gyms and their types and began to plot my route.
I checked the types to begin planning my gym. I knew I didn’t want poison, and especially not fire. I decided that I would figure it out after I finished my adventure. I was unsure about what I would catch on my way, but I decided that I would pick something my starter was good against. My choices were north to celadon and erika’s grass gym with its vileplume, east to vermillion and the electric type gym of Lt. Surge, or south to Janine’s poison gym in Fuchsia city and her venomoth. I figured that since I had a psychic type, I would head south, and I set out on the road south of Gringy City, and then west towards fuchsia city
I had just stepped onto route 18 when I encountered the pokemon that I had least expected: a shinx. Immediately I threw my pokeball, and out came ponyta. It was our first battle together, and wow, ponyta was fast. Cursing myself for not bringing a pokedex, all I could remember was a general association with light on the part of shinx. I swore under my breath, and shinx got the jump on me, launching into a sprint before I could get ponyta to so much as use confusion. It dashed towards ponyta, and quickly I shouted “horn attack”!
Somehow ponyta understood, and lowered its horn, and the horn gouged into shinx’s side as the shinx crashed into ponyta. The shinx’s eyes looked on in terror, and it started to limp. Quickly I threw a pokeball, and shinx was mine. I quickly ran back home to Gringy to go to the pokemon centre to heal. I also, went to my house while nurse irritance took my pokemon, and asked how I could get a pokedex. Apparently, I would have to go to Fuchsia, and then I could get one from the Safari Warden.
And so I set back out south along the road to fuchsia. I made it to Fuschia without issue, and then reached Janine’s gym. Since I didn’t have any badges, I was albe to force a 2v2, but even that got very tricky. First she sent out a tentacool. It was loaded with tms, and out came my shinx. I first told shinx to use charge and then use spark. I learned the value of this combination on the way to the city as we took out a number of spearow and doduo. I had known Janine had powerful movesets, but...wow...she really loved tms. I had scant time before Janine had two layers of toxic spikes, and barrier up.
After a while, I was able to whittle down tentacool, but sadly my burned and drained shinx fainted around the same turn as the tentacool, brought down by Giga Drain, toxic, and scald, so into the final round came ponyta, and that was when I learnt the value of Pastel Veil. Ponyta couldn’t be poisoned. Even with ponyta out, I soon learned how well crafted Janine’s team was. Janine’s Tentacool and Venomoth both countered a weakness of the Poison Type, and I was about to fall victim to her strategy. She had Venomoth use quiver dance, and I remembered something. She was one of the strongest gym leaders, known for traveling far and wide to get the best movesets on her pokemon. She had to have taught it to Venomoth somehow. She doesn’t cheet. I remembered hearing in the news about an investigation which found that she had not in fact cheated, but had taken advantage of a move tutor in Guyana. She had insane movesets on everything, one of the hardest gym leaders. It was not too uncommon for people who were experienced from other regions to loose to her the first time when she was using a team for a person looking for their first gym badge.
I fought valiantly, pelting confusions, but in the end, all it took was one Bug Buzz after she had boosted with Quiver Dance and Ponyta was one-shot. I thought about the battle as I walked to the nearest pokemon center. I wondered what pokemon I could find that could counter a venomoth. I had heard rumors of slugma on Pokemon Road, but those were supposed to be very rare. I had doubts I could find one since I had already found a shinx, probably the rarest pokemon in the area. Then I remembered all of the flying types I had taken out as I was figuring out how to properly use shinx. I was about to go an catch one when I realised that Venomoth should not have known bug buzz yet, and thought of calling the league, but then I realised that Janine had probably just imported a TR or something.
Janine had built a reputation for battling as hard as possible. It seemed to me that the most difficult gym, even if the closest, I should probably just skip, so I decided to go to the next best thing. Once my pokemon were healed, I went over to the Fuchsia City Train Station, and then I noticed I still didn’t have a pokedex, and so I headed to the north edge of the city and to “The Park”, a centre for sending pokemon between regions. It’s the local pokedex place, so I went there and asked for a Kanto regional Pokedex. I had to fill out a form, but after long last, I received a pokedex.
I tried it on the nearest pokemon, and it said aloud “Meltan, the Hex Nut Pokemon, It dissolves and eats metal. Circulating liquid metal within its body is how it generates energy.”. It worked! Then I dashed to the train station to take the next ticket out of there.
When I came to the train station, Shinx and Ponyta at my heels, I saw another trainer followed by a pawniard. He was about my age, and we ended up going to get on the same train.
I sat down and then he asked “hey, I noticed you had a couple of pokemon, how did Janine go for you? For me it was pretty rough.”
“Realy?” I replied, “I was able to take out tenticool, but that took out shinx here” I pointed to shinx then continued “and then my ponyta got one shot by,” I groned “bug buzz”
“She does have a reputation”, the trainer murmured before piping up “by the way, my names Lac.” “I actually decided to go because Pawniard here” Lac said and then gestured to his Pawniard, “is a steel type, and I thought that I’d be untouchable because steel is immune to poison” he sighed “I guess that’s what you get for fighting against Janine, for me, it was Venomoth too, First she used quiver dance a whole bunch, so I just tried to attack with metal calw, and then pawniard got hit with hidden power, and then it was a KO,”
I caught on pretty quick “and you think Sabrina’ll be any different? Are you going there to battle her?”
Lac responded “Yep, but this time I can actually deal a supereffective hit, and anyway, it’s more likely sabrina doesn’t have a coverage move since she’s kind of a snob about psychic types, so it sounds like I can get it for my first badge. I don’t see anything good against psychic on your team, so what brings you to Saffron?”
“I’ve actually got my eye on the Dojo Badge, I think I’ll take on Koichi.” I replied.
“Y’know,” Lac suggested, “I think there’s a hotel in Saffron, if you want we could split the cost of a room with two singles”
I was baffled, “You don’t use hotels when on a pokemon journey, you camp out in the mud”
“Look,” Lac said frankly, “I’m new to this whole thing, my parents wanted me to go on a curated thing in Kalos, I decided to go and run off on an adventure in kanto and took the first train out of Rota south to Fuchsia. If that’s what this is about, fair enough, we’ll camp”.
Soon we arrived in Saffron. We were still talking as we left the station when we noticed two businessmen in white suits, one with blue hair, and one with orange hair exchange a briefcase. They then entered the contest hall a ways down the road. On the left, on the same side of the road as us, we saw the two gyms, nextdoor to each other, I ran, and shinx couldn’t keep up so I put him back in the pokeball, and ponyta ran ahead of me, so I jumped on top, and, surprised ponyta could cary me so easily, rode to the gym.
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