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Hi guys, I made a simple web tool that's basically a chart of CP generation efficiency (in terms of resource cost) of available building upgrades.
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My town has always been strange, but now people are disappearing. (Part 9)

I’m sure hearing from me at the moment is a bit of a surprise to all. Currently I’m in a hospital forty five minutes or so away from my town. This is probably going to be the most difficult post I have ever had the displeasure of writing. Before I start, I want to say one thing: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I started writing about my life on here, I know I’ve said this before but: I’m sorry. I never could have possibly imagined things would turn out this way. I really should have just stayed quiet. However, I think it’s best if I just skip the introductions now and tell you about what happened in Darryl’s church that night.
Only minutes after finishing the last post, the door to our room opened. Seven men all wearing massive silky black cloaks came and held us at knife point.
“Really, knives?” Conor spoke with an annoyed tone is his voice.
One of the cloaked men raised a knife at Conor and spoke in voice that was clearly trying to sound deeper than it was. “Silence fool, you will know your place in this world.”
“Wow, you guys are so much stupider than I imagined, like, wow.” Conor replied to the man.
The cloaked figure reminded calm, however, it was clear by his body language he was becoming frustrated with something.
“Round them all up and take them to the altar.”
“I’d honestly love to see you guys try.”
“Conor I seriously don’t know if it’s a good idea to be baiting them like this.” I said realizing that Sam and Travian were stepping closer to the hooded figures.
“Yeah, I think you’re right, let’s just let them take us.”
“I mean, what other choice do we have ya know?” Jonathan said slowly pulling a small pocket knife from a pocket in his jeans the guards had somehow missed.
Two of the men approached Conor with rope and knife in hand but the moment they took a step within two feet of him, he tackled the one with the knife to the floor. Conor quickly punched the man in the nose and grabbed the knife from his hands. The other five ran towards and tried to round us up. Emphasis on tried. Sam was the first to knock one of them unconscious, grabbing the arm of one of his attackers, twisting it and then elbowing him directly in the right temple. I took one look at Conor who was choking the man with the rope to death with the very same rope, all before one of them came towards me. I’m gonna be honest, I have instincts, I hate fighting but I certainly do have instincts. As the man approached me I kicked him directly in the shin and he fell to the floor. As he tried to clamber to his feet I kneed him right in the face, then proceeding to punch him in the chest as many times as I could. When I looked up, Jonathan had already jammed his knife into one of the men’s chest and was running over to help me finish the guy attacking me off.
It somewhat surprised me how incompetent these guards were for people who got the better of us with a surprise attack. We managed to round them all up and left them in the room in which we were being held.
“Alright, we need to make our way to Darryl as fast as we can, the quicker we can deal with him the quicker we can get these people out of here.” Travian said.
“Which way do you think we should go to him?” I asked.
“We’ll just have to run through the tunnels until we find him.”
Run we did, for around ten minutes. The tunnels seemed to be going around in some sort of a maze like pattern, the walls were marked with some weird sort of symbol. It looked like an anti Christ symbol but with a lowercase “d” etched into them. Eventually however, we finally arrived at another large ivory door. The door was strung with several banners of that symbol and we could hear chanting from the other side.
“Oh shit.” Jonathan broke our silence.
I trembled in fear at the threat of what waited for us on the other side. So many innocent lives were at stake, so many people could be lossed. However, what Travian said next did not help the feelings of fear.
“Listen everyone, those guys from earlier may be pathetic cultists but Darryl is a pawn for The Perfectionists, a group with more possible destructive power than the U.S. Government.”
Sam looked to Jonathan and I. “Jacob, Jonathan, I know you’ve come this far with us but we should have never dragged you into this, if you want to turn away now, you’re free to go.”
“Well, there’s no point turning back now, Jacob and I were never destined to be able to get out of this nightmare, hellscape of a town.”
The five of us braced ourselves and stood at the door for a moment. We wanted one last moment of peace before the hell that was about to break loose.
“Should we really being doing this without our weapons?”
“I picked up a knife from the cultists, we’re more armed than you realize.” Conor a voice
Finally, the door to the room opened for us. Darryl sat before us on a gold throne. The room was dark and lit only by torches. Several people with more dark cloaks, all gathered around chanting. The interior of the room looked carefully carved, and the room had been cleaned thoroughly. None of this mattered more than the summoning circle in the center of the room. There seemed to be blood scattered across the floor of the circle, dripping down from the bodies hanging above it.
“Fucking Christ.” Conor yelled aloud.
The bodies were people from the town, with their feet completely removed. Upon this realization of what I was looking at, I vomited in my mouth a little. Before we had any moment to take another step forward Darryl spoke.
“Welcome, I assume you five are here to make an absolutely pathetic attempt at stopping me?”
Darryl seemed to have a heavy force behind his voice, he sat calmly and relaxed however.
“Darryl, we’re with the A.I.O, I’m sure you’ve been warned by your friends.” Travian said, taking a step towards the circle.
“Oh I’m aware you were coming, they advised me that I could use you five as sacrifices.”
Darryl stood up and the whole row of cultists bowed to the ground in an impressive and careful unison.
“Luckily for me however, I have no need for you five, the time has arrived.”
Darryl struck a match and approached the strange summoning circle slowly.
“Don’t let him light that circle!” Sam screamed charging at Darryl.
“Too late, non-believers.”
Darryl laughed and struck the match on the circle.
“I will now become more powerful than anyone on this planet, I will guide the world into a new age of purity and compassion!“
Over the course of these days I’ve experienced many hellish things. I’ve seen a hell monster in my towns woods annihilate people, a demonic little girl, and a skinwalker. Nothing compares to what happened on that night. Nothing. Suddenly, a massive fire burst from the circle and the room seemed to become heavy, as if someone had placed weights into my shoulders.The atmosphere became warm, a pressure piercing my chest and shaking my spine. Darryl laughed even louder and the cultists began to chant in a seemingly demonic language again. Sam darted back to our side and Travian pointed for us to run for the door. However by the time we tried running, a nearby pillar collapsed and smashed down in front of the door.
Darryl began to laugh uncomfortably loud and then proceeded to speak.
“You peasants never understood, this world is a hellscape and life is absolutely terrible, my dream is to fix this and create a better part of this world.”
“What in the hell, are you fucking insane?” Conor screamed over the loud crackling fire.
“Sacrificing some lives and following the instructions of my associates has given me the ability I need for my true life to finally begin.”
From our perspective, Darryl sounded like an insane cultist, which he was, but in his mind this must have been the end of his long journey.
“I’ve been watching this town for years, waiting for the moment to be able to expand myself.”
I couldn’t help my rage and adrenaline “Of course you have, considering you’ve murdered so many people here!”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“All of those people you’ve killed, with your snowboot calling card!”
“I’ve only sacrificed these five people—“ Darryl was cut off by the fire finally beginning to bring rise to something.
“Now witness my true newfound power—“ As Darryl said that, a massive wave of fire sweeped over the room, alongside a massive explosion from the center of the circle.
The five of us hit the floor immediately and the room was enveloped in screaming as cultists burned alive and Darryl was impaled by a giant monstrous talon.
“Wha-wha—“ Darryl muttered before being dragged into the circle.
Dozens of massive talons emerged from the center of the circle as ear shattering screaming began to emerge from the circle. Darryl’s body was pulled into some sort of gateway and the cultists in the room tried desperately to escape the other talons.
An ungodly scream shrieked out and echoed through the room, it was familiar.
The five of us stayed down on the floor hoping that would offer us some protection.
More talons tore through the air and slashed pillars completely in half, and cutting cultists in two.
“We have to run, go for that door!”
I took immediate notice to a small door towards the back of the the chamber, and made that split second decision to go for it. The only thoughts barreling through my mind were that I needed to escape, that we had no other option but to escape. For a moment, it seemed like we were going to get away without any consequences, until Travian let out a scream of agony and pain. I turned to face him and was stunned at what I was seeing.
“Dammit, hang on!” Conor yelled, hauling Travian’s bloody pulverized body from the side of a pillar.
His face was scarred and one of his eyes were completely smashed in. He had a large hole in his chest, pierced by one of the talons. His breathing was rushing but it’s clear he was unable to speak, he seemed to have little energy left. Our friend was dying while the monster raged on and thrashed viciously around the room. Travian had been impaled, and smashed into a wall, all in one instant moment. Travian lifted his arm and pointed at the door, then to me. The life in his face seemed to fade as Conor lifted him over his shoulder. I couldn’t understand this, Travian was dying. My world seem to come to an end. One of the few reliable people I had left, someone I only knew for a couple days on a personal level, a friend, had passed on. What was I even doing here? What the hell is going on? My fabric on reality began to slip as I realized the gravity of the situation I was in. What kind of awful work of fiction is this absolutely terrible world we live in? What do I do now? If we survive this, where do we even go from here? What will my life be? Why the hell is any of this happening? Why couldn’t my parents have come home that night? Why am I always so alone?
The first thing that brought me back to earth was hearing Conor’s voice. “Stay with us Travian, we’re getting out of here!”
“Focus Jacob, we have to go!” Sam snapped me out of my trance.
The talons were continuing to thrash around the room, still cutting cultists in two as the desperate tried to open the metal door at the front of the room. The source of the talons seemed to be clawing its way out of the portal somehow.
We recentered our focus on escaping as we reached the door. Without looking back, we barged through the doorway and were met with a long corridor. Conor looked to have an expression of panic on his face a thick layer of blood ran down his back.
“We don’t have time to stop, let’s move!” Sam yelled, pushing me forward.
I could faintly hear the screaming of the cultists as whatever it was that was emerging from the portal, somehow made its way out. We ran for what I assume was five minutes straight until we were faced with another door. This time, with another curiosity to it. I could hear moans of agony inside.
“Wait a minute, this could be…”
I opened the door, to no surprise, this is where the captives of the town were being held. The room itself rivaled the size of the altar, most of them were surprisingly not chained. As I opened the door, people began to look up at me in fear. I scanned the faces of the people in the room and began to see faces of people from the town. If I’m being honest, I got a sudden overwhelming feeling of relief with a mix of anxiety. I was happy to see that so many people were safe, but it dawned on me that none of us knew how to get out of here.
“Hey, I’m not here to hurt any of you, we need to get out of here right now!”
The people seemed to look up to me with some sort of acknowledgment in their eyes, however they looked unfocused, asleep. Sam pulled a crowbar from his pack and got to work smashing the people who were actually chained free.
“Conor, operate on Travian, we have to rescue these people.”
Sam made it clear to Jonathan and I that we had to unchain people as fast as possible, lest whatever it was devouring the main chamber, would likely reach us. Jonathan and I worked quickly, helping to free anybody we could, fortunately for us, the chains were all very weak and breakable. I had to ask why nobody had tried to make escape attempt sooner, until I noticed four people without feet hanging from the back wall. I held back some bile and continued to help free people.
After awhile, a descheleved familiar figure approached.
“Jacob?” Camden spoke in a confused quiet voice.
“Camden, just head to the front door I’ll explain later!”
He seemed close to passing out and didn’t acknowledge anything I said. Slowly however, he shuffled toward the front. The people in the room gathered before the door and waited, seeming exhausted and tired.
At this point, we had freed everyone, but the mood of hope began to sink as I noticed the dark expression on Conor’s face. Sam put a hand on Conor’s shoulder and let out a loud sigh.
I had to ask myself how we were going to get out of this, how were we going to go back to having normal lives? All of the people here were going to remember all of this and some of the townsfolk has become cultists. Looking back, I would have preferred this to what actually happened in reality.
Jonathan sat down beside Travian’s body and scanned his body “Conor, is he dead?”
There wasn’t another word that passed between any of us in that moment.
The next thing that happened was different from what you’d probably expect. Sam had a serious expression on his face as he pulled Travian’s shoe off and reached into a small compartment in the back of his boot. It was a small device with three buttons on it, it looked like some sort of micro sized transmitter.
“Sam, what is that?” I asked.
“Months ago, when Travian and I first came to this town, we discovered these tunnels and this entire compound.”
“Wait, does that mean you know the way out?”
“They’ve altered some of these tunnels but we’ve been aware of this place and their plan this entire time.”
“What plan, I thought you said you don’t know what we’re going into?”
“Jacob, Jonathan, listen to me.” Conor finally spoke.
“Alright, we are.”
“The Perfectionists plan all along was to free that hellspawn by using Darryl as a tool to get them sacrifices. This town has a tear in the fabric of reality holding our world and the other side together. Months ago we became aware of their plan to act on this place and to use it for their own advantage, so naturally we planned ahead. We located their underground compound in which they setup a chamber to summon forth that monster. We’ve been watching them for months as they began to perform tests on the town, knowing that the people in this place would not question the uptake of paranormal activity. No matter the circumstances or casualties, our organization always stops The Perfectionists, even if that means planting a row of explosives within this compound. The last time Travian and I entered here, it was through a hidden entrance in the public library, after they realized we had found a way into the compound they sealed it away and made a new entrance in the church. There’s a back tunnel that exists into the woods if we keep heading north of where we are now, the two of you go there now. I will be leading this group to another larger exit elsewhere. ”
“So, you mention all of this why?”
“This transmitter I have here is the detonator in case they managed to summon that demon, it was a precaution, a precaution we must now use.”
Almost as if on cue, a deafening satanic screech echoed through the tunnels, the demon was now in our world.
Conor threw Travian’s body over his shoulder and stood up. “Shit, Sam it’s free.”
“Yeah, I know, we have to get to that back exit immediately.”
Jonathan took a glance at the group of people with a puzzled expression. “This isn’t the best time to be asking this but what’s up with all of the townspeople, why are they all so quiet?”
“The Perfectionists likely did something to their brains, we can’t be sure until we get out of this hell hole.” Conor replied.
Jonathan looked at me with an expression I can only say was indescribably confused, I can’t say I blame him considering everything that had happened up to that point. However, my thought process changed when he began pointing to something rumbling farther down the hallway.
“Alright it’s time to go people, everyone down this hallway, now!” Conor yelled commanding the townsfolk like sheep trying desperately to escape a mountain lion.
Conor took off after the people, intending to guide them to the one of the exits. He gave us one last look that said more than any words could.
“I’ll see you again, one way or another.”
Sam had a solace look on his face and stood there in the hallway, contemplating something.
“Sam, are we going?.”
“You both are, I’m not.”
“What, why?!”
“We don’t have time to get away, I need to activate the bombs to take it down.”
“But why can’t you come with us?”
“These explosives are set to only work as a last desperate measure, I have to be in range.”
The tunnel began to rumble and dirt began to fall from the ceiling. The next couple of moments were a blur for me, a blur that stuck with me as I write this in the hospital. I keep questioning myself, where did it go so suddenly, absolutely terribly wrong? Within moments of Sam forcing Jonathan and I forward, cracks formed in the walls and the ceiling. The hellspawn demon was making its way towards our direction, clawing it’s way through the tunnels.
“Sam, we have to go, now!”
“Jacob, his mind is made up.”
Jonathan was right, Sam wasn’t moving from his spot, waiting for us to leave. But I couldn’t just let him sacrifice himself like this, in my mind there had to be another way, I wouldn’t accept this as an option.
“Can’t you detonate the bombs from the surface?!”
“No, these require me to be in range of them.”
“Sam, you’ll die!”
Jonathan put an arm on my shoulder and pulled me towards the direction of the exit.
“Jacob, he knows he’s going to die, I know we just met these people but Sam strikes me as the sort of man to finish his mission, no matter what.”
I wanted to continue arguing this until we heard the sound of a crash from deeper into the black abyss of the hallway.
“Both of you, go now!” Sam screamed, turning towards the dark hallway, and his demise.
Jonathan pulled me into a run as we sprinted down the hallway. Dirt fell onto my head as we ran through the darkness, the path in front of us no longer visible. The tunnel began to shake violently and I lost the ability to hear my own breathing. The only constant in the last moments of my mental consciousness were the sound of my own heartbeat. I have to apologize to you all again, this story is only just beginning.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
submitted by STRJacob to nosleep

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