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Creative Copywriter: What do they get to do

Hey folks,
I recently finished my communications degree and I'm now planning on applying for advertising school next year (3 month course).
Only thing is, I don't know whether I want focus my attention on art direction or copywriting. Initially I felt drawn to copywriting, as I enjoy coming up with headlines and writing in general; but in an art direction unit I completed this year, I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with visual ideas for print ads (particularly visual metaphors).
With that said, I dread using the Adobe Suite (especially Photoshop) and I don't think I have much of an eye for design. I guess my question is: What does a copywriter actually get to do? Are they solely restricted to coming up with headlines/body copy? Or do they have free reign to come up with whatever idea best suits the ad brief? (Whether it be written or visual).
Sorry about the sloppily written post, it's late here in Aus and I'm about to fall asleep on my desk. Any insight ya'll could offer would be appreciated.
Thanks :)
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Subscription model enthusiastic acceptance is a real problem

And nobody seems to acknowledge it.
Let’s see how the market is right now. Several software apps use Subscription model, like Adobe creative suite as the example most of you probably know. After the piracy made the shows and movie consumption raise like never before, Netflix came to profit on that new need, then several other streaming services. Now it’s happening the same with videogames subscription services, they are starting to get more importance with gamepass and ps+ games.
In the future, it’s pretty obvious that subscription models will be in everything or at least will expand to other kind of markets, since it’s the best way of monetization for the companies. You have a regular monthly income that you can raise by small quantities every now and then without people getting too mad. So that implies having regular earnings with the tendency to grow overtime . Feels like a paradise if you are an investor. As a company you only have to keep feeding your catalogue with thousands of mediocre or bad products, and a few good or popular ones, and that’s it. Having one or two popular products will grant you a steady income.
I think that in the next 10 years we will evolve to a world where you don’t have a computer or a console. You’ll just buy an internet adapter for some screen that leads you to a store for subscriptions. For example, WindowsCloud design pack, wich will grant you a space in a server farm that will be your PC, with your desktop several design related apps, etc. A computer on the cloud. Now imagine a subscription that’s WindowsCloud Design and Gaming pack, partnering with EA gaming subscription. There are several possibilities.
Maybe the examples aren’t good enough, but the model will probably evolve into that, a cloud computer that you will access paying a subscription. It will probably be the only way to have quantum computing at home or at office, since you need lot of space and a really cold enviroment for quantum computing. If marketing uses quantum computing, ecological reasons (less hardware will mean less polution from manufacturers) it will be easy for them to sell this new model.
This doesn’t only work with software or entertainment. Think about cars. I don’t know about your country, but here in Spain are heavily marketing car rental as an option instead of buying a car, and the car companies try to push you into a lease with their own financial brands, so you will be paying the car for several years with the option to buy your car in 3 or 5 years and offer you a good offer in a new car, so you will be constantly paying them monthly and renewing cars. However, in a mid term future, cars will be out of the cities and probably autonomous cars will reign, with their subscription models or agreements with the companies wich have their offices or activity in the cities.
Now with gentrification and how feeble may seem the tourist appartment market (as seen due to covid pandemic) investors will probably preffer lesss risky models. What about selling appartments to companies that have their offices in certain expensive parts of the cities. Companies often have more than a common citizen to negotiate. What about instead of raising salaries with time, companies offer to their employees a home near the office? Maybe an appartment for several workers, so it’s cheaper for the company.
This possible future due to the enthusiastic aceptation of the subscription model creates a really, really, really big problem for the average citizen. You lose property, and therefore you lose freedom.
Back in the day you only could watch a limited amount of movies so you will have to chose wisely and buy them on DVD. But that was an asset you had. Not only you had the opportunity to watch the movie when you wanted, but you also could use the movie as an asset to change it for another movie with a friend, or just sell the movie if you didn’t liked it or just needed money. Because property and money are the same.
Obviously a DVD movie won’t change your economy. You will think that this is overreacting. But if you are a developer, or a designer, then your computer is your tool, it gives you money, work. It’s different to have a phisical computer with desktop apps, than have a “cloud computer” in a different location, you depend on your ISP, and on the technical difficulties of the company who owns the server farm, also you depend on the change of terms and conditions and have no control on updates and other changes. That’s a lot of control lost about your working tool. What about your car or your home? If companies start to buy appartments to give to their workers the house market will be a pretty expensive thing even more than now, also the new apartments will be build according to companies needs and not humans or family needs. Furthemore you will have a home as long as you don’t get fired, and your ability to choose, and therefore your freedom will be reduced.
A lot of feel good gurus, say to you that reducing materialism will make you a better person, that the only property you need is yourself. Problem is that we life in a world in wich we need money, stability and bargaining power. If our only property is just ourselves, we will end up trying to use that to get money when needed. Many of you instantly thought about selling your body, but I didn’t mean that. I meant selling your privacy, your life and your time. We are starting to see that on social networks, but it can be worse if you aren’t your own boss when you start reverting your only property into money.
Maybe I’m overreacting, I hope so. If we are lucky this may just be a new trend that we will forget in serveral years. But it can be worse, there are certain signs and it’s something that at least we have to think about and analize in depth.
Everyone likes to brag about Comunism and Capitalism, funny thing is that both models agree at least in one thing. Property is power and freedom. We are slowly giving up property in exchange of fake smiles from the marketing teams.
TL;DR: Subscription model is spreading through several markets. Everyone seems to be enthusiastic about it. But this kind of model removes us from the possibility of having properties, wich are your money and freedom.
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