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BARACK OBAMA TRYING TO PASS L[E]GISL[A]TION TO BAN submitted by hippopoThomas to circlejerk

The fun of managing regional divisions teams

Thanks to the nice database editors of FM Scout, I was finally able to download some regional divisions databases. I've had a blast with them. First of all, I want to be clear - I did boost the team I chose a little bit, but hey - a lot of teams in real life sign high quality players for the league they are playing in, while in FM its extremely rare for someone from the main leagues (PremieFirst or Championship/Second) to join a team with small reputation. I also started off as a head coach with Continental Pro License, because motivation is key in my opinion.
Honestly, it has been a pleasant experience. I started off in a regional division team (which I would prefer to keep anonymous, due to the geographical region I currently live in) and I am still spending my first season at the club. Most of you are probably used to managing high potential teams - Champions League contenders, Europa League qualifiers, strong teams from your country, even the national teams. Here, you forget about every important cup/league. The rules are simple - qualify for the next league and win (the potentially existing) amateur cup. Develop young players for the first team due to small budget you have. Rely on old regens to do the job for you.
You start off in a small league consisting of 8 to 12 teams you've probably never heard of. In my league, I had to play twice against 8 other teams, making the total number of games for the whole season 16. I am still at the 5th game. And honestly, I've been feeling extremely relaxed. There is little to no pressure for you (especially when you are considered the top team of the league), you play 1 or 2 matches a week, there is almost no crowd at all and all you do is sit through the week and await the next match.
The regens are also extremely fun to manage. Since they have almost no history, you could think of different stories for each and every one of them - like how they ended up in your country, how they found the club, how they established themself at it (looking at you, Stewert McArthur and Gisle Stoltenberg). You also have potential youth gems (well, not really wonderkids, but great players for your league) that are fun to develop.
Due to the small amount of money your team gets, you can barely do anything. That's most likely the biggest downside of the regional divisions, but at least you don't have to worry about policies, staff members, affiliates and so on.
Speaking of staff members, it's surprisingly easy to find staff members even if you are leading a regional division team. Most of them are regens, but sometimes you are even able to sign real life staff - my general manager, for example, is a real life general manager who actually used to work at one of the nations top league team.
The league themselves are pretty fun to follow. I love to watch how most of the teams progress throughout the season and sometimes I am left surprised to find out that the worst team of a regional division (in real life) is actually destroying everyone in FM. I love it when a low potential team becomes a sudden force in the lower leagues due to the good regens the game gives them.
To add to the realism of the database, I also sometimes stop progressing my save and edit different teams' kits (due to the small reputation of the regional leagues, most teams end up as dark blue and white).
Welp, I don't want to make this post too long. Despite some downsides, regional divisions are pretty fun to play in. If you are like me, and don't enjoy managing teams from the top 10 leagues, then I can recommend you to try out a regional divisions database.
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