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Samsung Odyssey G7 32" - No Bullshit Review!

This is a very, very long post, but if you get to the end of it, you will know for certain if this is the monitor for you.
I have experience with these monitors previously, either owned for a longer period or purchased and returned after a week or two;
(Triple Monitor) BenQ 24" 1080p TN 120Hz (91 PPI) 5760 x 1080
BenQ 24" 1080p TN 144Hz (91 PPI)
ASUS 27" 1440p TN 165Hz G-Sync Module (109 PPI)
Dell 27" 4K AH-IPS 60Hz HDR (163 PPI)
Acer 32" 1440p VA 144Hz G-Sync Compatible HDR (93 PPI) 1800R Curve
Samsung 32" 1440p SVA 144Hz G-Sync Compatible HDR (93 PPI) 1800R Curve, Local Dimming
Samsung 32" 1440p SVA 240Hz G-Sync Compatible DisplayHDR 600 (93 PPI) 1000R Curve, Local Dimming
LG 55" 4K OLED 120Hz G-Sync Compatible HDR (80 PPI)
Summary; I have experience with TN 1080/1440p at 120, 144 and 165Hz, AH-IPS 4K at 60Hz, VA 1440p at 144 and 240Hz, OLED 4K at 60Hz and 1440p 120Hz.
What do I do with my monitors?
I game, mostly fast paced online first person shooters, but any big single player game might also be played here and there.
I do photo editing, in Photoshop as a hobby, so I calibrate my monitors with an X-Rite i1Display Pro.
I watch movies, and TV shows, mostly in 4K, and in HDR (conversion through MadVR to a 250 nits calibrated profile).
I essentially need my monitor to do all 3, and this is the reason why I ended up using a VA panel over TN or IPS.
The monitor I chose and have been using for the past 2 years is an Acer 32" VA 1440p 144Hz G-Sync Compatible HDR (93 PPI) 1800R Curve, calibrated to 120cd/m2 sRGB and 250cd/m2 HDR. At the time of purchase this monitor was €500, still being sold today for around that price.
So why this monitor?
At the time there were no 4K 120Hz monitors, they came out (without FALD) 6 months later, or 1440p 240Hz which came out a whole year later.
The only alternatives at the time; 27-32" VA/IPS 4K 60Hz which were unusable for gaming because of the refresh rate, 27" TN 1440p 165Hz being poor in videos and photo editing, and 24.5" TN 1080p 240Hz, even worse at videos and editing.
So these new (at the time) 32" Curved VA 1440p 144Hz panels were very attractive, the size, curve and panel type promised a great movie experience as well as immersive single player game experiences, on top of that it had a 144Hz refresh rate so it would work in faster first person shooters too, just not as well as TN or IPS. So I bought a Samsung C32HG70 with the SVA (Samsung VA) panel featuring local dimming and quantum dots.
My first impression was nothing short of mind blowing, the size and curve was absolutely incredible, I instantly knew that there's no going back, ever, to anything smaller, or a flat screen, 32" is just an incredibly perfect size for a computer monitor, it's that sweet spot between too small and too big.
But I quickly noticed what everyone had warned me about, redditors, forum users and reviewers, no matter where you went you'd find complaints about VA panels being slow, with smearing, compared to TN and IPS, and this was indeed the case. I could notice black trails right away, but I also quickly realized this wasn't as big of an issue I had been led to believe, because when I watch a movie it's running at such a slow frame rate that there is no smearing, same goes for photo editing, it's just not an issue, neither in a single player game locked to 60 FPS, since I like to use NVIDIA DSR, rendering the game above my monitors native resolution, at 4K or 5K, meaning a low frame rate. So this smearing only turned out to be apparent in fast paced online shooters, which actually didn't bother me in the slightest as in these online shooters, I tend to turn down most graphical settings anyway, to get an advantage over my opponents as some video settings allow you to see better, so when I did fast movements and there were black trailing behind objects or characters in front of me, I just ignored it, over time I didn't notice it much.
So about the features of this C32HG70 I had just purchased, this monitor was €200 more than the other 32" VA monitors, they just lacked lacked Quantum Dots and Local Dimming, this made me really question my decision, because after having tested the Local Dimming, HDR and Overdrive function, I just wasn't impressed at all, it had weird software decisions such as locking certain settings, even brightness when enabling the faster Overdrive levels, because they used strobing, so that's when I decided to order a second monitor, the much cheaper Acer model (this would also allow me to see how much of a difference the Quantum Dots actually made).
The day comes, I receive the Acer panel and right away I can tell that the Overdrive function is a hell of a lot better, it's not only unlocked from other settings and strobing, but it's also much faster, just as the Samsung should have been, complete control over all settings.
Having the monitors side by side, and running the EIZO Monitor Test, it was very obvious that the SVA panel with quantum dots, promising more vivid colors, were true! As an example the full red image was very clearly a stronger red, as well as brighter because the Samsung monitor had a higher cd/m2 spec. But, the only reason I was able to spot the difference is because I had the monitors running side by side for a real time comparison, there is no way anyone would have been able to tell the difference if they weren't standing next to each other, and you don't want anything other than 100% sRGB calibration, so my conclusion was that Quantum Dots was ultimately a gimmick (a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity).
The local dimming was also as expected, useless, very clearly another gimmick, it's just 8 zones in a simple pattern, trying out a few movie scenes it just did not work as you'd want it to, every reviewer will say and show this too.
These two things (Quantum Dots, Local Dimming) paired with the fact that the blur reduction was better on the Acer (not forcing Strobing and locking brightness to 200 nits), made me instantly return the Samsung and keep the Acer, which I have now been using for 2 whole years, enjoyed the hell out of it, sRGB calibrated, no pixel defects, blacks are incredible, very accurate and vivid colors.
Now is when things start to heat up in the back of my mind, about a year ago in 2019, new panels started coming out left and right, 27" 4K 120Hz IPS panels are widely available for a decent price as well as the 27" 1440p 240Hz TN panels. At the time of my Acer purchase, I was certain, not so much anymore. 240Hz is definitely a step up when it comes to faster paced games which is what I mainly play, and 27" is a big step up from 24.5", but still not curved or IPS/VA, meaning poor blacks and colors, so it was still out of the question, same went for 4K, which was now relatively outdated, when 240Hz was so fast and cheaper.
This is when I finally realized there truly is no winning when it comes to monitors, I felt this back in 2018, but this feeling was reinforced a year later, we are never going to get what we want with these panel types, to do the things I want to do, I simply have to buy one monitor with each panel type, 240Hz TN, 60-144Hz IPS Flat or 60-240Hz VA Curved. One for gaming, one for photo editing and one for movie watching. (Meanwhile in 2019, JOLED is finishing up their new factory that is going to mass produce smaller size OLED panels, up to 32", the real dream, every monitor we have today are pure and utter garbage compared to OLED and will turn obsolete the day these monitors start showing up in 2021.)
But for the time being this is what we're limited to, I first learned about the Odyssey just a few months ago, I wasn't paying attention at the news when they were first announced earlier in the year, but I did pick up on it eventually, while first reading up on them, I was very skeptical, because of my poor experience with their previous 32" VA panel (C32HG70), the only thing that made me look twice at it was the promise of 240Hz, but is that enough for me to warrant an upgrade? Since VA panels are generally so slow, what would the experience be like at 240Hz, severe smearing? I was just very unsure about this monitor, since the monitor was unreleased and I wasn't feeling like waiting for reviews, which are often incomplete, I simply ordered one myself to find out, and I've now spent a day or two with this monitor, here are my thoughts on it;
The differences between the new Samsung and my Acer,
144Hz to 240Hz
Quantum Dots
Local Dimming
DisplayHDR 600
and.. that is it. The monitor costs €699 which is a lot, so this better be one hell of a monitor, at the time of writing this you can get a Samsung 32" Curved SVA 1440p 144Hz for just €290.
Quantum Dots, as I've already experienced and compared it on the previous Samsung monitor, nothing has changed, it's not even worth mentioning, it's not worth any money at all, ignore its existence.
Same with Local Dimming, it's just not a good experience, I will talk about it briefly later as they have changed it a lot from the previous monitor, it is better but still bad, this is not something you want to use, not worth paying anything for either.
DisplayHDR 600, this is completely useless, there is no reason to want this, HDR will never work on TN/IPS/VA panels (unless FALD), because of how they are lit, for the monitor to display these levels of brightness, the dark levels are completely shot, you are basically looking at a black screen with a gray tint. Much better image quality watching a movie in SDR (sRGB calibrated profile 120cd/m2). But I will also talk about this some more later, this ties in with the findings of the new local dimming behavior.
So, Quantum Dots, Local Dimming and DisplayHDR 600 are basically garbage, this is nothing new and was definitely expected. If I had the choice I would obviously get any other brand that do not have these features for a lower price, as I will not use any of them ever.
That leaves us with the refresh rate, and let me remind you again, you can get a great Samsung SVA 144Hz monitor without HDR and Local Dimming for as little as €290, this really puts the new monitor into perspective, as of writing this the Odyssey G7 costs €699 in Austria (MediaMarkt.at), €799 in Germany (Alternate.de), €699 in the UK (Overclockers.co.uk) and in Sweden €769 (Samsung.se). Meaning you are basically paying €400+ for just the refresh rate.. so the question is then, is it really worth it? After all, you can get a 24.5" TN 1080p 240Hz for less than €400 if that's what you're after.
Let me start off by saying I have never experienced 240Hz before, turning on the display for the first time, VRR was automatically detected by the OS and full screen G-Sync was enabled without me touching a thing, monitor OSD and NVCP refresh rate were both set to 240Hz, as I moved the mouse around I couldn't really tell it was 240Hz, it was when I first opened NVCP that I saw it was enabled, so I booted up Overwatch right away, the practice map with various AI roaming around, I enjoy flick shots so I chose McCree who wields a revolver, began shooting at some stationary targets and again, didn't really notice anything different from what I was used to, running around on the map, just looking at things and turning around, there was just an ever so slight difference, at this point I was really disappointed, got curious about the response time difference against my Acer, so I loaded up blur busters and damn, the difference here was massive, 240Hz looked extremely smooth, now I got excited again and placed my Acer next to the Samsung so I could compare them side by side, hooking both monitors up through DisplayPort.
Running blur busters side by side the difference was like night and day, this is what I expected to see in-game, which wasn't the case (at first). But this wasn't what I was actually most impressed by, it was the response time, smearing/trails, they weren't there? I was really scratching my head at this time, not believing what I was seeing, there simply weren't any trails compared to my Acer which was at the same time a complete and utter catastrophe, still as I'm writing this, I am truly at a loss of words, so I'm just going to let you see the pictures yourself, I recorded the monitors with my phone in "super slow-mo" of blur busters running, then captured a screenshot, both set to 144Hz for a direct comparison.
Starting off with the Acer, this is your typical slow VA panel, much slower than TN and AHVA, with the overdrive setting on "Normal", there is a lot of things going on, it's just very slow, but it works very well for watching movies and 60 FPS gaming. But that's the actual reality of daily VA use (until now), looking at this image I just keep thinking it really looks like a complete shit show, but surprisingly it looks perfectly normal when watching a movie at low frame rate.
Then we have the extreme mode, which is super fast, as in it causes serious smearing issues, it looks very bad but is extremely good at eliminating the blur, which is the important part for fast paced gaming, there simply shouldn't be any motion blur, and this is the main reason I chose the Acer over the Samsung C32HG70.
Then we have the new Samsung, there are 4 levels, the last two appear to be the same just that the last one uses strobing, so they really learned from the previous C32HG70, they didn't force strobing with locked brightness this time. But yeah, nothing short of amazing, compared to the Acer this looks like a different panel type.
I can't think of any other word than Perfect to describe this second (Faster) level.
It just looks incredible, just.. perfect, and remember, this is a VA panel that is usually very slow as made painfully obvious by the Acer images, this panel is just something else, they (Samsung) really created something special, we'll have to wait for proper reviews by TFTCentral and such, but it's safe to say it's the fastest VA panel ever made. I expected improvements since the Acer panel came out early 2018, so two and a half years ago, but these kinds of improvements? Never. And the input lag? The previous Samsung C32HG70 has a Low Input Lag mode just like this one new monitor, it was tested by TFTCentral, brought the total input lag down to 7ms, compared to TN/AHVA panels at 4-5ms, so based on that testing we can assume this new Samsung is just as fast or faster than 7ms.
Here's the last level,
  • Fastest + MBR (dims the display/enables strobing, but you still have brightness control to counter it)
So, back to the refresh rate, I thought I'd try out G-Sync Compatibility while testing 240Hz some more in games, a worry I've had is that when enabling VRR (G-Sync), many monitors lock you out of most settings, similar to what HDR can do, but it turned out to be much better than I had expected, so these are the main settings you get to play with;
Game: Refresh Rate, Black Equalizer, Response Time, Adaptive-Sync, Low Input Lag
Picture: Picture Mode, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Color (Red, Green, Blue, Color Tone, Gamma)
When you enable VRR (Adaptive-Sync) for G-Sync, these options are locked: Refresh Rate forced to 240Hz, Response Time to Standard, Low Input Lag to On, and that's it! So you retain full control over your color calibration while G-Sync is running, 240Hz and Low Input Lag forced on is also great, and expected I guess. But, the Overdrive being locked to the lowest level (Standard), is a slight problem, as it's worse than 144Hz set to Faster, seen here;
.. But, disabling VRR (G-Sync) and running 240Hz, switching between Standard, Faster and Fastest overdrive modes, resulted in no visible change, they look identical in Blur Busters, tried it in Overwatch as well, dragging the mouse in a circle, toggling the different Overdrive levels, no difference, and I don't know why, maybe it's simply so fast (refresh rate) that the settings have very little impact, like on paper it does look the best with "Faster" at 144Hz, but I can't really tell the difference against 240Hz and Standard in games, so is that an actual problem? I do somewhat feel a slight blur though it's so subtle I could be wrong, we need to wait for reviews with serious equipment to really tell us what is going on at 240Hz with the different overdrive levels.
Last thing I want to talk about before the conclusion, the Curve! I've been using 1800R curve for 2 years now, so a Curve is nothing new to me and I never want to go back to a flat screen. My first impression of the 1000R was wild to say the least, I instantly did not like it, it felt way too curved, but after using the monitor for 2 days now, I don't mind it at all really, it feels like my 1800R right now as I'm typing this, the main difference seems to be that I've been used to sitting around 60cm away from the monitor, and with this more aggressive curve, it feels the best at around 50cm, so I guess I can just move the monitor a little closer, web browsing is when I really notice the curve, in games and movies I don't really think about it, feels like my 1800R curve.

Okay, so here we go, the conclusion;

This is the first 240Hz 32" monitor, this is the first 240Hz 1440p VA panel, this is the fastest VA panel ever made, this is the first 1000R curved display.
That's a lot to take in! This monitor is truly something else, VA panels will never be looked at the same, VA is no longer the slowest panel as this one is without a shadow of a doubt faster than many AHVA panels.
Breaking it down: Samsung 32" SVA 1440p 240Hz G-Sync Compatible DisplayHDR 600 with Local Dimming.
Samsung, reputable brand, few think of it as a source of gaming hardware, questionable decisions on their last C32HG70 monitor, locking overdrive settings to strobing, disabling brightness as an example.
32", definitely the future, once you use 32" for more than a day you're hooked for life, same goes with the 1800R curve, the immersion is just amazing, there really is no going back to small and flat panels after truly experiencing it, shortly after I got my Acer I had several friends who bought them right away after I showed it off in person, it truly is a wonder to look at.
SVA, Samsung VA with Quantum Dots, this sounds good on paper but in reality is worth nothing, would you want it for no additional cost? Yes, but paying for it? Absolutely not.
1440p, which comes out at 93 PPI on 32", it's bothered me ever since I bought it, seeing people online constantly claim that it's somehow "bad", I doubt these people realize that 24" 1920x1200 60Hz (94 PPI) came out early 2008, soon to be succeeded by 23.6" 1920x1080 120Hz in late 2009, it took 5 more years for 27" 1440p 120Hz to appear with 109 PPI, and in 2016 the first 240Hz came out on 24.5" 1920x1080 90 PPI panels, 3 years before the first 1440p 240Hz came out in 2019. So what I'm saying and showing here is that 90-93 PPI is not bad, it's completely normal, and the actual standard for monitors, anything above this is considered better or great depending on what monitor you're looking at, and I don't mind it one bit, sure 27" 1440p is sharper, but so is 27" 4K 144Hz G-Sync FALD for $2000, you have to draw the line somewhere, what I can say though is that 27" 1080p (84 PPI) looks noticeable worse than 93 PPI, so that's where I personally draw the line, not under 93, that'd be an actual step back from 12 years ago.
240Hz, this can absolutely be debated, casual gaming you will barely notice it, certainly not worth spending hundreds of dollars on, a much cheaper 165Hz will provide an almost identical experience, 240Hz is only for fast paced online shooters, that's where that small difference comes into play, when doing very fast flick shots the difference is day and night, you might not necessarily shoot better but it'll feel a hell of a lot better at the very least, like if you play for money, a professional player on a team, even if the difference is just 2%, that's enough of a reason for that person to get it. But for casual players, just don't assume that because most professional players tend to use 240Hz, that it's some kind of magic refresh rate that makes a huge difference, it doesn't. Is it worth paying for? It really depends on what you're playing, it's not black and white as one might think. Do you play League only? Waste of money. Are you trying for max rank in Apex Legends, probably worth it, but you'd still have a very good shot on a 165Hz monitor for €399.
G-Sync Compatible, it's essentially flawless, all the right options are available or locked on gaming modes, I followed a guide on how to set it up properly and it felt perfect in Overwatch at 237 FPS, exceeded my expectations for sure, as I mentioned earlier, many monitors that are compatible out there, perform very poorly or odd with VRR enabled. I do acknowledge that that the range is 80-240, but all my online shooters are played at max refresh rate so that's not an issue, if you play low frame rate single player you can just use regular V-Sync.
DisplayHDR 600, sadly next to unusable, this has nothing to do with the monitor itself, it's just that HDR was and is never going to work on TN/IPS/VA (without FALD), so this is no exception, it will look bad to say the least in almost all cases, when compared to the very deep blacks on a sRGB 120cd/m2 calibration. But what we can do is compare this HDR against another monitors HDR, I noticed strange things happening, when enabling the local dimming, even the parts that weren't dimming, the zones, (all zones) were darker, and generally looked better, this clearly has to be tested by professionals. So, this HDR is actually worse than my Acer, when local dimming is off, since it has a higher cd/m2 value, meaning the blacks are extra bad, very dark scenes really look almost gray, but as mentioned earlier, when enabling local dimming this gray tone becomes much darker, even when the zones aren't dimming, so HDR on the Samsung with Local Dimming enabled looks a lot better than my Acer HDR**,** but worse with it disabled. Again, needs to be further investigated by professionals.
Local Dimming, by itself, is useless, the C32HG70 used 8 zones, this one according to a Korean review is using 6 zones, it's difficult to tell, I counted 8 of them, all vertical, and it looks very bad in movies when they toggle on or off in the middle of the screen, it's just a poor experience with it enabled, with the exception that paired with HDR it looks better than without it.
Let's try something; removing the SVA/Quantum Dots, HDR, Local Dimming completely, what are we left with?
A very fast gaming monitor that happens to use a VA panel with much deeper blacks than an AHVA gaming panel, but what are our other options? Oh, there aren't any, if you want a 32", this is the monitor, end of story.
But if we go down to 27", there's suddenly quite a few to choose from, first out we have the Lenovo 27" TN 1440p 240Hz 109 PPI with a G-Sync Module, now this is a very good gaming monitor, but the price is very high, starting at €1040. Then we have two more, HP Omen and AOC Agon, these do not feature the G-Sync Module or G-Sync Compatibility, but are a lot cheaper, starting at €650.
Then we have several 27" AHVA 4K 144Hz monitors, with the new DSC feature allowing full 10bit RGB in 4K 144Hz through a single DisplayPort cable, available with G-Sync Module or G-Sync Compatible, and the prices start at €900.
The first thing that that comes to my mind is that they're 27" flat panels, the immersion won't even come close to a Curved 32", the colors are also poor on the TN, but 240Hz. The PPI is off the charts on the 4K ones at 163 PPI which is very nice.
At second thought, are these actually alternatives? 32" Curved VA 240Hz vs 27" Flat TN 240Hz? They cost the same, and one could assume that the TN is a lot faster and look better at 240Hz, but that's clearly not the case with this brand new Samsung VA panel as it's by far the fastest VA ever made.
And for the 4K ones, not only are we talking 144 vs 240Hz, but to even drive a game in 4K is a major challenge, a single RTX 2080 Ti will struggle to even reach 100 FPS.
If we take a look anyway, at the current 32" VA panels, we find 3 monitors that run 165Hz, these are all brand new panels this year using a 1500R curve as opposed to the earlier 1800R curve last year (and this Samsung 1000R), these panels might have improved a lot just like this new Samsung VA. First out we have a Dell 32" VA 1440p 165Hz HDR, but no G-Sync Compatibility, then MSI Optix, lacking HDR and lastly a brand new Gigabyte released a month ago, with G-Sync Compatibility and HDR, for just €399 which is kind of mind blowing, Gigabyte going out strong with their new monitor lineup.
Is there anything on the horizon? Yes, but not for cheap, there is a new monitor coming out by Acer and ASUS, 32" 4K AHVA at 144Hz with G-Sync Module and HDR1400, but the unique thing about it, which actually warrants the price, is that it's using 1152-zone Mini LED backlight, this is unheard of and will provide close to OLED black levels, by far the best gaming monitor you can buy, nothing comes even remotely close, but the price.. $3600, no thanks. If you can afford it, then go for it, mind blowing monitor.
Quick mention that 24.5" 1080p 360Hz G-Sync is coming soon, so the die hard FPS gamers will want this one, and professionals probably, the thing is, the difference between 240 and 360 should be very small, so most people will not play any better on it, meaning it's a waste, if you get paid to play, sure, go for it.
Back to the Samsung Odyssey G7, it has 3 (potential) flaws;
Number one, it's definitely overpriced, they charge for features that is not worth your money.
Number two, the G-Sync Compatibility is only 80-240Hz, this can cause issues.
Number three, the PPI. For such an expensive and impressive monitor otherwise, it'd sadly not 4K resolution, but that's not surprising because none exist yet, and probably never will once OLED mass production starts.

Just a few last remarks;

Some people, who has used 109-163 PPI monitors for years, might be annoyed by the "normal" PPI of 93, to them it's not their normal.
Some people, might find the G-Sync annoying, since it's not an actual module capable of 1-240Hz.
Some people, might be annoyed by the price, which I certainly am (because of the poor features).
I do not think anyone will be bothered with the 1000R curve after using it for a week.
I do not think anyone will be bothered by a possibly very slight blur at 240Hz.
When color calibrated for sRGB 120 nits this monitor will be good, not great for photo editing, because of the curve, as I'm just editing photos as a hobby I don't mind it, but I can definitely see some people being annoyed by it at times, straight lines absolutely do not appear straight, I've had issues on 1800R, so this will be even worse.
When color calibrated for sRGB 120 nits this monitor will be extremely good for gaming.
When color calibrated for sRGB 120 nits this monitor will be very good for movies or shows
Is it usable while gaming professionally? Absolutely, but 240Hz TN will still be faster and 360Hz is coming soon.
And the big question, is it worth €700? I don't know, you decide, I personally find it severely overpriced but I'm still going to keep it, so I guess it is worth it? To me at least.
Remember you can get a 1500R 32" 1440p 165Hz G-Sync Compatible with HDR for €399 from Gigabyte, how fast the panel is we don't know yet as it just released, but there is a chance that it is fast and it'd make you just as happy as this new Samsung, for €300 less.
I'm keeping it, because I feel this is the best we're going to get before 32" OLED (And I'm not paying $3600 for the new Mini LED one).
A very last note, it's likely this panel will show up in more monitors soon, without Quantum Dots and Local Dimming, possibly lacking HDR as well, these monitors will then be much cheaper, but only time will tell.
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The *Updated* New Commanders Guide to Drizzlewood Coast

Hi guys, I just wanted to share my updated Drizzlewood Coast (DWC) guide here for everyone to read.
You can find the old guide here: https://www.reddit.com/Guildwars2/comments/htg4j8/the_new_commanders_guide_to_efficient_and/
This guide is updated and essentially uses the old guide as a foundation to follow with the new South Meta changes, and I have added new sections for the North Meta.
I am going to save all the numbers crap from this post though, because the profit fluctuates daily in this meta, but if you want to maximize your profits then make sure to represent Blood Legion and when you get your final box from the reward track take the Blood Legion Charged Lodestones box.
The North Meta tips and strategies provided are to decrease the overall meta time thus making this meta feel like less of a drag.

The *Updated\* New Commanders Guide to Efficient and Profitable Drizzlewood Coast
By [SM] Riku Shinobu.4518
Hello friends, and welcome to the updated guide for efficient and profitable Drizzlewood Coast (DWC). I am going to go through the old guidelines in this guide and update the areas that need updating. For posterity the new information will be in **Green** and I will be commenting on the changes in the guide based on the changes in the DWC meta. Old information is going to be left in so that you can see where the meta has come from and what tactics are obsolete.
This guide is to help new players and commanders new to the map learn and understand the Drizzlewood Coast (DWC) meta farm in what I consider to be the most profit oriented approach to the meta so that your coin purses grow. As such this guide is not meant to be a teaching tool for the overall map meta but as a supplement to other guides that are already out. This is still true you need to go out and experience the meta before you follow this guide.
My approach to DWC has always been to increase the Gold Per Hour (gph) earned during the meta. I have lived in this map since it was released and I have tried different iterations of running the map to see what comes of it. I am still testing new ideas every run to get more information from the map to increase gph even at the risk of lowering a runs profitability; to say that some of these runs have produced horrible results would be an understatement. I have three rules that I follow now as simple guidelines.
Rule #1: East side = Money
Breaking down each individual territories rewards from Keep Lord Chests and the Troop Readiness Evaluation rewards it is clear that the east side is the high profit side.
Vloxen Mine: Ore Petraj Overlook: Wood
Fort Defiance: Fangs Port Cascadia: Scales
Leadfoot Village: Bones Lighthouse Point: Totems
Succeeding across the whole map is necessary for finishing out the meta but setting up the map to give you more rewards from the east side of the map is the idea behind increasing gph. The bar I set for myself when commanding the map is to get as many Lighthouse Point chests that I can get before the readiness bar fills up for the final assault. I’m going to be commenting on this section at the end, but please read the edits for yourself to see where the meta is at now.
Par Run: 2 Lighthouse chests & 2 Village chests
Optimal Run: 3 Lighthouse chests & 2 Village Chests
Par Run: 2 Lighthouse chests & 1 Village Chest
Optimal Run: 2 Lighthouse chests & 2 Village Chests
Troop Readiness Evaluation is based on the morale of each based controlled by the Legions, and I achieve my optimal runs by staggering east and west sides so that east side is always the first side to push forward into new territory. How I originally performed this was by staggering the initial escorts at the start of the meta to an east/west approach; starting east side first and then once east side hit the gates running over and starting west side. This is almost impossible to due now due to the amount of AFK farmers and botters that sit on the west side escort start point to leech participation and loot from the west side bull runners. They will always start west side at the beginning of the map and it is annoying. I have been unable to use this method of starting the map off for the last week and because of that we have figured out a way to return the stagger to the sides so that each run will end up with 3 Lighthouse chests. I add this stagger by making sure certain events that affect the morale of Fort Defiance end up failing on purpose so as too delay the escorts on west side, which in turn lowers the amount of morale at the end phase of the meta.
The event that you want to fail is the Tier 2 Bull escort that starts at Mine and ends at Fort. This event has the least impact to the base so that you don’t risk losing it, but it accounts for roughly half the morale of the base. We are still in the middle of testing how much is the optimal amount to fail and right now we are sitting on 3 to 4 bulls, with the potential for more to fail based on how efficient your map is. This gives us enough of a stagger to make sure that Village and Lighthouse ARE NOT captured in the same reward interval (tick) of Readiness.~~
In order to push East side as fast as possible you need to make sure none of the events fail on the east side. This means that all the Tier 2 Bull escort events that spawn at Petraj need to succeed! I cannot stress enough how important those escorts are to speeding up the morale in Port Cascadia! THOSE BULLS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SACRED AND HOLY UNTIL YOUR ASS IS SITTING IN LIGHTHOUSE!
I think it is possible to end the meta with 3 chests of each Village and Lighthouse, and we are still running the maps with this goal in mind but I have not achieved it (at least that I can remember, some of the runs have been a blur because I run this meta so much xD). I will add my speculations at the end of the guide for others to try and achieve this.
So as you can see a lot of this has been changed thanks to the reduction in readiness “ticks” in the map. The total amount you can receive now is 6, and by the time you get to lighthouse and village you will get only 1 or 2 ticks at that level. The Par run and Optimal runs are only obtainable now with a stagger from East side and West side with East side taking the lead. This stagger needs to be significant and it is easily achievable by waiting to start the West side Vloxen Mine escort until after the East side Petraj Overlook capture event has completed. This should leave you with Petraj capped and rewarding a chest on the first tick and then Petraj and Mine capped on second tick. It is extremely easy now to get your participation up to 150% before you make your Port and Fort attacks, so please ignore the cries of “I need 150% before first tick we should do them both at the same time”. You are hurting your profits in this map by not staggering. If you need to make up the stagger later on because someone started West earlier than necessary then you need to fail every bull event up until you assault Village. The map moves way too quickly now to just fail the bull from Mine to Fort.
I am also going to add that with the new meta the morale build up time in each territory is 3 completed events with their accompanying bull escort events. It goes by very quick, so you need to pay attention to what is going on now in the map.
Rule #2: War Supplies make Siege
This rule is a very simple rule, after buying your 15 daily keys from the Quaestor you should be spending your war supply on siege weapons. Specifically you need to be buying the Flame Rams and Catapults. These 2 siege weapons are extremely important when pushing escorts forward and using them WILL SPEED UP THE INFLUENCE DRAIN DURING CAPTURE EVENTS!
The Arrow Cart and ~~Ballista~~ have very little use in my opinion and you should not be spending war supplies on them. I also do not recommend that you buy more than 15 keys either. ~~At 250 supply each after daily prices, it can be a very quick drain on supply for something with little impact to the map.~~
Not much new to add here except that the Ballista does now have a very good use in the meta, this part of the guide mainly is detailing South meta and the use for Ballista is in the North meta, but please buy some and be ready to use them every meta when the time comes. Also, keys are more expensive now and the 250 supply is another tier before they cap at 500 supply per key. I do not buy them at 250 still but the choice is up to you whether to buy the extra 5 keys or not. Keys are in short supply right now thanks to the mechanics for how keys are rewarded. If ArenaNet would make it to where every event guaranteed a key then people wouldn’t be short.
Following this rule leads to our next rule…
Rule #3: Always assault with Remote Charges
You should always be assaulting bases with the Remote Charge ability! Until the champion spawns you should be throwing them at every building you see around you! Stacking the Remote Charges with the siege weapons that you can use on the map you can speed through the Influence drain of the assault very very quickly. The goal is to have the champion out within 1 minute of breaching the gates into the base. Speaking of breaching the gates, **PUT FLAME RAMS DOWN ON THE GATES!** Running around attacking the buildings with your weapon is going to get you nowhere fast. Remote Charges and siege weapons are intended to break as many structures in as quickly a time frame as you can. Comboing both of these is essential! The influence drain phase of the event can become one of the biggest time sinks in your map (not including weak dps and/or a bad combo on the champion).
Initial Assault: Remote Charge → → Champion Spawn: Electromagical Pulse
Once the champion spawns you should be switching to the EMP to make sure that their bars are broken as quickly as possible, so that they die as quickly as possible.
As an addendum to this rule I will add that if you do not yet have the Remote Charge ability unlocked then keep running EMP but you should be focusing on using siege weaponry to break stuff. Be wary when sitting on a catapult, the enemies seem to have a nose for sniffing out someone sitting on one. If you are completely new to the map and meta then focus on killing elites when assaulting.
Focus east side, making bulls a priority
War Supplies = Siege weapons (Flame Ram, Catapult, Ballista)
Always assault with Remote Charge
Nothing in this section needs to change, but the new Remote Charge 2.0 ability is amazing. You technically do not even need Flame Rams on the gates now because if you have everyone using this ability then all the buildings are going to be broken really fast. A lot of the decrease in meta time now has been because the influence drain is so much faster now with the faster building destruction. This part can be considered now for newer players to the map who do not have access to either version of Remote Charge and only have access to siege weapons.
IF you have Remote Charge/2.0 then you need to be running either one of these on the gate/buildings. OTHERWISE follow the instructions above if you do not have these masteries unlocked yet.
So this part will include some tips that I hope make it easier for you when running.
Players are generally lemmings and will not follow your instructions. To use an example, whenever I am calling out for players on the map to start escorting the Tier 2 bulls, I will also go to the bulls myself and the lemmings will follow. Once I am confident that enough people are on the event I will head to the next area I am needing to be in. This is still a problem to this day, but it has gotten better with all the lieutenants that I have now. Thanks to them I can make sure at least 1 person is doing what needs to be done around the map. Do what I do and get yourself some lieutenants who can make the job easier on you.
Escorts with less people will run super fast. I try to limit the assault escorts to 5-8 people so that they are scaled way down and are easily completed. Doing this is like adding a turbocharger to Malice and Efram when they are pushing forward. Speaking of those two, they like to fight, so I always recommend that you run slightly ahead and kill anything on the way before they get close to it.
This needs to be done with escorts to speed up the map, but generally early on everyone is going to be tagging the escorts for the increased Participation rewards from them. The later escorts will usually see less people on the escort that your tag is not at, which is great because it will complete faster.
And by the way, with the new Participation rewards, you need to be aiming at 150% participation before the SECOND TICK. This is very possible now thanks to the fact that events reward 30% participation (not the bull escorts they are still only 10%. You can thank the AFK Farmers from the previous meta for that)
There are events that need to be higher on the priority list than others based on their consequences when failing. I follow this list of priority based on the event.
Skirmishes > Bombers > Mortars > Balloons > Champions/Cannons > Mines > Recon/Tower
Skirmishes will actively drain your morale until the event is over. If this event fails you get none of it back! Upon succeeding you get the morale that was drained back plus a boost.
Bombers will lower morale by killing your NPCs in each base. This is bad. It is not as harsh as skirmish and the same rule applies, fail and you lose it all, win and you get it back plus more.
Mortars reduces your morale when the shield breaks. The rest of the events just lower your morale when they fail.
I do not consider the Dominion assaults as events in this list because it is the highest priority!
  1. If you fail this event you LOSE THE BASE!
  2. This event pauses your morale so it is neither raised or lowered by anything.
This can end up slowing your progression on the map if your forward bases are attacked.
3) The assaults can and will stack with the other events, so following the priority list will tell you how badly you need to be defending the base. Skirmishes and Bombers stacking with an assault will quickly end up with you losing the base.
Remind your map that rewards are participation based across the map and that they don’t need to be solely focusing on any part of the map. The map should be played as a whole.
The Keep Lord Chest does suffer from diminishing returns, the readiness chests do not. My personal goal is to be at 150% participation BEFORE the third tick of readiness from the map. It is very possible to do this before the second tick, but I do not recommend it. This is due to it being a pain in the ass to achieve and also the reward increase to this is minimal at best. Best to save the stress and just get it ready before the third tick. Reminder that each tick is 10 minutes of time. This is all crap now, and as I stated above you need to be 150% before SECOND TICK!
AFK Farmers and botters will mess up your early map meta. It’s not that the AFK farmers don’t exist, but to get the good rewards in this map you actually have to participate, so that means the lazy people are back at the other metas and they aren’t messing with yours.
Some of the events can be buggy thus reducing the efficiency of your map. All I can say is that when you are commanding you need to just roll with the punches and deal with it. Skirmish events will fail to mark targets which can delay completion, also sometimes if that base is really full the progress from kills will actually be low.
Having a champion that has the Signaler effect will increase the time it takes to kill it, slowing down your champ train. Champions now also take an increased time to kill thanks to the nerf to EMP. Even with EMP 2.0 from the mastery it is nowhere near as powerful as the original unnerfed EMP was.
The balloons are really hard to shoot when you are the commander.
Almost everything in this map is RNG based. Rewards, bases that get assaulted + when they get assaulted, champion abilities during champ train, so don’t let a bad RNG run get you down.
I always ask my squad to call out events on the map so that people can respond to them, almost every event is tied to an achievement so people should be answering them quickly.
It is a good idea to keep scouts assigned to territories so they can track events and the morale of the base. This is not necessary anymore thanks to how quickly the map runs, you will only be in each territory for about 10-15 minutes before it’s time to move to another one.
Sometimes Malice and Efram will say they are going to move out but they don’t for quite a few minutes. They still do this. It is very annoying. They will sit there for up to 3 minutes before moving.
Vishen likes to bug and stay up above everything, don’t jump down until she actually goes down.

North Drizzlewood Coast Meta

Alright so let’s get to the new North meta and what we can do to speed it up. This meta is definitely a lot slower than the South meta and is actually less rewarding than the South meta, but there are rewards that are locked to this meta that cannot be earned anywhere else. Those rewards are the Otter enrichment + Shards of Jormag’s Blood for the Frost Legion Infusion. Both of these are going to require numerous runs to attain (or a lot of gold to buy in the case of the Frost Legion Infusion). Needless to say you can’t really avoid this meta because people want to do it. There are a lot of people that weren’t doing the meta during the exploit week where you could multi-loot the chest and get your Otter enrichment in 1 day, but you are here for the strategies to increase the speed of this map so let’s get to it.
Camp Event Rotations
When it comes to the Camp capture rotation follow the baseline rotation of:
Middle → West → East → North
This is the most efficient way to run your squad through each of the camps for capturing. When jumping from West to East camp take an air drop over Middle (Canopy Crag) and fly to East, do not run across to East, you’re wasting time.
The events in each camp are on a random rotation, and depending on the events it will speed up or slow down your meta progress. I will break down the events that are going to slow you down the most, as well as the strategies to speed the other events up so that they happen at a faster pace.
Heavy Artillery: This event is different if it is on the West or East side. West side Heavy Artillery is going to be slower than East side, this is due to the fact that the West side tank is actually driving down the hill or along the lake. The East side tank is sitting nicely on top of a cliff and is easy to deal with. Station some people up on the cliff above the road on West side to grab the EMP Mines that spawn there. EACH BREAK BAR ON THE TANK IS LIMITED TO 1 EMP MINE PER PERSON, so make sure to stack your person EMPs with the EMP Mines.
Portals and Cannons: I am going to combine these together because the premise is the same. Take out the portals/cannons that spawn around the territory. This event is slow because all the lemmings are going to follow you to objectives instead of SPREADING OUT AMONG THEM. Spread everyone out and this event is super fast, but if no one spreads out then you can expect this event to slow you and your meta efficiency down.
Prisoners: This event will not actually start until all the Gatekeepers are in place, so if you are running around East because an event hasn’t popped then you need to check the prison camps. There is one camp that is the “North” camp where the Blood Tribune will spawn, the other camp is “South” camp and that one is located down the road from North near the edge of the water.
The gatekeepers will run inside the tents so if you can’t find some then make sure to run into the tents. When the Warden spawns he is immune for the first 15 seconds or so, so wait for him to walk to wherever he is going before you waste time fighting him.
Blowing Up Tents: This event requires that you destroy the tents in either “North/South” camp in East or the tents in North camp. You don’t actually need to plant the bombs, just glide over the tent and take a little bit of fall damage and the bomb will blow up. The bomb is triggered when you take damage, so we can take advantage of that and trick the bomb into blowing up without wasting 5 seconds planting the bomb and another 5 seconds of the bomb waiting to blow up. Be careful not to kill yourself here.
Corrupted Shard/Dolyak Slapper: Okay so these events are easy enough to do, just be warned that the shard will spew out constant chill and damage around it and the Dolyak cannot be slowed down. Try to kill the Dolyak while it is still inside the tent that it spawns in.
Tribune Fights: Each Tribune has a different mechanic when you fight them, and so each one has to be approached slightly differently.
Flame: Run into his “Wild Flames” the fire tornado things and they will shoot you up into the air, when you are in the air you get a special action to return the magic to him, spam this and break his bar easier.
Ash: She will always to a mass stun in front of her before she releases a massive cone attack and expands outwards. Do not stand in front of her, and make sure to have a stun break in this fight or be prepared to get one shot.
Blood: This is a very simple fight, but he does buff his allies and he hits like a truck, be careful of his aoe attacks.
Frost: He will drop a line attack down on the ground that does massive damage, do not stand in front of him when he does it. Otherwise the fight is cake.
Iron: He teleports, drops a huge bomb, and can charge away. Try to keep him contained otherwise you will be chasing him down the bridge or down the road. Whatever direction he tries to go down don’t let him, swarm him from the other side and he will use his escape abilities in that direction.

**Frost Gate Cannons and Siege**
The next phase is the Frost Gate siege. This one can be very quick or very slow depending on how much your squad is actually following directions. The same play with the Portals/Cannons event is played here, EVERYONE NEEDS TO SPREAD OUT BETWEEN THE CANNONS.
The cannon locations are West, Central, and East. Generally Central and East cannons will always need more people as everyone waiting at the camp for the next phase to start will just jump down to West cannon and help out there. Make sure that everyone spreads out and you won’t have any problems with this part.
Once the capture phase is done, and the build phase begins, EVERYONE needs to grab a hammer from the toolbox and start building the cannon when the engineer places it down. Watch out for the portals during this phase, occasionally they will spawn on top of the cannon where everyone is building and will jostle everyone around and you won’t be getting credit for building even though the animation is still going.
After that just defend the cannons and destroy the elemental when it spawns. Once you get there then it is time for the Frost Citadel assault.
Frost Citadel Assault & Ruinbringer Fight
This part definitely can feel like a drag but don’t worry because through trial and error we figured out some things that can speed up both of these parts. They do not warrant their own section because each room inside the Frost Citadel is its own fight, and they all make up the whole, but this is essentially the first half strategies.

When it comes to the Phalanx lines you need everyone to charge them and spam their CC and EMP’s to break their bars. You can also set a line of catapults to fire onto the Phalanx line and help break their bars even faster. You can have a total of 6 catapults close together, so you are limited, but put your catapults up and add them to everyone's EMP’s. When you are placing the catapults on the first line, place them before the gate fully breaks, but make sure to face them to the right when facing the gate, the gate is actually side ways and you will turn to the right slightly when it breaks. For the line inside the room guarding the snipers, just set them up far enough back that you can just tap the catapults to fire. **YOU WILL ONLY GET 0 FOR DAMAGE BUT YOU ARE DOING BREAK BAR DAMAGE. DO NOT TURN THEM OR FIRE THEM ON ANYTHING ELSE.**

**For the fight with The Ruinbringer**, place ballista in the rafters around the room and use them to fire onto the generators to help destroy it. I originally shared the strategy of using catapults and ballista here, **but avoid the catapults**, they are slow to fire and slow to aim. The ballista auto aim and have reduced cd compared to the catapult. I apologize to the people I told to use catapults but that is why we test these things out.

If you don’t want to be on a ballista then you need to be spamming the remote charge on the tank, just make sure to throw it high enough that you can hit the generators hit box. Speedy destruction will see the tank blowing up as it reaches the wall under the mastery point.
Blood Processors and Frost Shaman
There are only actually 4 pumps that you need to break, the other one Efram will destroy on his own once he finishes his speech. Make sure not to waste DPS on this pump. Everyone again NEEDS TO SPREAD OUT AND ATTACK EACH PUMP. Once the Golem spawns, make sure to soak up the blood on the floor or everyone is going to fall down a lot. Also spam your EMP’s on him, he has a tough break bar.
The frost shaman can be difficult if you do not soak up the blood from the previous fight, but this is not really an issue in experienced squads.
Once you leave this room you can completely skip the last Phalanx line by jumping onto the wall where the pipe protrudes and climbing over it. Just run to the gate and get your Remote Charges ready to break the door down. If you want to have some fun then you can fight the phalanxes from behind because they don’t get any of their defensive bonuses from behind.
First/Second Jormag Phases
There is not much here that we were able to do to speed up these parts. I try to make sure that the cannon scraps are being ran to 1 cannon at a time, but that is not something you can expect to happen reliably.
When the champions spawn, drag them together to fight all 3 on top of each other. Sometimes the Shaman (Ranged) doesn’t want to walk anywhere, so if this happens just worry about the other 2 melee champs being together. This speeds up these fights greatly and gets you on your way.
Third/Fourth Jormag Phases
This fight is very simple, but it is time consuming if you are lacking CC and DPS. There is a spot you can stand behind his foot and to the right a little bit that will allow you to attack 2 hit boxes at once, place a mark there and have as many people as you can stand there. You will need healers in this part of the fight to counteract all the cold damage coming out, and stability is a must here as well. YOU NEED TO SPAM CC AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. This fight takes forever without good DPS and takes EVEN LONGER WITHOUT GOOD CC!
When he jumps over to the other side I recommend that you not stand directly under his foot, stand back a bit so that he won’t one shot you when he smashes his foot down, or better yet swap to your ranged option. Remember you don’t do any DPS when you’re downed or dead.

After that just run around the map to collect the bloods on the ground for a little bit extra profit.

#1 Tip for speeding up your DWC North Meta

The #1 tip for speeding up your meta is that you designate people in your squad to run ahead and do “recon” on each of the other camps while the squad is busy in Middle camp.
Assign about 5-8 people to a sub group and their job is to start at West camp and do all the events UP TO the Tribune fight event. Once the Tribune spawns they need to bail on that camp and run to the next one. Follow the same Camp rotation that is baseline, but they will start at West while the whole squad clears and captures Middle camp.
This group will be slowed down by the Heavy Artillery event so whenever it pops up I always tell them to bail and move to the next camp. This event takes forever even with the lower scaled hp the tank gets with fewer people.
The Tribune chests that spawn after Tribunes die are worth little, and as long as you don’t need your otter you aren’t missing out on anything by doing this. **This is the biggest impact you can have on your meta run and if a speedy meta is your goal then this is what you need to be doing!**
All the other tips that I listed out for each section of the meta cumulatively add up, but this will have the greatest time reduction that you will be able to notice so if you are only going to do 1 thing then this needs to be it.
It can be difficult sometimes to find people willing to do this, so having lieutenants with you that can lead this group will be beneficial, otherwise throw people in a sub group and tell them what they are doing. Very difficult I know, but hopefully soon everyone will understand why it needs to be done. No one wants to spend an extra 30 minutes in this map.
That’s all I got this time around for North meta. When it comes to the profit margins, North is definitely worth less than South, but it has rewards locked to it so that’s why you do it. It is very possible that you can just infinitely run South meta by jumping out when North meta starts, but you lose out on those meta specific rewards. It’s up to you.

As always you can hit me up on Discord in our server if you have any questions about it, or hit me up in game when you see me running my squad [SM] RIKU'S ROUGHNECKS. https://discord.gg/MZCcK3H
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