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The original code name for Half-Life was Quiver. Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the 1969 schematic for 5000 De Luxe. The student can then apply the same technique to these samples. Introduction to Half-Life coding [Half-Life] [Tutorials]. If you are the copyright owner for this file, please Report Abuse to 4shared.

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Please we need Sean to play Half-Life 1 now to come full circle and totally revive the game's fan base to encourage valve to push more limits for the Half-Life 3 (Not Alyx)

Please we need Sean to play Half-Life 1 now to come full circle and totally revive the game's fan base to encourage valve to push more limits for the Half-Life 3 (Not Alyx) submitted by WhyDoesSandExist to jacksepticeye

Mun Choi Interview in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (He's Patrolling Campus on a Moped)

Mun Choi did an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Ed. The article is hidden behind a paywall, so I have included the text here:
The Pandemic Isn’t the Only Problem Facing Mizzou’s Chief
By Sarah BrownAugust 31, 2020
Mizzou’s Freshman Enrollment Has Dropped by 35% in 2 Years. Here’s What’s Going On. 1 Bill Greenblatt, UPI, Newscom“For our university,” says Mun Choi, “using harsh language about potential sanctions is not the right approach.”
This fall, Mun Choi faces the enormous task of steering a large university through a pandemic, while also trying to secure buy-in from people who don’t fully trust his leadership.
Choi has been president of the University of Missouri system for the past three and a half years, and recently added the title of chancellor at the system’s Columbia flagship campus. His dual titles prompted criticism from professors and others that he was consolidating power. Choi denied that: “I don’t look at it as gathering more power, but more responsibility” to make all of the system’s campuses better, he said.
That wasn’t the only reason Choi came under fire this summer. In June he decided that he would not remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus, despite demands from some students and professors to do so because of Jefferson’s ties to slavery. He then rebuked two local reporters, who are also on the journalism faculty at Mizzou, for making social-media comments related to the statue; he described their language as inappropriate in an interview with the Columbia Daily Tribune. One of those reporters was questioned by the campus police about an incident in which spray paint was used to deface the statue.
In July, Choi and Mizzou’s provost suddenly dismissed the dean of the College of Education, citing “management issues” and a “cultural divide.” Choi then sparred with faculty members over the dean’s removal and demanded that senior administrators back his decisions, comments that many interpreted as an attempt to silence dissent.
In retrospect, Choi said he wished he could take back his emails to one of the reporters, Sebastian Martinez Valdivia, in which he said that Martinez Valdivia, as a Mizzou employee, shouldn’t encourage disruption on campus or undermine the university. Still, Choi argued that he doesn’t silence dissenters. He said he’s never removed an administrator for disagreeing with him. But after he has made a decision, if other senior leaders publicly go against him, he said, “that’s not helpful.”
Choi said that he respected the right of students and others to protest the continued presence of the Jefferson statue, but that he wouldn’t “condone physical damage to the university that could be a criminal act.” He said he also had to take into account the views of other university stakeholders, like state lawmakers and community members. His decision was final, he said. “I don’t make my decisions by going around and taking a consensus vote, because I am ultimately responsible for the good that happens and also for the bad that happens.”
Mizzou has started its second week of classes with more than 400 student cases of Covid-19. While no number of infections is acceptable, Choi said, he pointed to data released last week by The New York Times, ranking Mizzou 37th in the number of infections. Compared with the University of Central Florida and the University of Alabama, he said, Mizzou’s caseload was far smaller. (Since Thursday, active cases there have nearly doubled, to 415, equivalent to 1.3 percent of the student body.)
Choi also noted that the recovery rate from Covid-19 for young people is “extremely high,” and that no Mizzou students have yet been hospitalized for the virus. The university still had plenty of quarantine and isolation space available on campus, he added; as of Thursday, less than 10 percent was in use.
Still, Choi acknowledged the fluidity of the situation: “We’re ready to make a decision at any time to ensure that we have a safe and healthy environment for our faculty, staff, and students.” He admitted that there had been problems with students crowding into local bars. On Friday, the city of Columbia announced that bars must start closing early.
Soon Mizzou will begin its Southeastern Conference football season, with 25 percent of its stadium filled with fans. That’s more than 15,600 people. “I think Alabama is getting a little scared to come into Columbia September 26,” Choi joked. “They should be.” This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University are similarly sized research institutions that flipped online after a rapid rise in cases. As you watched what happened there, what did you learn from their experience?
I don’t know what factors were taken into account by the administration to close the campus. It’s also very difficult to compare one university and one county to another university and another county. Earlier, when I evaluated the numbers for Orange County, where UNC is located, they had about 2,100 positive cases. That’s about the number of cases that we had in Boone County. But the number of deaths in Orange County is 50, whereas in this county, the number of deaths is only seven. Also, because of the strong hospital system that we have, the number of ICU beds that we have in Boone County is a factor of three higher than what’s available in Orange County. So all these factors make the two situations very different.
What is Mizzou’s “off-ramp”? What is the point at which the university would shift to online learning? Is it a number of cases? A number of outbreaks? A certain death toll?
We’re looking at all of those things. In addition to the number of cases, we would be looking at the rise in cases week to week. We would also be measuring the number of deaths and the demographics of the deaths. We also want to carefully understand how it’s affecting our faculty and staff. We believe that the level of transmission between student groups and faculty and staff groups remains very low, especially when we follow the proper CDC protocols. We also recognize that students recover at a very high rate. That’s not true for older members of our community, and that’s why we are making sure that everyone follows the proper protocols.
A recent Scientific American article about college testing plans criticized Mizzou’s plan to test only people with symptoms. What’s your response to that?
Our practice is to test students who are symptomatic, following the advice of the CDC. Our experts here agree with that. Taking a sample of an entire population prior to beginning the school year and having a very high percentage, probably about 98 percent, of negative cases — that may give them a sense of invincibility. Even though they may have tested negative, they may have the beginnings of the virus in them that weren’t detected. We want to make sure that they are taking the proper precautions.
So our approach is: Assume everyone has it. That’s why the use of masking as well as social distancing is so important. We also took the lead from medical organizations that said that it is, at this point, very inappropriate to test asymptomatic patients, because if there ever is a shortage of tests, we don’t want to strain that system. Yes, there are a number of universities that are testing all students, the University of Illinois being one of them. But the great majority of universities, even those with large health systems, are not using that approach.
But N.C. State’s chancellor cautioned other universities about needing adequate testing after his university was forced to move classes online. He said: “You need a strong surveillance program so that you understand what is happening on your campus that is asymptomatic because so much of this is asymptomatic.” He was suggesting that because N.C. State didn’t test asymptomatic individuals, it didn’t have a full picture of what was going on. They ran out of quarantine housing.
And all of us, I’m sure, including Chancellor Woodson [at North Carolina State], will look back and say, Maybe we should have done things a little bit differently. His input is important. But at this point, because we did plan well, we have plenty of quarantining space. We have sufficient testing capabilities to be able to ramp up if needed. Thus far we are in a manageable state.
How are you all doing enforcement of off-campus parties that violate rules against large gatherings?
We’re being vigilant. But we also recognize that we don’t have jurisdiction over non-university property. Whether it’s Greek housing or others, they’re not part of the university, but they are our students. Earlier this month, the Interfraternity Council made the decision to cancel all large events like parties. We have monitoring of that area by our city police department, as well as our campus. We also have senior leaders like me patrolling around in our mopeds.
Wait, really?
I have an electric moped. I go around and just encourage people to socially distance. But if I see that they’re not, I just ask them, Look, you’re doing it not only for yourselves, but for everyone else. Let me say — not patrolling.
I got it. But you’re going around, as the leader of the campus, and you are telling people, Hey, you should socially distance and put your mask over your nose.
Sometimes they get surprised. Who is this masked man on a moped? But then, when I say that I’m the chancellor, they say, Oh. And they appreciate it. They appreciate that we care as a university about their health, and that we want to keep the campus open in a safe manner.
In North Carolina, when the campuses decided to flip to online learning, there was a lot of discussion about how a few students taking risks were ruining it for everybody. Where do you fall on that issue?
For me, it depends on the circumstance. If there are students who may not recognize the potential for creating a cluster because of their involvement in an activity, then I would say that perhaps the university or their parents or the community didn’t do the proper job of educating that student. But if the student is fully aware but feels invincible, and does not actually conform with the policies that we have — in those cases, I believe that there is personal accountability and responsibility.
I have an electric moped. I go around and just encourage people to socially distance.
So you’re not blaming students for everything? But you are saying that, if students know what the restrictions are and don’t follow them, the university should hold them responsible for that.
Absolutely. In fact when I tour around the campus and I see students and ask them to either social-distance or mask up — some of them may not know: Hey, I’m walking down the street, I’m all alone. But then a friend that I see is coming toward me. At what point do I mask up? It’s just little things like that that we’re all getting used to in this new normal.
What about the idea that if the university hadn’t brought students back to campus, they wouldn’t be in a position to party?
I don’t see this as a binary issue. Students do have a life outside of the university. If they didn’t come back, they’d be spending time in Chicago, or St. Louis, or Sikeston, Missouri. But at least while they’re here on campus, they’re following all of the protocols we have in place to keep them safe. You want them to take the muscle memory they get from what they do on campus, so that when they go off campus, they follow the same protocols.
Recently colleges have been issuing strongly worded statements to students saying they will expel those who party. Over the summer, administrators were saying, You just need to educate students and help them understand how to do the right thing. Then all of a sudden August hit, and everyone was talking about expulsion. What do you think about that tactic?
For our university, using harsh language about potential sanctions is not the right approach. It’s about education, but it’s also about letting individuals know — whether it’s students, faculty, or staff — that there’s a set of expectations and there’s accountability, and that everyone will be given due process. The sanction may be a reprimand, it may be a warning, or in severe cases, there may be suspension or expulsion. But if we’re treating everyone at the university like you’re part of a family, you wouldn’t start out by making threats. I’m not saying that other chancellors have made threats, but that’s not the approach that we are currently using, and I don’t think we’ll pivot in that manner.
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