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Safari er 2.0-1 cracked ribs

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Pittwater, Australia - The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club is upgrading its fleet of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), replacing standard outboards with Mercury jet drives.

Norheimsund Rib Seafari - Norheimsund Rib Safari

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Cracked bRIG Rigid Intelligent Boats

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Home - The Elder Scrolls Online

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TGI Fridays UK: TGI Friday Gift Card

Barbecue ribs recipe: SBS Food. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or until meat is tender. Safari er 2.0-1 cracked ribs. Best priced used cars Cape Coral says: October 2, 2020 at 7: 12 pm This website has. Steam Community: : Guide: : Console Commands / Item IDs. A look at the injury report and game status as we head into Week 10 of the 2020 season.

Blue Thunder Rib Rides

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[Finds] NEVER BEFORE SEEN | Versace, Valentino, Balmain, Givenchy, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Fendi

Getting a few items for my girlfriend and thought I'd share some with you all! The reason for the multiple links of the same item is incase one link goes down you have a backup. Sometimes there are also different batches. I choose links where I would personally cop and am 80% sure that they're the best version along with tags. Also, CHECK OUT SOME OF THE STORES. There are a lot of gems in there!

Tops πŸ‘š

Valentino Leather Jacket 🌟 1A) Auth Saw this in Bergdorf Goodman for $6k 😳
Versace Cropped Jacket 1A Cant find Authentic online but I have seen it in store and it’s not denim, more of a wool jacket.
Versace Cropped Satin Vest 1A) 1B) 1C) Auth
Prada Cropped Linea Rossa 1A) Auth, Auth
Fendi Cropped Turtleneck Sweater 🌟 1A) 1B) 1C) Auth, Auth
Fendi Sports Bra and Matching Leggings 🌟 1A) Authentic BraAuthentic Leggings
Givenchy Two toned sweater 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Auth:
Fendi Fendirama oversized jersey Tshirt 1A) , 1B) Auth
Gucci Wool Dress With Interlocking G 1A) , 1B) , 1C) , 1D) Auth
Burberry Wool Cashmere Coat 🌟 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Auth:
Versace Rodeo Night Silk Twill Blouse 1A) , 1B) Auth:

Bottoms πŸ‘–

Fendi Denim 1A) , 1B) Can't find online
Balmain Shorts 🌟 1A) Auth
Balmain Houndstooth 🌟sweater / Leggings 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Authentic Sweater , Authentic Leggings
OFF WHITE Leggings 1A) Auth:
Valentino VGold Crepe Couture Shorts 1A) , 1B) , 2A) Auth
ZIMMERMANN Peggy Paisley Safari Shorts 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Auth , Auth
Same as above but with the matching blouse 1A)

Other πŸ‘˜πŸ‘—

Versace I <3 Baroque Bathrobes🌟 1A) Auth’s:
Versace Stretch-jersey bodysuit // Matching Twill Shorts [[[The cropped satin vest at the top will complete this whole look if you checked the authentic link]]] 🌟 1A) , 1B) , 1C) // 2A) , 2B) , 2C) , 2D) Auth: //Auth:
Givenchy 'top' 1A) Can't find online
Versace Baroque Dress 🌟 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Auth:
Versace Rodeo Night Pleated Mini Skirt // With Blouse 1A) , 1B) // 2A) , 2B) Auth: // Auth:
Balmain bodysuit 1A) , 1B) , 1C) Auth
submitted by THEANTlHERO to RepLadies

[WTS] US ONLY - Pelikan M800, Sailor Pro Gear Realo, Lamy 2k, Diplomat Excellence A2, TWSBI's, and more pens + ink lot and other pen accessories

I regret this day but I am selling off my entire collection of pens and ink to help out monetarily while my wife and I are out of work for the foreseeable future. All pens, ink and accessories purchased in 2020. I've tried to be reasonable with all pricing so please let me know if something seems off and I will research more and adjust accordingly. Lastly, all pens will be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipping. I hope someone can put these pens/inks to good use and cherish them as much as I have.
Verification and entire sale album -- will sell entire lot of pens/ink and accessories for $1000 ($239 discount)
Ground rules:
  • US Sales only -- will ship USPS priority for a flat rate of $5 added to total cost of sale
  • Not open to trades - only doing this because I need the money
  • Items will ship as soon as Paypal transaction is confirmed and money received. I will send you an invoice via Paypal after confirmed sale.
  • Users must comment on this post before PM'ing about sale. Offers should not be discussed in comments, please.
  • All items are OBO
  • SOLD****[C] Diplomat Excellence A2 steel nib (album): $120 $90
    • Received from Goulet Pens with a very slight blemish on the body finish that I believe will polish away if given the effort, I just haven't tried. Blemish is hardly visible, but I was able to capture it in the photo album under very bright lighting conditions. Very smooth two-tone steel nib and hefty metal body with brilliant and interesting sparkly brown laquer finish. Comes with original box and converter (no staining).
  • SOLD****[C] Lamy Safari steel nib (album): $15
    • No obvious signs of wear, but was inked with Baystate Blue once and does have slight staining on the converter that does not affect the performance of the pen (the picture in the album is no representative of the staining, it was currently inked in photo - staining is much less apparent). Comes with converter as pictured. No box, but will be very carefully packaged for shipment.
  • SOLD****[B] Sailor Pro Gear Realo 21k Gold nib (album): $260
    • Also rated conservatively - maybe some very light micro-scratches barely visible to the eye even under very bright light. This is the piston filler Sailor variant. Beautiful Sailor nib, perfectly tuned with only a tiny bit of feedback that feels amazing. Comes with original box.
  • SOLD****[B] Pelikan M800 18C Gold nib (album): $400
    • Rated conservatively - practically new condition, only inked twice. No scratches/blemishes visible to my eye. Nib is glassy smooth and haven't had any issues with skipping/baby's bottom. No box, but will be very carefully packaged for shipment.
  • SOLD**** [B] Lamy 2000 14K Gold nib (album): $130
    • Used regularly but loved and taken care of. Possibly my favorite nib of them all. Was my "at home desk daily driver" but still looks new. Reliable workhorse pen. Recently lubed the piston with 100% pure silicon grease and it is operating as smoothly as it did out of the box. Comes with original box.
  • SOLD****[C] TWSBI Diamond 580 AL-R steel nib (album): $40
    • Rated conservatively. Excellent steel nib and piston filler. Works like new with very little wear. The ribbed section feels wonderful in the hands. No staining whatsoever. Comes with original box and accessories.
  • SOLD****[C] TWSBI Eco White/Rose Gold <1.1 stub> steel nib (album): $40
    • Rated conservatively. Love this pen. The stub nib is very fun to write with. Everything works as it did out of the box. No staining whatsoever. Comes with original box and accessories.
  • SOLD****[C] Pilot Metropolitan steel nib (album): $10
    • No obvious signs of wear. Best steel nib in my collection! This is a great pen for anyone wanting to add a workhorse to their collection or anyone wanting to get into fountain pens. Comes with converter and orginial box plus the unused ink cartridge that came with it.
  • SOLD****[C] Moonman C1 steel nib (album): $10
    • No marking on the nib but writes like a medium nib. Like new condition, no obvious scratches on the body or cap anywhere. No staining whatsoever. Eyedropper only, and holds a ton of ink. Comes with original box/converteeyedropper.

Ink album
Ink swatches on Tomoe River paper

  • SOLD****[90% full] Noodler's Blue/Black (3oz): $5
  • SOLD****[95% full] Noodler's Baystate Blue (3oz): $5
  • SOLD****[95% full] Monteverde Olivine (30ml): $5*
  • SOLD****[95% full] KWZ Rotten Green (60ml): $10*
  • SOLD****[95% full] Sailor Manyo Haha (50ml): $20
  • SOLD****[99% full] Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi (50ml): $20
  • SOLD****[95% full] KWZ Honey (60ml): $10
  • SOLD****[95% full] KWZ Brown/Pink (60ml): $10
  • SOLD****[85% full] Iroshizuku Asa-Gao (50ml): $10
  • SOLD****[85% full] Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku (50ml): $10
  • SOLD****[85% full] Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo (50ml): $10
  • SOLD****[95% full] J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor (50ml): $15
  • SOLD****[90% full] Monteverde California Teal (90ml): $10
  • SOLD****[95% full] Diamine Majestic Blue (80ml): $7
  • SOLD****[95% full] Diamine Imperial Purple (80ml): $7
  • SOLD****[90% full] Diamine Ancient Copper (30ml): $4
  • SOLD****[95% full] Waterman Inspired Blue (50ml): $5
  • SOLD****[90% full] Organics Studio Ralph Waldo Emerson Twilight Blue (55ml): $6

  • SOLD****Galen Leather Toolcomb, 13 pen stand (picture): $20
  • SOLD****BelOMO 10x loupe (album): $20
  • SOLD****[85% full] Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush (album): $5
submitted by 81FDC to Pen_Swap

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