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I'm having misgivings about how I'm handling data in my application.

I've been working on a Team Builder companion application for the game Sdorica. The goal of the application is to make something that would output a nice neat image to upload to discord for possible teams for a weekly event in the short term, and if I can get permission from the company - possibly releasing it to the public and making a way to share team setups and calculate possible optimal team setups for the event each week.
I'm a novice at making applications, so I'm not sure of the best way to handle the data about the teams. What I was doing up until now was having an instance of the editor for the teams create a Dictionary and duplicating that data into an ItemList metadata entry. I want to save this data into a file so I've been using to_json to transfer the dictionary into a json file, and parse_json to retrieve the data.
I've been hung up on this section of the project for a while now as I've since heard that this is really excessive (as this data currently isn't leaving the project, I shouldn't need to make a json file). I'm trying to grasp how to properly deal with this data. The things I'm confused with are:
  1. Should I not be using a dictionary? Perhaps making a class Team with subclass Slot and the additional data as a custom resource. Perhaps just using an array? (though I need to be able to grab specific parts of the data for later functionality - ie: no duplicate characters in a set of 7 teams).
  2. I need to create a display list to generate the full team image, should I be connecting the data to it by reference or by duplicating the data? I'm currently handling this by generating the data from the editor portion, duplicating the data and using a menu with a popup to determine where to place the data (in a display list or a storage list). In a usability standpoint, I feel like I'm failing something here. To me this method feels a bit awkward but I'm still trying to learn how to manage the components of the application yet.
If anyone can point me to some sample projects of a similar vein with good UI interaction I could use some better ideas. I've been drained from work ramping up due to the COVID-19 situation (working over twice the hours I should be due to mail volumes ramping up) and being stuck on the data organization of my project has thrown off my motivation somewhat (honestly feeling with all the knowledge I've gained about how to work with Control nodes since hitting this roadblock, I should rebuild the project once more, but I'm right at the point where I have a minimum product to show to ask for permissions to share the project and try to get some direct collaboration with it).
Samples: https://imgur.com/a/zQe60Ti
submitted by haledire to godot [link] [comments]

New Roguelike Cardgame Idea

Hello, everyone! I've come up with the following idea (with the tremendous help of the community) and would love to hear your thoughts! :)
You can check it out in any format you wish:
  1. Full length video explanation (6 min)
  2. Short length video summary (2 min)
  3. Text version - keep reading (5 min)
  4. TL;DR - at the bottom (45 sec)
The gameplay builds upon established roguelike cardgames like Slay the Spire, Gritftlands, Monster Train, etc.
We take the foundation of deckbuilding and card fighting and add the following components: ​
1) COMBINE CARDS - this image demonstrates the concept
Combine Same Cards
Combine same cards to upgrade them. The cost stays the same, but the card's effect gets stronger. You also get rid off a duplicate card and prune your deck, now with a stronger card in it.
Combine Different Cards
Combine different cards to create new mixed effects. However, the costs get combined as well. Now you can create any craziest card combination you want - but not all of them will be good for your game situation. And again, your deck gets smaller, now with a potentially stronger card in it. ​
2) FREE ROAMING MAP - this image demonstrates the concept
Unlike linear map progression in games like Slay the Spire and Griftlands, here we offer the player to choose his own direction on the map - he can visit any places in any order he likes (somewhat similar idea can be found in Deck of Ashes). This gives the player more deckbuilding flexibility, especially given the ability to combine cards. However, various punishments might occur if he roams around too much or for too long without progressing with the game, like unexpected monster encounters or... ​
Travel Fatigue
Now, if you travel too much around the map without making progress, you will start accumulating Fatigue cards in your deck, that will impair your ability to fight in your next combat.
Combat Fatigue
In addition to that, whenever you run out of cards in combat and have to shuffle your deck, you will start getting Fatigue cards as well. ​
All gameplay components are now cards - including potions, artefacts and even gold. That means that you now have to carry them in your deck. This could create positive and negative synergies with your deck. For example, this could discourage you from pursuing a "small deck" strategy, because you will keep running into your Gold cards (for anyone familiar, it's like trying to pursue a small deck strategy in Dominion, but keeping drawing Estates/Provinces). Conversely, if you have an artefact that allows you to deal damage "Per gold in your deck", you might be incentivised to hoard your Gold cards instead. ​
5) HORSE COMPANION - this image demonstrates the concept
To help carry cards which are not necessarily helpful in combat (like gold), we now have a horse companion that can hold a limited number of cards that will not cycle through the combat deck. In addition, you can pick them up and use them at any time during combat (similar to Permafrost mechanic in Monster Train). ​
Now you have to trade your own cards for anything that you want to get from the world (inspiration - Race for the Galaxy). Need a heal? Toss a card in the healing fire. Need to trade with the merchant? Use your own cards as your currency. This idea will make you consider whether it's worth, for example, combining two low-tier cards or whether it's better to use them as two currency units. ​
Here is a neat image of all those gameplay elements. ​
These elements are supposed to interact with each other and counterbalance each other. Ideally, the player would be faced with the following choices: Would you like a smaller deck? A larger deck? Should you hoard your Gold cards? Should you travel a bit further but start getting fatigued? Which cards should the horse hold during combat?
The gameplay builds upon established roguelike cardgames like Slay the Spire, Gritftlands, Monster Train, etc.
We take the foundation of deckbuilding and card fighting and add the following components (here's the game idea summary image):
  1. combine same cards to upgrade them
  2. combine different cards to mix their effects!
  3. roam freely and choose your own direction while moving on the map (unlike linear "Slay The Spire"-like progression)
  4. excessive map roaming and long combats will add a Fatigue card to your deck, slowing you down
  5. no more separate notions of gold, relic and potions - they are cards now
  6. barter economy! Now if you need to heal/trade/etc., you have to trade your own cards for it
  7. horse companion will hold some your cards (gold, potions or ANY other card) during the combat and you can use them straight away from the horse
Thanks, Sergey
Youtube devlogs | Twitter
submitted by SergeyMakesAGame to cardgames [link] [comments]

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