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What is this Post or: How I Learned to Stop Sh*tposting and Love the COD. Future Weapon: AN-94 and the Valorise

What is this Post or: How I Learned to Stop Sh*tposting and Love the COD. Future Weapon: AN-94 and the Valorise
G'day reddit, I'm sure the title has already trigger some. Oh god he isn't gonna talk about MW2? Is he? Nah but thanks for proving me right in my own mind. I've been tossing around what weapons I'd like to see introduced into MW2019 and just how they might play and fit into the meta as well as spicing up the current selection. With that in mind I will reference other games such as Battlefield 3 to give any idea where I'm pulling the gameplay and feel of the weapon. I know, using other games as context for this one is difficult to understand, but it's okay we'll get through it together. This will be in three sections: The AN-94 complete with theoretical stats for introduction and summary analysis of the weapon. Tweaks to the FR 5.56 (which I'll be referring to as the FAMAS frequently) to better differentiate between the two. And finally the Valorise, I know that last one will be a little weird but bear with me. Stats from MW2019 are pulled from the spreadsheet put together by Mutant Media in this post: https://www.reddit.com/modernwarfare/comments/dslu8z/modern_warfare_2019_weapon_damage_guide_excel/ As well as stats pulled from Xclusive Ace's videos. God I fucking miss Symthic. Thanks for the info and appreciate all the hard work to mine that.
AN-94: A Russian assault rifle chambered 5.45x39mm with a special 2-round burst fire mode, along with full auto, and a standard-fare 30 round magazine. The AN-94 was last seen in BO2 and was pretty damn awesome, though not quite the beast it was when I played BF3. That thing kicked so much ass it was banned in three galaxies and 400 planets. How I see the AN-94 playing out is a mix between the DMRs and ARs and a competitor to the FAMAS that focuses more on long range accuracy and punishing fire rate.
  • Damage: 28-21-18. No body multipliers. This gives a 4-5-6 shot kill at range (I know this doesn't sound spectacular but please bear with me) Headshot Multiplier of 1.6 giving a damage of 44.8-33.6-28.8 or 3-3-4 shots to kill with headshots only. This headshot multiplier really gives the AN-94 some deadly capability at longer ranges, assuming you're on target/get lucky with the recoil.
  • Range: Base Damage extends to 37 meters, Mid-range extends to 46 meters before dropping down to minimum damage. This gives the AN-94 the best base range of any assault rifle, even besting the Oden and AK-47. This might be a bit long but this is meant to blend the AR and DMR categories a bit and doesn't quite stand up to the EBR-14 65m range.
  • Fire Rate: 1800 RPM in side the burst with a burst delay of 250 miliseconds and 600 RPM in full auto mode. In BF3 the burst mode was set at 1200 RPM, but given the FAMAS sitting around 1000-1250 RPM in the burst I feel like 1200 just isn't high enough nor quite shows how devastating this weapon is at range. IRL the first bullet hasn't even left the barrel by the time the second is fired meaning the recoil isn't effectively felt until both rounds are out. Two bullets for the price of one essentially.
  • Recoil: High fucking recoil, at least in a few areas. First shot recoil should be very low with a decently high re-center speed, on par with that of the FAMAS (maybe slightly slower to re-center). But the recoil for continuous fire should build rapidly and kick quite hard to the right. This helps to counter act the rapid fire rate and high damage multipliers, if you want to use this effectively you're gonna have to moderate your trigger finger. It should kick like the AK-47, maybe slightly less, but recenter faster. (If anyone has a link to a place that has actual numerical values for recoil please feel free to link it and I'll edit accordingly).
  • Handling: Reload: 2.05 seconds (Add time) 2.4 for the full animation. ADS time at .283 seconds. Hip fire crosshairs should be slightly bigger than the FAMAS but bloom slower and tighten slower. Movement should be at 91% and 44% when ADS. Sprint out should be 300 miliseconds and 475 miliseconds for super-sprint. It will be a bit slower to rush and more cumbersome than the FAMAS but that's kinda the point. But the FAMAS will also be getting a tweak for handling a bit later.
That covers the basics. Of course, the standard suite of barrel and stock attachments for it, but the framework is in place. A weapon well suited for mid-long range combat and one that would do well to mount with. Sure you can fire it full auto, but the recoil and slow rate of fire will be detrimental and difficult to navigate upclose. Sticking to burst fire will be better in every way. It won't be for everyone given the slow handling and the high recoil, but for those who master it, it'll be very fun. On to the FAMAS and I'll make it quick.
FR 5.56 Tweaks:
  • Base damage reduced from 40-32 down to 40-32-18 and range reduced to 27 meters and then 32.5 meters. So that's down to 3-4-6 shot kill. Reduce the headshot multiplier to 1.2 drops the shots to kill down to 3-4-5. I understand the FAMAS having so much power in the burst to kill but I think it's just a little too forgiving, especially with the current headshot multiplier. The FAMAS would still be more than capable of killing in a single burst (something the AN-94 would not be able to do) but would be less consistent if you miss shots or are at longer ranges.
  • Handling: Reload time increased to 2.4 seconds (ADD) and 3.0 seconds. Tighter hipfire crosshairs than what's currently in game. The FAMAS should have the tightest hipfire and bloom quickly and reset quickly. ADS time should be reduced to 220 miliseconds as well. I'll admit that I have a bit of a pet peeve with how fast weapons reload in this game, but digging into that will require another post. Bullpups should take longer to reload given their weight distribution and ergonomics (as well as game balance). This was a staple in BF3. Conventional designs were often much faster to reload (to a certain point within the meta) while bullpups were slower but had better ADS and hipfire capabilites. This just spices up the FAMAS a bit more and pushes it to be a short-mid range weapon with ability to reach out further.
  • Recoil: More first shot recoil than the AN-94 with less vertical kick and more side to side, bouncy recoil. Recenter speed should be similar but slightly in favor of the FAMAS. Mounting should also be less effective with the FAMAS compared to the AN-94
In short, the FR 5.56 will have better ergonomic abilities, sans reloading, and do more damage up close while having lower overall recoil. It'll cater more to spamming the trigger but will suffer at longer ranges without patience. The AN-94 will not be able to out damage or out maneuver the FAMAS, but it's ability to reach out and kill at insane ranges will give it an edge. A unique damage profile will entice players who like to stay back and act in a more support manner, but, with a bit of practice, could be a force to reckon with at mid-range.
Last item, more of another tweak but bear with me. Gold star and a lollipop to those who are still reading...or read anything beyond the title.
Valorise: This is less a DLC/Battlepass weapon than it is an ammo conversion for the FAMAS. However it would lead to a completely different way to play with the FR 5.56, challenge the M4 and RAM-7 and give a completely new in-game model as well (at least I would like it to). For those interested the model would look similar to the FAMAS from BO1 and BF3:

From Pintrest
A chopped down upper rail with extended frame and barrel. Always thought this looked cool and would differentiate the Valorise and FR 5.56 in game in a very striking way. So how would it be different?
  • Damage Reduction: 25-23-18, 4-5-6 shots to kill. 1.3 Headshot multiplier, 4-4-5 shots. Not quite as powerful as the M4 or RAM-7 up close but still in the same damage profile.
  • Fire Rate: 1000 RPM. The fastest automatic weapon in the game. Hence why it's damage is a bit lower compared to the M4 or RAM and doesn't have the quite the same damage to the head.
  • Range: Base to 27.5 meters, mid-range to 42 meters. A bit less than both the RAM and M4. Pushes this as the close range dogfighter.
  • Handling: ADS and sprint out times should be the same as the RAM-7 (slightly better than the M4). Reload: 2.6 (Add) to 3.0 (full animation). Smaller hip fire crosshairs than the rest of the pack (the RAM-7 should also be reduced to the same, as should the Oden, though not as much as the RAM or Valorise) that blooms faster but resets faster than the rest.
  • Magazine size reduced to 25 rounds instead of 30. This won't make anyone mad at all. This will keep the Valorise from being spammed to heavily, and push it to be a hit-and-run weapon more so than others. Also puts more emphasis on spending a slot for extended mags if needed (I'd only give it a single extended mag slot for 35 Rounds but with a big decrease to ADS and movement speed).
  • Recoil: The highest recoil for any assault rifle. High first shot recoil and lots of side to side kick that stacks very quickly but does recenter and a pretty decent rate.
So how does the Valorise fit? It's a complete bullet hose up close and will waste anyone in front of it. It's a very similar build to BF3s model that blurs the line between SMGs and ARs similar to the AUG and M13. Fast, snappy, but kicks like a mule and won't allow for prolonged engagement without modification. Even then the Val will be best utilized as a hit-and-run specialist that will overwhelm enemies in a 1-on-1 situation, but keeps the operator thinking about how to move from fight to fight.
Well if you made it this far, thank you. If you gave up after the first paragraph, well that's too bad because I'm not doing TL:DRs. Tell me what you think, or what weapons you might like to see in the future. I know I've got quite a few weapons I'd like to see. Cheers
submitted by RunninWild17 to modernwarfare

V1.3 of the CSGO Weapon Balance Mod Has Released! Details Regarding Changes (such as a complete pistol overhaul) and How to Play Inside

V1.3 of the CSGO Weapon Balance Mod Is Now Available for Download

For those unfamiliar with this project, this is a fan-made modification of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive intended to improve the mechanics of the every gun present in game based upon commonly requested community feedback, professional player feedback, and some insights of my own.
Edit: Updated to reflect the changes to jumping accuracy made after this post.

How to Play

Check out the website for full details on how to install and play this mod on approved servers. There you'll find installation instructions, server lists, and a full changelist for the mod. This mod can only be played on those servers and offline with bots. Attempting to join a normal Valve server will just kick you until you uninstall the mod.
If you want to play full competitive matches on 128 tick servers use PopFlash's Weapon Balance Mod scrim, click here. (Use the scrim option, not the "Matches" option.) And to search for scrims use the following Discord chat.
Known Bug: Sometimes in online matches the R8's left click fire mode has no shooting effects (no sounds, tracers, or bullet impacts) despite the bullet actually firing. This might be connected to having high ping as the the charge time may complete before the server registers that you are firing.


Pistols are perhaps the most criticized aspect of CSGO compared to previous iterations of Counter-Strike.
This subreddit has made its opinions known on the matter and "fixing the pistols" is the most common response from pro players when they are asked what they'd change about CSGO. September 29, 2015 & July 4, 2016
So what should be done to fix the pistols? First let's identify their problems.

What's Wrong With the Pistols?

  1. Pistols in their current state have heavy inaccuracy penalties in place when firing. While this is required to keep spamming inaccurate it also spills over into the ability to tap or shoot only a few bullets accurately. Even though tapping is more precise than spamming, spamming is heavily relied on as taking a chance with RNG is often preferable to spacing shots out to become more accurate. Moments such as this just simply aren't possible in CSGO as inaccuracy takes too long to reset after firing.
  2. The accuracy penalty applied when moving is also very lenient. While pistols need to remain mobile guns that can run and gun at close range, it often feels like there is very little reason to stop and shoot, especially with how neutered successive tap shooting is. If a players decides to spam, why shouldn't they also make themselves harder to hit while also closing the distance between them and their opponent? It needs to remain an option, but in the case of the Tec-9 (and other pistols to a lesser degree) it is undoubtedly too reliable.
  3. Being able to deliver a one hit kill to helmeted players is probably the most controversial aspect of most the pistols. The fact that a $300 P250 can instantly kill a helmeted player at close range yet a $3100 M4 cannot feels like a major misstep in their design. While their high damage is required to balance their abysmal accuracy after firing, with a complete redesign to their accuracy models, damage can be tweaked accordingly.

How to Fix the Pistols

After about a month of experimenting with the new accuracy mechanics Valve implemented to buff tapping and bursting for the M4 and AK I've discovered that they could be best used to completely revamp the pistols.
To keep the explanation short and simple here's what I was able to manage:
  • Tapping now takes significantly less time to become accurate allowing for more accurate and faster tapping.
  • The first few bullets when spamming are also much more accurate with full spamming accuracy taking longer to reach
  • The accuracy penalty for moving is now harsher with the % increase varying heavily from gun to gun.
  • The Deagle and R8 Revolver are now the only pistols that are capable of one hit killing a full health helmeted opponent.
  • Damage has been decreased as pistols are now much more consistent. For instance, the P2000/USP-S functions very similarly to the USP of Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source meaning that it can only one hit kill an unarmored opponent at about 650 units compared to the current 1800 units.
Here's some graphs of the P250's changes in action:
Every pistol was revamped to work with these changes (although the Deagle and R8 Revolver are unique in their functionality and don't abide by all of what's stated above). If a gun's design felt entirely too reliant on a gimmick (Tec-9's run and gun) or just flat out did not work (the R8 Revolver's long delayed fire, high damage, and extremely inaccuracy rapid fire) it was reworked from the ground up.
Several of 3kliksphilip's server are running this mod, though with only pistol enabled to focus purely on the most changed aspect of the game. You can watch his video on it here. (Note, I don't completely agree with the wording of damage being reduced for the USP because it "more skillful". The damage decrease was an effect of improving accuracy. Having both together would have made it monstrous.)


While SMGs don’t play nearly as big of a role as the previously mentioned pistols they still deserve the same amount of care and attention to assure that they promote thoughtful play and are balanced to one another.

What’s Wrong With the SMGs?

  1. Some SMGs are heavily reliant on run and gun. Obviously SMGs need to be mobile but there’s a difference between it playing an integral role in its design and being nearly always reliant on it. Most SMGs are fine in this regard. Take the UMP for example, its options are pretty balanced where if a player approaches you in close range, you can move to make yourself harder to hit and at medium rang you can stand still if you want to be more reliable. The Mac-10 and MP7 however feel a bit too reliant on run and gun encouraging players to charge their opponents at nearly every opportunity.
  2. Balance within the SMGs heavily favors a few options. The UMP has incredible damage for an SMG yet is only $1200. The MP7 on the other hand doesn’t feel like it’s worth $1700. And the poor, poor Bizon sees nearly no use due to its disappointing damage.

How to fix the SMGs

The SMGs don’t have an overarching design flaw like the pistols do. It’s mostly a case of weapon specific design flaws and poor balance within the weapon group. This means unlike the pistols I won’t have to rebuild them from the ground up though I will take advantage of the new accuracy mechanics Valve implemented to buff tapping and bursting for the M4 and AK though the difference will be less noticeable for SMGs.
  • Assuming an SMG’s design hasn’t been altered, tapping and the first 9 or so bullets will be slightly more accurate with the following bullets having about 2% more inaccuracy. As said before it’s an incredibly minor change, but I couldn’t resist using these new variables in the attempt to encourage more varied firing patterns.
  • Certain guns have had their core design modified. The Mac-10 for instance isn't quite as accurate when running and gunning, though its spraying accuracy is significantly more accurate assuming the player is stood still. It still however remains one of the most accurate SMGs on the move to support the Terrorists who want to rush.
  • Pricing has been modified for several of the SMGs to better fit their roles and usefulness. The MP7 now costs $1500 (previously $1700) while the Mac-10 now costs $1200 (previously $1050) and the UMP $1700 (previously $1200). I feel like most players would be opposed to altering the UMP so instead it now has a premium price to fit its great damage.


Shotguns play a minor role in CSGO, but that doesn't mean they should be drastically changed to fit a role they aren't suited for. Shotguns can’t play a major role in CSGO without causing a complete shift in the meta which I don’t think many players would like to see. They are very situational tools, only reliable at close range, medium range if you really want to push your luck. So for the more offensive Terrorists, they are nearly impossible to use, outside of a select few map positions such as drop-down on Cbble. And even for CTs, very specific positions must be played. By making them more powerful, it makes close range engagements with them very frustrating to counter and if you were to make them too accurate they’d stop feeling like shotguns. There’s nothing wrong with them being assigned to such a niche role though. Just because a gun can’t always be used doesn’t mean it should be dramatically changed.

What's Wrong With the Shotguns?

  1. There’s some baffling design choices present in the Shotguns. Why is the Nova the only gun in the game without the ability to wallbang? Why do the Sawed-Off’s bullets vanish into thin air at mid-range? Why does a Sawed-Off impede your movement more than an AK47 when the Mag-7 is significantly faster?

How to Fix the Shotguns

  • Specific changes are needed for each shotgun to address some of the strange design choices in place. The Nova needs the ability to wallbang like all other guns. The Sawed Off needs its range adjusted to keep its bullets from vanishing.
  • The pellet count for the Mag-7 and Sawed Off has been increased from 8 to 9 but each pellet down deals less damage. This means that the chance of landing a pellet onto your opponent is greater making these two shotguns a bit less reliant on RNG though its damage output and accuracy remain the same. The only downside to this change is that it makes wallbanging a bit more difficult, but it's a small price to pay for something that removes some of the luck associated with shotguns.
  • The Sawed-Off and Mag-7 were significantly more accurate when on the move and jumping compared to the XM1014 and Nova. While they still remain mobile options, greater emphasis has been put on stopping to shoot.
  • The Nova had its spread slightly tightened as it was hardly ever used. This gives it some personality as the more accurate Shotgun that requires more precise aim to make up for its low damage.

Automatic Rifles

Rifles are the backbone of Counter-Strike. Their versatility is unmatched. Luckily the most important gun type in CSGO is also one of the best designed. Valve's new accuracy mechanics are already in place for the AK and M4 and seeing how they were received well, they should also be applied to the other rifles.

What's Wrong With the Rifles?

  1. There's not much wrong with rifles. Any complaints directed at the rifles are usually an issue with the core mechanics of the game (an over reliance on jiggle peaking) and is not specific to the rifles. See the section below on Core Game Mechanics.
  2. The Famas, Galil, AUG, and SG 553 could benefit from the new accuracy mechanics currently in place for the AK and M4s.
  3. Crouching provides varying benefits depending on the rifle used. Read this for more information.
  4. The Famas, Galil, and unsilenced M4A1-S are oddly significantly more accurate when moving compared to the other rifles.

How to Fix the Rifles

  • A similar accuracy decay system that is present on the AK and M4 is now applied to all rifles. In short, tapping and bursting is more reliable with spraying being a bit worse. The Galil was tweaked to only receive increased tapping and bursting accuracy as it was already extremely inaccurate when spraying and doesn't see as much usage compared to the CT side Famas.
  • Minor design flaws have been tweaked such as the Galil, Famas, and unsilenced M4A1-S being more much accurate when moving compared to the other rifles. Crouching now provides a more predictable benefit (same % increase in accuracy and decay speed for all rifles when crouched)

Should First Shot Accuracy Be Increased?

This has always been a controversial topic in the community. RNG in a skill based game such as Counter-Strike can be off putting as players can interpret it as the game not allowing their true potential to shine, that they are being impeded by the randomness present in the game and if it said randomness had not been present their performance might have not been hampered.
The standpoint I've seen the devs make is that a $2700 gun shouldn't be able to reliably kill a player with a $4750 sniper rifle consistently across the map. Yet a $300 pistol can outperform a $3100 rifle at close range. The reasons rifles aren't just perfectly accurate is that it's part of the game's strategy to close the gap between you and your opponent be it with smokes and flashes or with some clever maneuvering from your entire team. By making every rifle perfectly accurate a lot of the strategy of the game is removed in favor of raw aiming skill.
First shot accuracy for v1.3 of this mod has some very minor tweaks and it's mostly on a per weapon basis. Basically, the base inaccuracy of all guns is consistent of two parts: Inaccuracy and Spread.
"Spread" 0.60 "InaccuracyCrouch" 4.81 "InaccuracyStand" 6.41 
To get the full base inaccuracy add Spread to the Inaccuracy value that is being used. Spread has a variety of uses over inaccuracy (determining the size of the shotgun cone, it doesn't have to decay the difference between Spread and SpreadAlt) but for the most part there are just trace amounts present on every gun. In the transition from Counter-Strike Source to CSGO InaccuracyStand and Crouch were reduced by about 30% to fit the smaller hitboxes of CSGO though Spread never saw such an adjustment. This means the the % decrease in inaccuracy can vary. While it seems a bit late to point this out, it's still something that pushed guns with either high amounts of Spread or low amount of Inaccuracy from receiving the proper benefit of the change (notably pistols and LMGs due to their high Spread value).
For V1.3 I have tweaked Spread for most guns to be about 30% less.
AK-47 Edit
"Spread" 0.42 "InaccuracyCrouch" 4.81 "InaccuracyStand" 6.41 
It's incredibly minor but for the players who want to see better first shot accuracy it's a little treat while also keeping the core gameplay of CSGO intact.


LMGs are fun rewards for being able to amass so much money and while they have no real purpose in the competitive meta that's just fine! If they were overly affordable or powerful it would go against the reason players love them. They are huge and ridicolous but are meant as a fun way to show off how much money you have while not putting the opposing team in a frustrating situation.

What's Wrong With the LMGs?

  1. While their run and gun accuracy is very poor, it seems odd that its on par with some of the automatic rifles. Paired with their extremely high fire rate, even bad run and gun accuracy can result in some kills.
  2. It could benefit from the new accuracy mechanics Valve implemented for the AK and M4. Tapping and bursting take an extremely long time to become accurate once again.
  3. The M249 perhaps the least used gun in the game. The Negev outshines it in nearly every way.

Fixing the LMGs

  • Run and gun accuracy has been reduced to fit their heavy and ridicolous nature.
  • Tapping and bursting are now more accurate.
  • The M249 has been completely revamped with a new recoil pattern and slightly higher damage and accuracy to give it some benefits over the Negev.

Sniper Rifles

Much like the automatic rifles, sniper rifles (mostly the AWP) play one of the most important roles in the game. The AWP's design has been subject to a lot of criticism mostly due to its many nerfs over its previous iteration.

What's Wrong With the Snipers?

  1. Because the rate at which jumping accuracy decays is also tied to the rate at which scoping improves accuracy, the rate must remain quick, though this impacts jumping accuracy making it much more accurate than intended for the AWP and Scout. The SSG08 being able to remain so accurate while airborne has been a major compliant in the pro scene for a while now. September 29, 2015 & July 4, 2016
  2. The AWP's low scoped mobility feels almost like walking through molasses and limits many of its movement options.

Fixing the Snipers

  • Thanks to the new accuracy mechanics Valve implement, I can actually set the airborne decay rate to no longer be the crouching rate *4. This means tweaking jumping accuracy won't have an impact on other aspects of the gun. I won't go into my explanation of how I did it here as this is getting long enough. Basically, the AWP and Scout are significantly more inaccurate after jumping.
  • Because the Scout can no longer reliably hit jumping headshots, it's base accuracy when scoped and damage to armor opponents has been increased to make it more reliable in normal engagements. Its price is now $2000 to fit its more reliable accuracy.
  • The G3SG1 and SCAR-20 were nearly identical, the only differences being the G3SG1 had a longer reload time and almost unnoticeably lower recoil. I've given the G3SG1 some new stats to differentiate it from the SCAR-20. (Slower fire rate, but is more accurate and is priced at $4500) Both autosnipers put the new accuracy system in place to encourage tapping and 2 round bursts over spamming which is now much less accurate. This should hopefully counter issues players had with the autosnipers being too spammy and easy to use but should also let skillful players use them reliably.
  • Lastly, the AWP...This deserves its own section.

Does the AWP Need Any Changes?

This is one of the more controversial topics when talking about CSGO's balance. Even though the AWP is one of the most powerful options in the game players often like to point back to previous iterations of Counter-Strike and state how much better the AWP was and how it didn't negatively effect the balance of the game.
Why Did Valve Nerf Movement Speed When Scoped?
In Counter-Strike 1.6 and early CSGO, the AWP's scoped movement speed was 150 units/second. Currently it is 100 units/second in CSGO which significantly decreases its movement options. Why was this change made though? In 1.6 the scoped speed may have been much higher than CSGO, but the mechanics behind inaccuracy when moving were also completely different. Unless a player was under 10 unit/second they could no fire their AWP accurately (though for rifles and other guns this is not true, players only had to stay under 140 units/second to stay accurate though recoil kicked harder when moving as well). This means while the AWP had much greater mobility, movement had to be deliberate. In CSGO, to fire accurately players must be under 34% of their max speed. For the pre-nerf AWP this was 51 units/second and for the current version 34 units/second. This gives players a lot more leeway than in 1.6, meaning they often don't have to come to a complete stop to fire accurately.
The nerf to movement speed was in many ways necessary as it kept players from quickly peaking around a corner, dealing an instant kill to their opponent and ducking quickly back into cover. The movement speed however still feels sluggish. This might not have been the best solution to this problem, but it's the best that Valve could do without drastically changing how inaccuracy when moving worked. (And as well I can't change this either as this is hard coded.)
Why Isn't Scoping Accuracy Instant like in 1.6?
This is one of those questions I have a hard time articulating an answer for. It could be tied into movement as well. Perhaps because pistols are easier to fall back on in CSGO than 1.6 the AWP needed another downside. I don't always have all the answers. Perhaps it's just a general nerf because they believed the AWP needed it, yet its effect wasn't major.
Why Is the Kill Award $100 in CSGO?
This is just a general nerf to the gun that doesn't affect its mechanics.

So What Should Actually Change About the AWP?

With all the changes to pistols (harder to fall back on pistols that no longer one hit kill) and slight changes to rifles, I feel like the AWP is going to be a bit negatively effected by these changes. I've made some slight adjustments to it to hopefully counteract the changes.
  • The kill award is now $300.
  • Fully scoped accuracy has been improved. (Oddly the snipers never received the accuracy improvement from Source to CSGO like most weapons.)
While I would like to make a change to how movement inaccuracy works, I'm unfortunately limited in this aspect. For now the slow movement speed will stay in place.

Core Mechanics

This section is for any issues the game has on a large scale that isn't specific to a single or couple of weapon types.

What Core Mechanics Need Adjustments?

  1. There is no accuracy penalty for being airborne if the player never jumped. (Fixed after this post)
  2. Jiggle peaking is too effective.
  3. Grenades can have their damage completely negated if hung up on a small prop or stair.
  4. Headshots jerk the player's head hitbox back making follow up shots at even close range easy to miss.

Why Can't You Fix These As Well?

I'm working with limited tools when making this mod. I can't make any changes to the actual code of the game. I can only use what's currently available to me. Valve holds all the tools to fixing these issues.
For instance, jiggle peaking could be made less effective in the % speed InaccuracyMove applies is decreased forcing players to be more deliberate with their movement, though this would of course require playtesting.

Core Mechanics I Have Tweaked

  • While jumping accuracy still doesn't apply when falling without jumping, the jumping penalty has been significantly increased for most guns. While in vanilla CSGO, increasing it this much would lead to the inaccuracy hanging around a bit too long after a jump, because I'm using the new accuracy mechanics put in place for the AK and M4, it decays accuracy quicker, meaning the jumping inaccuracy penalty can be increased very high. (Jumping accuracy was overhauled after this post. My mod modifies the values to increase jumping inaccuracy for most guns)
  • Tagging has been increased for all guns.

In Closing

CSGO is a great game, but it can always be better. This is a passion project for me, and it would be an absolute dream if I could share these ideas with the dev team. Working for Valve as Icefrog does for Dota 2 is my dream job, though even if that never happens this wouldn't be a waste of time as I've enjoyed every bit of it. If you agree with these changes, be sure to contact Valve direct them to this post.
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