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Russia Daily News – 2020-01-28 – STATOPERATOR

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Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-13: He Went To Jared Edition

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I guess being CF makes you matter less.: truechildfree

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Mark of chaos patch 1.72 skype. Basketballdude354 AIM: Crossover9023 Skype: Markup707. Inactive Malware Help Topics forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. That foretold "purity and light" stuff was a literal description of their goal. Trailing status button: Enable/Disable Trailing by clicking on this button.

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Consumer Priorities Are the Key to Solving Urban Mobility. C: \Program Files (x86)\NAMCO BANDAI Games\Warhammer Mark of Chaos and store it somewhere for later, as I now install the Battle March addon and use cracked version of [HOST] for BM and extract the new [HOST] [HOST] files by typically running a 6 player Skirmish map against the AI, so I can use all the available armies to. Blog Archive 2020 (33) July (1) January (32) Make a CD Listing In Text Format; jiGGafellz' Step-by-Step Guide to Secure CD Rippin. There is always a story to everything- sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but hopefully always entertaining. How to install skype on ArcoLinux and use it; How to preview fonts in the command-line on Linux; How to upgrade to LMDE 4; Wine or Emulation.

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Boiler Room - The warped relationship dynamics of the Watts

First off lets make it clear that what CW did was evil and SW is the victim in this case, there is no justification for what he did to her and his kids. A man who kills and discards his kids in oil batteries to dissolve them in crude oil shows no love or care for them.
This post may be seen as victim blaming however it is not intended for that purpose. The post is meant to warn people about the dangers of staying in an unhealthy relationship especially when kids are involved and to recognize the warning signs before it is already too late. It is about the dangers of shoving the wrong person to the ground. Like when Markeis McGlockton shoved Michael Drejka to the ground who then retaliated with a disproportionate response and executed him in return. It does not really matter what McGlockton did, at the end of the day he was the victim who didn't deserve to die and Drejka his killer who deserves to be in prison for what he did.
The relationship dynamics of the Watts seemed very unhealthy and had signs of a high control group situation inside a single family with lots of emotional manipulation and mind games being played. With one person being figuratively shoved into the ground mentally instead of physically and ending up killing the other and then some.
It is worth noting that had CW been the wife in this story and SW the husband then most likely many people would have simply called SW an emotionally abusive and controlling husband who exploited and humiliated their spouse. He was absolutely the wrong person to try these games with because he ended up being a covert smiling assassin who would take it all laying down until he didn't anymore, then he stabbed her in the back instead probably while she was sleeping. Spousal abuse is peanuts compared to quadruple first degree murder, so keep that in mind when we're judging the victims actions.
It goes without saying this is all speculation of course.
Let’s take a look at a few of the warning signs of a battered spouse. This is just a partial list of the symptoms of the battered spouse syndrome.
Walking on eggshells. Isolated from your friends and family members. The “us” vs. “them” mentality. Financial abuse. Constant chaos. Sleep deprivation. Threats of abandonment/abuse. Lies/dishonesty. Name calling/insults.
Now let’s apply these symptoms to the case of Christopher Watts and see whether it is likely or not that he was a battered spouse.
CW was walking on eggshells
Christopher Watts was constantly walking on eggshells around his wife, the proof that he was seems obvious right in all of those videos she posted on social media for the world to see. He and his father were afraid to have the girls skype with their grandparents because they figured that Bella might accidentally mention it to CW’s wife. Let that sink in. The girls’ own father was afraid to allow the girls to skype with their grandparents because he was afraid it would make his wife angry.

CW was isolated from friends and family members
From day one, Christopher Watts’ wife seemed to do her best to isolate CW from his friends and family members. When they met up with one of CW’s friends and his wife, CW hugged his buddy’s wife then paid the price for it for the next six months. CW’s wife, his girlfriend at the time, became angry right at the restaurant. She was cold, aloof, pouting, and refusing to take part in conversation. It was clear she was pissed and CW knew there would be hell to pay. For what? For hugging his buddy’s wife? He should have ran as fast as he could away from miss temper tantrum. It only got worse, as abuse does escalate over time. It’s easy to see from the outside in retrospect, but that hissy fit was warning sign. CW just was too clueless to recognize the warning signs. She insisted that he stop his daily workouts at the gym because he might run into one of his ex girlfriends. He prided himself on his workout routine. He loved working out. It was a big part of who he was. And he let it go because she somehow convinced him that his duty was to her alone, evidently to help her feel more secure in his love for her. It makes you wonder just how many times she said to him “If you love me then you’ll do this”. And it makes you wonder why on earth he ever allowed her to take total control of his life. They say that love is blind, it appears in CW’s case that love was not only blind but it was deaf, dumb, and clueless too. She also insulted his friends over and over again. She would say that the dishes weren’t as nice as her own or that their homes or their furniture was “okay” in a tone that sounded like she was being snarky. When his friends said to CW “wow she is really insulting” he would apologize to them and say she was just having a bad day. His friends said that if she had acted like that just once or twice then that would be possibly someone just having a bad day. But with her CW’s friends said it was a sign of a bad personality. One time when CW did dare to speak up in his own defense she went ballistic and pushed him right out the door. He stood outside begging her to let him come back inside the house. No kidding. A grown man. Obviously too love struck to see the writing on the wall. When it came to his family she constantly ridiculed his parents and his sister insisting they did not treat her well. She told him that his mother was rude to her at one of the pre-wedding get togethers. She told CW to call his own mother to tell her she was being rude. And he did. It’s clear that he was falling for her charade. Then she fired his sister from the wedding party because she wouldn’t take the entire week of the wedding off work. It’s no surprise that his family didn’t attend the wedding if they weren’t welcome there. She convinced him that her doctor told her she had to move to Colorado for her health. He had a good job when he met her. He had a good savings account and he had excellent credit. He was surrounded by family members and life long friends. Moving to Colorado meant he lost every single part of his support network. Which in my opinion was to isolate him from his family and friends.
The “us” vs. “them” mentality
CW’s wife complained constantly about his family members saying they weren’t being nice to her. She forced him to choose between his family and her. CW who was “in love” with a woman he was believing had all sorts of terrible diseases and was so successful and then to hear her crying that his own family wasn’t being nice to her. He was buying into the lies. So by the time they moved to Colorado he was maybe figuring that if they moved further away that not only would her health improve like he believed the doctor said it would, but maybe he wouldn’t have to keep hearing her bitch about his family members too.
Financial abuse
One of the most glaring signs of abuse in that marriage was the financial exploitation. His credit was excellent when he met her. He had a savings account. He owned his dream car. He had his dream job one that he worked long and hard for including going through the expensive schooling to become a NASCAR trained mechanic. Financially speaking CW was sound and secure. His wife? She was a financial disaster. She somehow got her house with less than 10% down payment and just a few weeks after meeting CW’s savings account she quit her job. She had just bought a brand new house and she quit her job? How does that work exactly? Well when your new boyfriend believes your lies about taking 28 pills per day for all of your mystery illnesses and diseases then maybe how it works is you have convinced the new doormat in your life that you need him to rescue you? This was another great opportunity for the clueless CW to run the other way fast. He bought the house in Colorado all by himself which tells you that she had no income and no credit to help. Then one month later he deeded it to the both of them putting her name right on the deed where she probably felt she belonged. To hell with actually having to work when you have a doormat boyfriend who will believe all of your lies. CW claims that when they moved to Colorado she was able to suddenly stop taking 28 pills per day. Can you say clueless? They moved to Colorado. They lived with friends at first. He took a job that was nothing at all compared to the job he left behind. He bought the house. They got married without his family present after she isolated him from his parents and sister. Four months later they were pregnant with Bella. And less than a year and a half later they were bankrupt. Don’t believe the lies you’re being told about the bankruptcy. It wasn’t about the medical bills. It was about the spending. Have you heard about the dining room table CW’s wife bought on credit, a very expensive dining room table that was repossessed. The bankruptcy was a way for them to walk away from over 70k in unsecured debts. Let that number sink in. And remember that CW had recently qualified to buy the house with no problem. Who was carrying all of that debt? Well, somewhere along the way she convinced him, get this, that he wasn’t good with handling money. And he fell for it just like he fell for all of the other lies she was telling him from the start. And when she took control of the money, he became even more trapped in the sick relationship than he had ever been before up to that point. In Dec. of 2017 she stopped making the house payments and he didn’t have a clue. In March they were at risk of losing the house so he pulled 10k out of his retirement account and handed it over to her. Still clueless obviously that she wasn’t making the money she was claiming that she made he kept going to work everyday figuring she had caught up the house payments with that 10k. But it now seems she didn’t catch up the house payments like she said she would with that 10k. Which goes to show just how much money she was paying to all of those MLMs she was trying to “promote”. She spent money faster than it hit the bank from CW’s direct deposited paychecks. They were broke. She controlled the money alright. And she kept him broke she bankrupted him and she just kept right on spending until finally at 2:30 in the morning in Aug. 2018 when she tried to buy hair care products online her credit card was declined. They had no money. I highly doubt she had any income. They were broke. And the next morning the girls had to go to daycare. The house payment was due. The hearing was coming up because she never paid the HOA dues so they were being sued for $1,500 in unpaid HOA dues that she said she must have sent the payment to the wrong address. The night that poor little Bella and Celeste were murdered CW and his wife’s house of financial cards was already tumbling down. What was she going to do? She didn’t have enough money to even pay for daycare the next morning? Plus, those who insist there was an open CPS case say they were due in court in just a few days about the “family plan”. Just imagine if she thought she was losing any chance of being allowed to be alone with the girls. If CW had left her in order to not lose the girls then he and the girls would have been just fine financially. And she would have been homeless and all of their secrets would have become known.
Constant chaos
CW walked on eggshells. He asked his wife for permission for everything. They were broke and CW had no say in how the money was spent. And his wife used her long list of illnesses and diseases that she claimed to have to maintain control over him. She even hyper controlled him with food just listen to all of the allergies gluten? eggs? kiwi? chocolate? tree nuts? peanuts? the big bad pistachio? Yet she fed those girls crap with the above ingredients on camera no less. CW was working full time picking his children up at daycare and taking care of them including laundry and meals and cleaning that basement and doing whatever else his drill sergeant told him to do. On his birthday during a little get together she was the center of attention while she told him on his birthday, during his birthday, his birthday celebration, to go hang up the girls laundry to dry. When she barked her orders CW didn’t walk, he ran to please her. Because remember he was afraid of her getting mad.
Sleep deprivation
When a person is being abused often they are sleep deprived. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if CW was kept exhausted by his wife who would tell him what to do and expect him to run to serve her. Just think about the time he was taking a friend to the airport. It was time for him to leave. And she said no. Not until you clean the basement. Did he tell her to stuff it? Did he say that he’d do it later? No he hurried as fast as he could to clean the basement. Just imagine the stress he was under always trying so hard to do whatever she was ordering him to do so she wouldn’t get mad.
Threats of abandonment
I think the only reason that CW stayed in the marriage as long as he did was because of the kids. This is common in abusive relationships. The person who is being abused will often stay in an abusive relationship because of the children. Also in her first marriage she stopped coming home at night according to her first husband. And his mother said something to the effect that when she heard CW’s wife was missing she figured she was just disappearing for a few days as if it wasn’t uncommon for her to pull that stunt. And think about her neck scar. And the car accident. And her mother’s question about the knives. What if CW stayed because she may have threatened to harm herself and/or the girls in the past?
Abusers are liars. Now take an honest look at all of the lies that have been told about CW’s wife. She was a highly successful employee of a billion dollar company? She was a nurse? She was a stay at home mom? She made big money on her house? She made 500k per year? She was infertile? She had diabetes? The list is long, remember how she said one of the girls had familial Mediterranean fever then three months later she said the doctors were leaning toward that diagnosis? Just imagine how often she lied to her own husband. She said that she was able to stop taking 28 medications all at once. Right. She said her doctor said she had to move to Colorado for her health. Sure. She said that her in laws tried to harm the girls. BS.
Name calling/insults
She was calling her husband a dummy. She posted a big fuck you to her mother in law on social media. She yelled and screamed at her in law’s house saying the girls would never step foot in their house again and that they didn’t care if the girls lived or died. She insulted CW’s friends and family members. And she routinely insulted CW. Watch the Santa video.
Was Christopher Watts a battered spouse? In my opinion he is a poster boy and the case of CW is a case for our society to learn about the dangers of staying in an unhealthy relationship to not only the spouses but even more importantly to the children who were murdered by one of their parents in what should have been the safety of their own home.
Financial motives:
Nichol Kessinger does not think she is the only catalyst for this event. She does believe that being in Chris’ life may have accelerated the process. She said Chris and Shanann did not get along well and their financial life was also troubling. She said Chris was struggling with finances and now he had a third kid on the way and she does not know if he could afford another kid [certainly not a fourth kid with Nichol]. Shanann was not responsive to their financial trouble. Nichol said she is financially stable and Chris said he did not know women like her existed. Nichol feels money is the biggest catalyst for this event happening. -Kevin Koback
Us vs them and isolation from family:
August 4, 2018 0336 hours: ln a lengthy message Shanann told Watts "Truth came out last night. l didn't create no dagger between you and your dad. That was done by your mom and your dad and I won't change a thing. My daughter's life is way more important and you better believe I wanted to say a whole lot more than I did, but I was being the bigger person and protecting Bella.
l didn't tell your dad not to come to party. l didn't tell him not to text, or call your daughter, on her birthday. I didn't tell him to start acting like he only has two grandkids instead of 4. I didn't block your family on fb, he did. Myself and your kids have nothing to say to them. They do. They owe your kids their life. Your parent's home isn't a safe zone. Your mom isn't safe! You can let them tell you what you want, but I didn't tell anyone to stop loving your kids, or stop acting like it. He did that not me.
You can believe I created this dagger, but I didn't do that. I stood up for our kids, I advocated and protected our children. I don't ever want to hear 'l'm sorry I killed your kid because I was stupid.' That would kill me. These kids are my world and I have to protect them from the evil of the world. I shouldn't have to protect them from evil family. Our kids deserve the same love and attentlon the other kids get, nothing less. l'm not accepting l'm sorry from your mom, because she doesn't mean it and she knew what she was doing.
I made it very clear not to eat it around Celeste, because she doesn't understand, way before that happened. She's evil and willing to risk your daughter's life just to get under my skin. You and your dad are no different if you are ok with her behavior. There's nothing wrong with me and l'm not crazy. I just love my kids way too much. From the day I left you never said I missed you before I said it. Something changed when I left. You may be happier alone and that's fine. You can be alone! This pregnancy, you have failed to acknowledge it, or to acknowledge how l'm feeling. The first trimester is the scariest and most dangerous yet we can lose this baby at any point till delivery. l'm not going to be treated this way for having the balls to protect our family and kids. I should get a gold fucking medal for handling it the way I did, because I had a lot of choice words l wanted to say to her and your dad for his stupidity. No one stands up to your mom and your dad for that. He's just as guilty by not doing anything. I have nothing to do with him stop sharing memories of his grandkids. What does that have to do with me? They are fucking with our kids feelings and that l'm not ok with. I am their mother and I will protect them. I have enough to worry about with the world out there, l'm not going to worry about family. remove it."
0513 hours: Shanann added, "l also don't control what you do. lf you want to go hang out with your parents today, by all means do so, but without us. Don't put it on me why you can't go. You are your own person."
0726 hours: Watts replied to Shanann for the first time, "These kids mean the world to me and always will. Yes, my mom truly screwed up in a huge way, more than a huge way. I don't know what I would've done if something happened to CeCe. These kiddos are the light of my life and seeing their sweet, incredible smiles and playfulness makes me smile every day. l'm sorry for the way l've been acting, it's just been in my head and I haven't been right at all."
0731 hours: Shanann responded with two messages to Watts, "Yes that l created this dagger between you and your dad and that wasn't me. That was them. I protected our daughter from their stupidity. They created that and you belong with them thinking otherwise. I didn't tell your dad to remove himself from the kid's life... I did and do not deserve to be treated the way you have. l defended our daughter."
0748 hours: Watts replied to Shanann, "Yes you protected our daughter and l thank you for that a million times a million. I don't think they are innocent in any of this. They do want to be in the kids' life and l'm not sure they even know how to right now. They should've swallowed whatever they needed to and came to Cece's Birthday Party and called her and shouldn't have blocked all social media contact with them. I don't care what they do with us, just as long as they love and respect the kids. l'm not use to not having a relationship with my dad. I should've just called him before it got to this point where it got in my head I didn't and that's my fault."
0803 hours: Shanann responded, "why should you beg them to be in their life. They pick up phone and apologize for starters. They show up to her birthday, especially since we were an hour away. They did this they make the effort. You blame me for this so called dagger between you and him. Fuck that. You are just like them. Believe what he tells you and move back home where you weren't appreciated when I met you. No one ever protected you from your mom and someone should have before me. l'm done being the bad guy in all this. Especially when I had more balls to stand up for you a long time ago with them. My bad for thinking you deserved better. Not my kids are in the pic and l'm done."
1153 hours: continuing this conversation Shanann told Watts, "while it's on my mind .. if l'm in the wrong that's one thing, but l'm not here and you not standing up for us and the girls is not cool. You just make it so they feel they did no wrong and brush it under the rug. I will never trust your parents alone with our kids. EVER! This is the week we started datin8 8 years ago. They ruin everything special. lwon't forgive you, or them, for that. l'm tired of it. l'm the one that takes care of you not them. You making me feel like complete shit these last several weeks, especially this week [and] l'm not ok with [it] and l won't change my ways when it comes to our kids. And I always defended you. Always."
1155 hours: Shanann added, "l'm not asking you to choose who to be with l shouldn't have to ask you to choose right from wrong. You are not happy, then you know where to go... Worst summer ever."
August 5,2018 1515 hours: Shanann asked watts, "Are you wanting to go to see just Maw Maw tomorrow? or family too?"
Watts replied, "l was hoping both. lf not that's ok too. I wanted to see Maw Maw in the morning if possible. You wanted the girls to see her too right?"
shanann responded thrice, "lf both then that's fine, but alone. lf just Maw Maw we will go... They saw her twice and they can go again but l'm standing strong with your family. You can use the truck and see both. But l just need to know... l'm not going to be reason you don't see them. So if you do you just go."
1528 hours: Watts replied, "l know they would love to see Maw Maw one more time. I bet Maw Maw would love to see them too since she remembers them. I don't want to leave anyone without a car here though either. Should I have someone pick me up at nursing home so the girls can still see Maw Maw?"
ln two messages shanann responded, "l'm not going to be where there's a chance we will run into your family. l,m not kidding christopher. l'm having a bad experience these last few days with my pregnancy and l'm spotting. l'm not dealing with it... Have your parents pick you up when kids go down tonight then and do what you need too..."
1533 hours: Watts concluded, "l want kids to see Maw Maw. l will make sure there is zero chance anyone will see them."
This whole rant seemed about winning, being right at a very high cost, at the expense of the other half, about control over him and him choosing between either his wife or his family. About being entitled to a gold fucking medal for petty clashes with your in laws. So was all this animosity and hostility worth it? When in their right mind did they reach the point of no return? How did these people sabotage themselves and each other so badly?
In the end nobody won they're all losers that paid the ultimate price, everyone lost and paid for it dearly. Most of all those three completely innocent children who where never in any position to make a choice to begin with and depended on their parents. A very expensive lesson where the education was not worth the price. Going bankrupt a second time and divorcing would've been nothing compared to what ended up happening. Let that be a lesson for all of us that other people have already paid for in full with their own lives.
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Do the daemon primarchs hate eachother as much as the chaos gods they serve do?

If I understand the chaos gods correctly they are in a constant game of chess against eachother and this great game is much more important to them than messing with the mortal races of the galaxy. So how do the daemon primarchs see eachother? And what is their relationship to their patron god?
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