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Serial number patch set for oracle client s

Laptop supporting Oracle 10 g on RHEL 4 Update 2

Resetting Your Oracle User Password with SQL Developer. The SPARC T8-1 servers obtained a result of 32, 622.97 SPECjEnterprise2010. Proactive Patch Information. This is a short script with notices about the employment of the 11gR2 patch set 2 (aka ) oracle fat client on windows x That is, saying fat client, I'm talking about the classic client side software collection, featuring [HOST] at most as well as [HOST] and java and the like things. RDBMS server processes. How to Restore RMAN Backup on New Server - ORACLE TUTORIAL. Oracle Documentation for more help.

Solved: Can not connect to Oracle database - newest versio
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2 Oracle Client silent Install error 79%
3 Example of Manual Upgrade of Windows Non-CDB Oracle 71%
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6 Step By Step Installation Of Oracle 11g On Windows 7 (64bit) 39%
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8 Oracle Database 12c: Consolidating to Oracle 12c 75%
9 Oracle DBA's: Oracle Grid Upgrade to 47%

ODAC Installation Instructions

Hi all, we have some oracle applications running on an oracle application server and we have other web application that running on other servers and SQL server too, so mainly what i want to ask about - is there any way to write a web application that can connect to oracle database on a 64bit machine using VS 2020, that can migrate and retrieve data from Oracle Database to SQL server? Actually I want to use sql loader (sqlldr) command on windows server I have installed oracle client 11g () on windows server, but sql loader is not there. Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (x64) 64-bit. How should they install the Oracle 11G client on their application server? Using Oracle Universal Installer I am able to remove this component in. After I updated the character set I am seeing so many errors on the database alert log file. After Giving Finish Button To Install Database Sep 20, 2020.

Activation key i need help to download the new LiveCycle Designer ES3

Win32 11gr2 Client Zip https://chts21rus.ru/download/?file=74. Generates Suboptimal Plans for CHAR or NCHAR Data Type Columns. In this screen you can choose the location on you hard drive where you want to install the components. By default it will show the. If you expand the Group of operating systems, you will get a list of distributions/versions for each supported operating system. It contains a pre-authenticated OCI command line interface and a lot of other useful tools to perform OCI cloud related tasks. This release will install on PHP 7.0 to 7.3.

Oracle - Install sql loader linux - Stack Overflow

Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) using Oracle Wallet Manager Follow these instructions to generate a Private Key and CSR. Hi Tom, I was wondering if there is a way of exporting the database but have the ability to modify an ID column in the tables. C: \Oracle I would install client 11g on: C: \app\. Below mentioned MOS article discusses on how to identify and kill the shared memory segment(s) allocated to "oracle" user through UNIX/Linux commands. Is password in 11G case sensitive? - Ask TOM resource. I have never worked with an rpm file so I googled how to use (extract) files and. There are some other edge cases where Oracle's JDBC drivers have slightly different behavior than defined in J2EE 1.3.

Installing Oracle instantclient basic and instantclient

Stop all Oracle services, Recovery catalog, ODBC applications, and other applications that use Oracle Client. Select Query Taking Time Jan 24, 2020. Select the deployment model of "Classic" and click the "Create" button. If you check either of the boxes, the expansion will set the focus in the page as well, for example, the cursor will be in the Google search box. patch set for oracle client s.

Keygen installing the Oracle's connectivity client

A new Oracle home instead of in-place patching is now preferred. For the installation of Grid Infrastructure software itself we network_ether_interfaces array to set the client and interconnect interfaces correctly. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Installation on RHEL/CentOS https://chts21rus.ru/download/?file=76. Oracle's Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) technology is a new (to Oracle Database 11 g Release 2) method for organizing data within a database block. ORACLE CLIENT PATCH has not been rated by our users yet. The network wait times differ due to parallel testing scenarios on my environment (especially the first case is faster based on third party settings and workload, but case two and three are comparable from an infrastructure point of view), but we just need to focus on the amount of wait events. Downloading the client directly from Oracle's website.

"Law Bombing" -12 Ways Utah Attorneys ARE Legally and Secretly Taking Advantage of Unsuspecting Americans And Pocketing Millions Off Them. (Part 1 of 2)

TL;DR: "A lie told long enough becomes the truth".
- Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister For Adolf Hitler. Hitler was once endorsed by Utah's Mormon owned "Deseret News." (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
*FOR UTAH'S 6,500 ATTORNEYS, ELECTED POLITICIANS, APPOINTED LAWMAKERS, LAW SCHOOL PROFESSORS, LAW SCHOOL DEANS AND LAW SCHOOL STUDENTS, if you're looking for the link about "How To Law Bomb" you can find it "HERE" . If you want to skip the "Utah" context of all this and just quickly learn the 12 ways to "Law Bomb" as quick as you can, just scroll down a few paragraphs and you will see them.
*I compiled these 12 insidious deceptions about Utah's deceptive legal workings over a period of about 3.5 years. It started by accident then led to closely at how and why every year thousands of innocent people are lined up and extorted out of tens of thousands of dollars by Utah attorneys. As mountains of deception at the Utah Supreme Court and across all State levels were discovered, I realized why the "State of Utah" will stop at nothing to keep this a secret. Because this is in "Mormon" controlled Utah, cultural links to "Mormonism" that contradict themselves with the ecclesiastical links of Mormonism also began to present themselves. That was even more disturbing. It also revealed how all this is happening in different ways in up to 32 other US States and Washington DC. This is jeopardizing the lives and livelihood of 250 million innocent Americans more in the remaining 18 other states are being targeted everyday. For the list of current States this is happening in see here, scroll down to "In the United States" then "Mandatory, Integrated or Unified"
In Utah, Mormonism attracts generations of people who are strong willed, creative and giving. Being a "cultural" follower of Mormonism can be attractive at times in at least 5 ways: There's regular reunions, plenty of helping hands, baked-goods constantly at your fingertips, edge-of-your-seat "Book of Mormon" tales regularly filling the air and BYU football's (mostly) clean living . However, being an "ecclesiastical" follower of Mormonism today can bring dozens of challenges: These include the volumes of purposely hidden history that continue to be revealed; the vaults of secret financial facts that continue to be uncovered; the truth that exclusive, secret, covenant implying new personal names assigned to followers in private, initiation temple ceremonies actually follow an identical daily name schedule in 130 buildings around the globe; the scandals of double-standard political corruption becoming more and more prevalent; the conspiracy of generations of nepotism among Mormonism's 15 key leadership roles being exposed; the many critical similarities in the "Book of Mormon" to 6 publications that came well before it was first published in 1830; the "Hitler Endorsement" and more is all getting harder and harder to ignore. Especially because of the unique demands Mormonism places on victims of it's selectively shared history.
Over the past few years, this irreconcilable hodgepodge contributed to me discovering and eventually revealing the original perspective that Mormonism is actually a colonial deception catalyzed in the early 1800's by a well-known but secretive faction as a last ditch effort to save the failing, westerly landlocked, Freemasonry supported, 13 US settlements (1) (2) (3)). The faction was clearly led by a wealthy, well-connected, dynamic, controlling, violent, zealously patriotic, honored war-veteran named Martin Harris. In no uncertain terms, this all shows that amid this hodgepodge, in no small way, Mormonism has absolutely nepotistically grown into a $150 billion dollar, patriotically-enabled corporation allowed to masquerade as the globe's "only true religion".
This cultural grooming nearly 200 years in the making allows Mormonism to naturally keep it's dirty ecclesiastical private parts hidden behind it's cultural thrills. With a deception of this magnitude quietly headquartered in the High Mountain West and completely ignored in the mania of mainstream media it is to be expected that hidden valleys filled with turbulent rivers of deception would also go undetected for decades.
This includes Utah harboring the worst rates in the USA for child sexual abuse, teen suicide (yes teen suicide happens), adult suicide, prescription drug abuse, financial fraud, bankruptcy and State Government fraud.
By now, it should be no surprise to you that Utah is also hiding decades of insidious legal deception that allows well connected attorneys by the thousands to incredulously target its population of 3.2 million (which I'm revealing here).
For me, trying to reconcile this hodgepodge so followers and victims can see their own version of the "bigger picture" has been an intriguing challenge that has lasted decades. (Some followers believe that they are destined to rise up and again save the USA). It was in this pursuit that the dark strings of Utah's deceptive legal workings also began to be revealed. This includes the secret that Utah's most controversial, senior judge (Faust) is a follower of Mormonism and the son of a late man who was also a Utah attorney, a veteran and who for decades held one of the 15 highest ranking roles within $150 billion Mormonism. As is normal in Utah this Mormon judge was put into place by the Mormon Governor. Another secret is that a man who currently holds one of $150 billion Mormonism's 3 highest ranking roles was also a member of the 5 member Utah Supreme Court when all this legal deception was well under way back in the1980's. This is Dallin H. Oaks. Oaks is also the former president of BYU (home of Utah's J.Reuben Clark Law School) and a direct decedent of the well connected, colonial Nathan Harris family of the early 1800's. Nathan Harris was Martin Harris' father. In Utah, the governor also selects the 5 Supreme Court members.
As one dark string after another was discovered, the number of victims year after year was daunting. In the thousands. This was especially concerning because these victims became victims under the ecclesiastical "All Seeing Eye" of Mormonism's principal tri-diety "God the Father", "Jesus The Christ" and "The Holy Ghost". This also happened under Mormonism's claim of being the "Only True Church On The Earth Today" under that exclusive diety. As such, this organization also culturally and ecclesiastically led by that deity's chosen, but secretly related 15 men who embrace Mormonism's selective history and the many ideals claimed to be unique to Mormonism. This ideals include "The Glory Of God Is Intelligence". I'll let you determine for yourself how all that reconciles with these mountains, valleys and rivers of deception. There's plenty of links for you to explore after you discover the 12 ways thousands of attorneys are allowed to "Law Bomb" Utahans and extort fortunes from each victim.
So you know, for nearly 1.5 years I've tried to share the accumulation of these 12 secret ways and the deceptive systems that allow them. The Utah offices of the Governor (Gary Herbert/Spencer Cox) the Lieutenant Governor (Spencer Cox), the Attorney General (Sean Reyes), the Supreme Court members, the Judicial Conduct Commission, other critical State offices as well as the offices of several of the most critical leaders of Mormonism but the individuals responsible for all these culturally critical roles continue to look the other way. You can probably see by now how in Utah's limited culture it also goes without saying that all the critical roles of all these offices are held by individuals who count themselves among the highest levels of secretive membership within Mormonism. Their motivations, for doing what they do are as vast as the countless white quartz monzonite or red sandstone canyons of Utah's wide ranging elevations. Until now, no one has talked about how "the inmates are running the asylum" or what I call "Law Bombing".
In pursuing solutions for all this (and I see many) I shared that this vast legal deception secretly began decades ago when lawmakers (who were also State licensed attorneys), didn't want the public to be able to question what amounts they demanded from people after they got them to sign a contract. I shared that in order to accomplish this deception, they cleverly created a private corporation to pose as a "State" organization, gave it a deceptive name, (today that name is still "Utah State Bar"), forced everyone from the media to the law schools at the Mormon owned "Brigham Young University" (J. Reuben Clark Law School) and the Mormon controlled "University of Utah" (SJ Quinney Law School with the James E. Faust library) to refer to the deceptive, private corporation as "THE UTAH STATE BAR" and even secretly allowed it to be funded by the same attorneys it would provide the illusion of supervision for. I shared how today in Utah this deception provides the illusion of supervision for more than 6,500 State licensed attorneys. I shared how this deception allows generational layers of collusion, corruption, greed, impunity, countless tragedies committed by State licensed attorneys and the fortunes gained from each victim without conscience or consequence. I shared proof. I named names.
I shared how this decades old deception contributes to why time consuming complaints about Utah's 6,500 self-supervised attorneys are directed to the deceptive private corporation known as "THE UTAH STATE BAR" then intentionally delayed for months by handpicked staffers before being dead-ended in an incredulous manner with the only course of action recommended being to hire another Utah State licensed attorney to sue the original one. A process that has also been demonstrated to take 2-3 years with tens of thousands of dollars more in falsely inflated legal fees yet still end with the Utah Supreme Court turning a blind eye years later.
I shared how any appearance of any "Code of Ethics" or "Oath" taught by Utah's law schools or purported to be enforced by "THE UTAH STATE BAR" is just more self-serving illusion by and for State licensed attorneys.
I shared how this unconscionable deception means that for the thousands of victims every year, there is no official State funded "911" for the victims to call and report their attorneys crimes against them to and the attorneys know this.
I shared how innocent people suddenly finding themselves involved in divorce, custody, collection or eviction matters are the prime grooming ground for Utah's attorneys. I shared how Utah's judges play along because they were once attorneys too and had the same thing done for them.
I shared how 32 other States and Washington D.C. secretly allow deceptive private corporations to also pose as "State Bar" associations to provide the illusion of supervision for their attorneys too:
I shared these 12 ways Utah's State licensed attorneys are allowed to target innocent people and extort a fortune from each victim:
  1. Self-supervised attorneys are not required to give any upfront disclosures to victims disguised as potential clients. This means they are allowed to groom their victims with propaganda and false information to intentionally drag the clients case on for years so they can bill their client tens of thousands of dollars more than they originally could have if they had simply resolved the simple matter. (By comparison licensed real estate agents and other licensed professionals under State supervision are required to present several pages of disclosures up-front to a prospective client before a client ever agrees to pay anything).
  2. Self-supervised attorneys are allowed to secretly collude together in made-up, back-and-forth, falsely extended filings limited only to their creativity. Many times the filings also involve colluding mediators, custody evaluators, paralegals, judges and the courthouse so everyone can secretly get paid thousands at the victims expense for the falsely extended time period. This period is easily 2-3 years for even the simplest of filings.
  3. Self-supervised attorneys can exploit hundreds of thousands of dollars from a single victim by specifically targeting victims who are homeowners and have equity in the home. This is why many attorneys casually ask a victim disguised as a potential client, "Do you own your home? Is it paid off?" They collect on this fortune by using these secret tactics to artificially inflate the victim homeowner's legal bills then they use the court's dark strings to force the sale of the home. They are allowed to do this against their own clients! I have uncovered how an attorney in Utah does this and I can name at least 30 victims I have uncovered. Even more alarming is that "The Utah Supreme Court" has been aware of him doing this for years but continues to look the other way even though the number of victims continues to pile up. If you're wondering "how" this is happening you may want to read the Utah specific version of these notes sometime.)
  4. Self-supervised attorneys are allowed to demand thousands of dollars in upfront fees from victims disguised as potential clients. They call this a "Retainer Fee". They are allowed to collect these retainer fee's from one victim after another then purposely leave each "client" high and dry. It's normal for several attorneys to do this to the SAME victim at the rate of $2,500 each! I can prove this happens ALOT in Utah, dozens of attorneys who do this and that it also goes overlooked!
  5. Self-supervised attorneys are allowed to indirectly contribute to rape and violent crimes against vulnerable people by purposely misinforming victims disguised as potential clients about the cost of "protective orders". They can demand $5,000, $10,000 or more for a protective order that might save a life even though the victim can do it online for free in a matter of minutes. This is happening because there is nothing requiring self-supervised attorneys to inform victims disguised as potential clients that protective orders can be requested online instead (in many states) or that the attorney can fill out a template for one in a matter of minutes.
  6. Self-supervised attorneys are allowed to pose as "collection agents". This means they can have their own telemarketers call random "businesses" and any past or present customer the "business" targets or claims the customer owes them any amount of money, the attorney can then begin overwhelming the customer with peculiar courthouse protocols and paperwork. In the process, the attorney can demand thousands of additional dollars from the targeted customer to pay for the attorneys self-appointed "services". Even in cases when a credit card company has thoroughly investigated a matter and issued a refund to a customer based on the "businesses" crooked activities, the attorney can still falsely claim the customer still owes the crooked business and can perpetuate the false case for thousands of dollars more against the customer. To get the customer to bend to the self-supervised attorneys will, the attorney is allowed to freely hijack the customer's FICO credit report by filing false amounts owed with credit reporting agencies. Because this FICO sabatoge undermines the customer's critical opportunities to purchase a home, a car and could result in lost career opportunities with lifelong consequences, many customers just pay the self-attorneys false demands. Because "collection" attorneys generate so many profitable cases for the self-supervised courthouses (and judges) it's normal for the courthouses and judges to side with the collection attorney without ever hearing the customers explanation of what the "business" really did to them. It's not uncommon to go to a courthouse on certain "collection case" days week after week and see lines of people waiting hours upon hours to see the same judge and who are all targeted by the same "collection attorney".
  7. Self-supervised attorneys, judges, mediators, custody evaluators, etc... are allowed to abuse alcohol, pills, drugs, without any supervision. This all means that if a self-supervised attorney has a $10,000 a month cocaine habit, he/she can pay for it by simply adding $10000 to random clients bill and there's no State funded, State supervised office the client can report it to. Once a victims signs a "contract" and become a "client" in these 32 states where "self supervised" attorneys are deceptively allowed, there is literally nothing the client can do about disputing any amount of money the attorney demands from them regardless of how much it is other than beginning another 2-3 year journey by hiring another self-supervised attorney to sue the original "self-supervised attorney in the unsupervised courthouses. One Utah victim tried this and it cost another $80,000 that was also deceptively disguised by the Utah Supreme Court in secret dealings with the two attorneys involved.
  8. In Utah the "Administrative Office of the Court" deceptively sets scheduling and other purposely confusing courthouse protocols. To continue the favoring of self-supervised attorneys and judges, this deceitful office secretly sees to it that as many hearings as possible are scheduled at the same time. This is so self-supervised attorneys can all show up at the same time and bill multiple client's hundreds of dollars an hour for the same "wait time". This happens while other usable courtrooms purposely sit vacant. This self created bottleneck is also used as another excuse for attorneys to extend simple cases for years. The Utah "Administrative Office of the Court" also creates protocols that don't require attorneys to provide proof that they actually delivered critical documents to a respondent in a case. The attorneys simply check a box "claiming" they did. This is one way to gain a colluding judges ear as well as being another way to artificially extend a case by several months.
  9. Because of this self-created bottleneck, self-supervised judges secretly control what attorneys get to collect millions of dollars in artificially inflated "fees". They deceptively do this by allowing the self-supervised attorneys they favor to wait the longest during those purposely bottle necked hearings. Utah's corrupt Judges favor hundreds of attorneys more than others for a wide range of reasons. This may be because they went to BYU, because they are in the same Mormon congregation or because they are distant Mormon relatives. (If you're an attorney in Utah and you want to make this work for you, but you want to make sure your efforts are fruitful, I can provide clear evidence of a judge who colludes with attorneys and makes up false procedures on the fly!)
  10. If you thought stealing an entire home for an easy fortune was creative, check this out! Self-supervised, self-righteous attorneys are allowed to silently and purposely cause enough pain, suffering, confusion, anguish and insurmountable debt for a "client" that the client eventually gives up entirely and commits suicide or murder suicide. If the self-supervised attorneys can get a "client" to do this they can secretly collect on the false fortune of falsely inflated legal fees BUT then secretly add tens of thousands of dollars more to it (after their client dies) and no one can question them (especially the victims old parents or young children). This insidious tactic contributes to why Utah maintains one of the worst rates of suicide in the Nation year after year. You don't have to look far where a suicide or murdesuicide involved someone who had a recent or prolonged encounter with a self-supervised, self-righteous Utah attorney. "Third house, fourth house, lake house, boat house, garages full of cars, diamonds and gold". Attorneys deserve it all at any expense to their communities and innocent people's lives. After all as an attorney you had to put up with being the teacher's pet, waking up at 10 am to make it to "law class" and pass the ever critical "Bar Exam". (Bar Exam now waived by Utah). Say it with me! (For Utah specific statistics see the Utah link).
  11. In addition to elected politicians and appointed officials, the FBI, The FTC and the US Attorney's Office have demonstrated in no uncertain way that they too will continue to look the other way when it comes to these tactics. To make it easy for these organizations to do this, it's common for self-supervised attorneys to register a different business name to operate under every few years. That way if someone dares file a complaint against an "Ambassador of the Law", these organizations file it under a different business name and never let too many complaints pile up under the same business name. Hush-Hush Kabush.
  12. "Grey Rocking" yo! "Grey Rocking" is a therapeutic perspective commonly shared by counselors with victims of targeted emotional abuse. This approach encourages the victim to temporarily behave like a "grey rock" when the emotional abuser attempts to provoke them. There are many resources online about this. In an ever-creative twist of appropriation, self-supervised attorneys have actually hijacked this too and use it as a method to abuse their victims disguised as clients. This is why it's normal for victim's disguised as clients to only receive emails from their "attorney" demanding more money even though the attorney has ignored critical emails week after week.
Imagine being kidnapped and held hostage in your own house for years. Somehow, you finally grab a phone and dial publicly funded "911" but instead of the police answering, your call is routed to the deceptively funded, private abuser holding you hostage. You're beaten again and billed thousands for it. The cycle continues. You're allowed to go to work but eventually you lose your job because of the effects of the abuse, you eventually lose your house to your abuser, your children grow up without you because you're always suffering...stories like these are common from victims of Utah's self-supervised attorneys. These are victims who have no idea what really happened to them.
The insidious actions of a growing list of self-supervised attorneys, at least one colluding judge, elected officials and others contributed to these 12 tactics being discovered and compiled over the past three years. This list includes but is not limited to self-supervised attorneys Jay Barney (collection), Kara Barton (family law), Marco Brown (protective orders/family law), Steve Christensen (family law), Nicholas Gottweld (family law), Patricia Latulippe (family law), David Maddox (family law) Karen O'Brien (family law), Richard Plehn (family law), Velvet Poston (mediator), Spencer Ricks (family law), Allison Satterlee (family law) and Virginia Sudbury (family law) as well as Judge Robert Faust (son of the late SJ Quinney Law Library namesake and former living Apostle of the biblical Jesus Christ James E. Faust), recently retired Utah State Courts Director Richard Schwermer, Governor Gary R. Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox (Governor Elect), Attorney General Sean Reyes (AG Elect), the Utah Supreme Court, former BYU President and former member of the Utah Supreme Court Dallin H. Oaks, the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission, The Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, the deceptively named private corporation "Utah State Bar" and many more names to come.
While thousands of attorneys are banking millions a year of their neighbors, friends and victims disguised as "clients" with these 12 tactics, allowing "State Bar Associations" to deceptively pose as a "State funded" office for so many decades has created a limitless line of victims (living and dead). This in turn creates a hidden, limitless problem for these 32 states and Washington D.C. For example, in Utah, this is because for the past several decades other legitimate State funded offices have also issued state licenses for State licensees in other professions but those State funded offices also engage in the actual, active supervision of those State licensees. (This includes more than 40,000 State licensees like real estate agents, mortgage agents and insurance agents). However, as you have now discovered, this type of State licensing AND State supervision has secretly not been the case for Utah's 6,500 attorneys. As you now know, only the illusion of State supervision has prevailed.
By supervising the education and testing of real estate agents, mortgage agents, insurance agents and attorneys, issuing State licenses to them, openly engaging in the supervision of real estate agents, mortgage agents and insurance agents while secretly only providing the illusion of supervision for Utah attorneys, the State of Utah has simultaneously created and broken a critical fiduciary duty to it's past and present population. Because of this deceptive, hidden, double-standard resulting in this fiduciary duty being simultaneously created, perpetuated and broken for decades, the State of Utah is on the hook to it's past and present population for several decades of immeasurable tragedy, loss of life and limitless financial devastation committed by Utah's self-supervised attorneys. This immeasurable, irreconcilable cost for the State of Utah contributes to why personnel within critical offices of the State of Utah will continue to stop at nothing to keep it hidden at all costs. This includes past, present and future Governors, Attorney's General and members of the Utah Supreme Court, the Utah Judiciary, the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission, the Utah Administrative Office of the Court, the private corporation deceptively allowed to be known as "Utah State Bar" as well as the Utah offices of the FBI, FTC and the US Attorney's Office and the famous billionaire Utah Mormon connected benefactor families the Eccles, Huntsman's and Miller's who over the years have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Utah institutions and politicians that directly and/or indirectly continue to perpetuate this critical deception.
"They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds".
This however is just the beginning...
Link to Part 2.
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TikTok Files New Petition in U.S. Court of Appeals

TikTok Files New Petition in U.S. Court of Appeals

Image: Unsplash - visuals
TikTok, the controversial video-sharing app owned by Chinese tech conglomerate ByteDance, is expected to be officially banned in the U.S. as of today, per an executive order issued by President Donald Trump in August. The White House views the platform as a threat to national security, charging it could share sensitive information on U.S. consumers with Chinese authorities — an allegation TikTok fiercely contests, including through a lawsuit against the government.
But while the deadline for TikTok to secure a sale that could preserve its business in a key market is finally here, one would be hard-pressed to tell the platform is facing an existential crisis on the surface. Marketing Dive easily downloaded and accessed TikTok from the Apple App Store Thursday morning, and marketers, too, appear to be holding fast with their efforts on the app.
"TikTok has continued to grow and thrive through multiple past 'deadlines,' and we believe we'll see that again now," Evan Horowitz, chief executive at Movers+Shakers, an agency that develops TikTok campaigns for brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics and NYX, said over email. "All of our clients are moving full speed ahead with their TikTok campaigns and TikTok channels."
Even TikTok seems perplexed by the state of affairs, The Verge reported. ByteDance and TikTok on Wednesday filed a petition in the U.S. Court of Appeals claiming they've stopped receiving communication in recent weeks from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, the agency group reviewing the app's business, after asking for a 30-day extension to iron out an agreement. The companies are hoping the appeals court grants them some additional lead time to work out a deal, as one tentatively cleared by Trump involving Oracle and Walmart taking on ownership of TikTok remains in flux pending the stamp of approval from Chinese officials, per Quartz. Additionally, the government still has until midnight tonight to issue an extension, Carl Tobias, a law professor at the University of Richmond, told Bloomberg.
Which is to say that marketers hoping Nov. 12 would bring some finality to the TikTok saga are likely to be disappointed, if they're still paying careful attention to the months-long imbroglio at all.
"My suspicion is that most marketers will care more about brand safety from the perspective of inappropriate and offensive content than anything relating to accusations around national security," Alex Bronwsell, media editor at the researcher WARC, said over email. "As long as TikTok offers mass scale and helps them to engage otherwise hard to reach consumers, advertisers will likely be content to ride the waves of any political controversy — until such a time, of course, that consumer sentiment sours in a meaningful or lasting way."

No signs of slowing down

When President Trump first issued an executive order pressing ByteDance to divest TikTok's U.S. business over the summer, it set off a mad scramble speculating over the fate of one of the most exciting and innovative apps to hit the market in years.
TikTok has experienced explosive growth and become a favorite of young consumers who are elusive on traditional media channels, an enviable position that's been strengthened as social media usage continues to spike during the pandemic. Marketers have subsequently flocked to the platform in droves, while TikTok has built out a stronger advertising business, including by introducing its first global marketing platform over the summer. The app in recent weeks has signed extensive deals with Sony Music and the e-commerce platform Shopify.
Upward momentum for TikTok has been steady and strong enough that aggression from the White House has almost become a secondary consideration, as suggested by Brownsell. The Trump administration has also experienced some key setbacks.
An order that intended to prevent new downloads or software updates to TikTok starting Sept. 20 was blocked by Judge Carl Nichols of the U.S. District Court in Washington, ensuring the app could continue to acquire users and maintain its functionality. Then, late last month, a federal judge in Pennsylvania issued a separate injunction against restrictions against the app that were set to go into effect today, while not preventing the entire ban order from taking hold.
"There's been some level of uncertainty about TikTok's future for over a year now, and the demand for TikTok among marketers has grown exponentially," Horowitz said, noting that his agency has recently signed blue-chip companies like Amazon and Disney to make their TikTok debuts.
The executive added that Movers+Shakers has "a big pipeline of launches" planned for the first quarter of next year as well.

'Arbitrary and capricious'

In the petition to the U.S. Court of Appeals, TikTok and ByteDance described the Trump administration's actions as "arbitrary and capricious" and pleaded with the court to review the situation and stop the forced divestiture of the app's operations, per The Wall Street Journal.
If the White House remains as inattentive to the issue as the companies allege, and if the administration of projected president Biden is friendlier to Chinese businesses, it's possible that TikTok will be able to land on sturdier footing in the months ahead, helping to enshrine its dominant status in the video app space. However, marketers should still be planning for any scenario, including an outright shutdown.
"Most U.S. marketers, in tandem with their agencies, will have put in place contingency plans in the event of a ban — while seeming unlikely, it won't come as a total shock," Brownsell said.
"We would expect most brands to redirect investment towards other platforms that can deliver youthful audiences, including Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube," Brownsell added. "A temporary ban would allow advertisers to measure the contribution of TikTok to its marketing effectiveness, which is no bad thing. A longer ban, however, would result in further fragmentation of Gen Z audiences, making life harder for marketers chasing those audiences."
Originally published by Peter Adams | November 12, 2020 Social Media Today
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