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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 293 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • >>>CONT
    • If it's between two SES people that's usually something that's gonna be a little bit more serious than not Bernie Sanders another SES of course Barack Obama throw any other ones out that you want tasks for us as we go
    • So it's going to be interesting to see if the Bruce Ohr Nellie Ohr those kind of folks are in there as well
    • Cody Shear I don't think ever was in government I think that's just a fake name for Sid Blumenthal
    • But we'll see that John Brennan, we don't really know if he's John McCain is SES
    • So we don't--the Senate Armed Services Committee that all of those guys are going to be interesting
    • Graham all those people that sat on that committee
    • So the idea being here is that it's knowing who to go to knowing where to go to ask for discovery
    • You don't know what you don't know
    • The more clues you have about who has a heavy line between them, a heavy connection, the better chance you have of asking for the right thing
    • So keep adding to that
    • Push out that plumb book for the plumb book 2006 I pushed out
    • I pushed out the reddit link as well so you can create you see this running list
    • And it'll just help and then I always do these deep dives on individual profiles of people we don't know, to see what are they doing
    • What are what are they doing one guy is comes from China Lake
    • He's a he's a cop and basically puts gets put in charging the engraving plates, really?
    • There's another person that--he's over here--used to kind of an administrative guy, and then all of a sudden he's buying all the weapons
    • Raytheon systems, he's buying f-35s--it at 300 million a pop
    • So just it's that kind of thing is
    • Drilling down and getting more and more examples, rather than just talking at high level
    • They're all in touchable about it that's not true the original act was created in 1978 to create SES
    • But then the act is strengthened the SES was in an executive order, which Trump could say "re strengthening the SES"
    • Everybody has to go through a background check
    • Everybody has to have Mike McMahan do--16-way background check on their on their background make sure their citizens etc
    • That ATIF guy that went to school with at Johns Hopkins
    • I'd like to see if he's SES
    • All the characters all of the Awans are they SES? {{ 911: They aren't. I should publish a 'searched and did not find' list }}
    • Is Hina Alvi SES? {{ no }}
    • Is Natalia Sova {{ no }}
    • Who knows until people actually run the names
    • This is another good area of metadata that I can think is going to help lead us to sources that could prove very very valuable in the future
  • Day 150.3. Will Lisa Page Come To Whistleblower Sunday? - YouTube
    • This is Day 150 this is part three
    • Trying to shelter myself in the wind the weather is so much better than yesterday
    • It's about 20 degrees warmer
    • And if I walk out here to the bright Sun it's just a glorious day here in Washington
    • Of course we're here for Whistleblower Sunday
    • Task Force was with me a few moments ago
    • When Lisa Paige of Peter Strzoks and Lisa Paige Fane ran right by us they're on the other side of the Capitol
    • I guarantee you dressed in a green ahead of us vest, Down Vest, guarantee you black running shorts, that is her
    • Absolutely
    • It's kind of one of those things when you see somebody 5000 times
    • And you finally see them in person, you go "that's the person"
    • Anyway I was looking right at her she'd ran right by me
    • So anyway I don't know if she's here for Whistleblower Sunday or not, but she's welcome to come here
    • I don't know she's SES or not
    • I don't know Peter Strzoks is SES
    • I don't know if McGarrity is SES who else well Priestap isn't rebecky isn't how about the team how about the prosecutorial team for Mueller I know Weissman is SES how about the other 13 Democrats it could be the reason why this is important not only for email scoring and network analysis
    • But what if they all are Masons, let's say above 33?
    • Or there's a sub clique within the Masons?
    • I'm not the one who referred to a secret society
    • Strzoks and Page--Lisa didn't she didn't give me any secret handshakes or any secret salutes
    • But she's the one who talked about the secret society, not me
    • So I'm just saying it's worth pursuing, because the conspirators are talking about it
    • The conspirators are talking about it
  • Day 150.5. SES Yes! - YouTube
    • So I'll tell you when to start
    • This is not yes Y E S
    • This is S E S SES this is about playing chess with SES see how that rhymes
    • {{ JK Music }} Queen and little black square...time y time y time pickle november in there's a string and poor friend sippin' on heinlein deety deety deety song. singin' a song reeee time and time and news is capture {{ /bad trancription }}
    • It's chess with SES it's chess
    • But that's yes the white queen is definitely not Hillary though {{ 911: she's the white queen in upside down world }}
    • I know that well we're gonna make it one of our heroes Robyn Gritz--there you go thanks very much JK
    • And we're gonna talk JK into getting Patreon maybe, someday
    • Whatever that is contributed works and yeah I just want to contribute to what you're doing you and Task Force
    • It's fantastic
    • Government corruption--it doesn't matter left right middle they don't care
    • Black squares or white squares doesn't matter
    • That's it there it is
    • Thanks Jay
  • Day 150.8. Wrap - YouTube
    • NO Autocaption, just watch it. I'm beat.
    • SES takeaway
    • TF: Who the SES is, what they mean, and researching them
    • JK: Music on Sunday, wonderful comments, Information Artist channel on Youtube--how difficult it is to get accurate information
    • The more controversial the info the more difficult to get the info
    • GW: Gen statements about the SES, give me drill down, is there anything about these groups that they have in common, connections like the frank guistra partners
    • Maybe just an outro
    • JK: {{ OUTRO }} -- who's gonna rule? who's gonna rule? Give your best to others as you would have them give to you!
    • GW: Golden Rule as applied to Uranium One
  • Day 150.9. No More Blooming SES DEA Licenses. - YouTube
    • Ok this is the rap for day 150 you can see the magnolias are blooming
    • Cherries I haven't found one blooming yet, but maybe this is a cherry here I believe, and it has not quite
    • But anyway ses we're gonna just be doing this kind of spreadsheet
    • Are you a gmail user, when you should have used a government account?
    • Are you an SES member that you are also a politician on the inner circle--a political person, not really a administrative or functional person?
    • And then do you have a DEA license?
    • Because that just seems to be the combination, where if you're FBI, you don't need all those things
    • If you're well we saw Lisa Page here not too long ago running by
    • I don't really see why an attorney would have a DEA license, for instance
    • I'm not sure she does
    • I'm just saying unless you're really into field--field law enforcement
    • I just don't see headquarters people here having DEA licenses, being members of the SES
    • And also--having these lavish parties, Lamborghinis, BMWs, three four five six million dollar homes, that kind of thing
    • It just seems like maybe this McCabe era of law enforcement color-of-law enforcement
    • The illegal Uranium trade
    • Illegal partnerships
    • Pay-to-play
    • Hopefully that's over with Andy McCabe
    • We'll see we're gonna keep drilling down especially on the 60 SES that we have
    • And see if there this this DEA license thing stops blooming for those folks with color-of-law
  • Day 150.10. Roll Back SES To GS-16 Until Vetting Process Done - YouTube
    • No Autocaptions
    • {{ G: Look at my shirt: who drove the NGP Van? }}
    • SES thing
    • It could be that we have this--SS in Weimar Republic in the 30s, around '38, 39 Triump of DerWillen
    • There was a switchover to the covert group
    • Then there was the night of the long knives
    • A subversive group where this this agreement, like mafia, we're all made men, we will always lie for each other, duty to each other, pietas to each other
    • I'm seeing in the SS subgroup, the JTTF, counterintelligence, there's an SS subgroup within SES
    • You shouldn't just be able to get into SES
    • If I were Trump that's what I'd say. We're just going to unwind the clock to GS-16. None of this having your peers vote your bonuses, self rewards, unlimited budget to spend on self-congratulatory meetings, or creating your job for when you leave
    • G16 and do the vetting process
    • You should at least have to go through all the G-positions before you get there, no jumping over everyone who has learned the ropes
    • SES stormtroopers
    • It's unfair to have this other class that has a select class
    • It's against our constitution, move everyong back to GS-16 and make it based on MERIT (not NEPOTISM / LOYOLAS / INGROUP Secret society networks)
  • Day 151.1 Inspecting the Inspectors General - SES or Vacant? - YouTube
    • I found this Senior Executive Service summary on a AIM for this plum book
    • And every four years each president puts together a book for all the transition positions
    • About 1200 that they appoint with Senate confirmation
    • And then another fourteen hundred they just Appoint straight out
    • But the folks over at am correctly pointed out that these inspectors general were added for the 2012 book and the 2016 book
    • Now, that may remind you of the backbone agencies of the DynCorp
    • Army Navy Air Force Coast Guard etc, as well as all the internal agencies, like Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Coast Guard, all the things we've been talking about
    • All those different agencies like Treasury...
    • If you can control the inspectors general you can control the investigation never has that been more clear in the investigations now, into the FISA matters in the Department of Justice, as well as other investigations like the House of Representatives and the Awans
    • And of course also the inspector of the CIA and the DIA with Mr. Brennan's agency
    • So here's those 1,200 agencies that require Senate confirmation
    • Here's the 1,400 positions that are just appointees
    • Now, these are all being blocked, currently by the Senate
    • Here's the listing I'll include for all the different PDFs
    • You go to the PDFs well here's the most important person that's blocking those 190 whistleblowers this is acting inspector general Wayne Stone
    • This is the most important thing that Trump could replace is get a person into this position and look at those 190 whistleblower reports and publish those
    • If you don't want to publish the Grafenstine report about the Awan's, which I think is the most important things to published right now
    • Publish these 190 stories that's going to be the most important thing
    • But if you want to go to the document
    • And just do ctrl-F you can go to all the differences inspectors general
    • And you can see right now, at the CIA where Brennan is sending these angry tweets
    • And also Samantha power working for him as sort of a surveillance rabbit is sending out threatening email
    • And look is it's vacant
    • That is probably the third most important position to fill the Department of Veterans Affairs
    • I would also say is probably the most pressing in addition to firing Shulkin
    • And then of course the Department of Defense is currently I believe currently vacant as well
    • And that is probably even more important
    • Let's go back a little bit
    • But there's a hundred and twenty three different instances of inspectors generals in this document
    • OK and here's the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Defense
    • This is Theresa Grafenstine old position
    • This is the most important position to fill in general, for all the weapons systems F-35, all the different Raytheon systems, etc, Textron, all these different companies, and reviewing the Uranium One involvement in all these agencies
    • Obviously this is probably the most pressing replacement needed
    • So here's Samantha Power, saying it's not a good idea to make John Brennan mad
    • Yesterday, you can see that the old regime still kind of believes that they're in power
    • They still have this ability to provide FIVE EYES to order surveillance on people
    • She's obviously married to Cass Sunstein who was a key political crafting of the 'deplorables narrative'...
    • If you look at the former SES folks this is on Reddit
    • And 911bodysnatcher posted
    • This it's kind of the Uranium One conspirators all in one here
    • And all the people we keep running into in Washington Cory Booker
    • And then of course I with the IRA had Tim Kaine to this
    • But then fraud[sic] Rod Rosenstein
    • And then all the State Department folks we always run into which is Kerry Sunstein Feinstein
    • And then of course at Rahm Emanuel I never met a hospital in Faisalabad I didn't want to invest in
    • And then all the people from the State Department story
    • And Awan story that we had
    • Jackie Speier and then of course Jack Lew with Gulftainer
    • Biden with Ukraine
    • Shapiro with the weapons in Syria
    • And the weapons in let Libya with Zero Footprint
    • And timber Sycamore our whole series really here Bill Swing with Haiti
    • And bio weapons Bill Weld with a PROMIS software
    • Pagliano with the Hillary's server
    • Donna Shalala with HHS
    • And the CDC Philippe Reines with different reprisals against reporters
    • Elijah Cummings here in Maryland with Philadelphia just leave it at that Petraeus with all those notebooks with
    • Paula Broadwell
    • Mike Morell with the Russians
    • Clapper with we don't collect it all
    • Jake Sullivan with the Hillary emails
    • Jeremy Bash with CNN cover stories
    • Panetta a precursor to ambassador Stevens
    • Ash Carter Secretary of Defense, put a shine on an ash
    • McCain seven arms self services committee
    • Pam Fleishaker I think I'll need another heart
    • Preet Bharara--Southern District of everywhere
    • Sheryl Sandberg, I can't remember that woman's book she did
    • McAuliffe's wife I believe is Marisa
    • Thom Nides, hey we're gonna launder $33,000 of plate George Clooney tonight that's the plan
    • Tom Peres took over the DNC from DWS
    • Tom Donilon national security adviser for Barack Obama
    • All these folks are just a who's who
    • Here's Omar Khan who is from Wilmer Hale law firm which is the key law firm that Mueller has all the people that are attacking Trump right now, trying to find anything
    • Sidney Blumenthal obviously with all the Tyler Drumheller connections with are a good friend Valerie Plame
    • Of course John Podesta ARMZ Eric Holder connections to Jack Lew
    • Very tight connections to Jack Lew
    • Christopher Wray is obviously involved in this
    • Victoria Nuland F the EU, F everyone, we're gonna run this oil and gas play however we want
    • Jennifer I'm tired of being a fall person Palmieri
    • Susan it's got to be a video Rice
    • Condoleezza Rice you really have--we didn't have a chance to stop 9/11
    • James Baker from the FBI
    • Madeleine Albright Kosovo, we should bring it closer to home
    • All these folks are a part of this SES
    • So it's it's almost like a it almost like reads like a summary of our whole--of all of our episodes up till now
    • So I'll move quickly on to this Luke put out a an article yesterday which recapitulated a lot of the people who knew Imran Awan
    • And it seemed to be kind of a list of trivialities
    • It was all these little arguments that all the different people who rented or bought stuff from the Awan had
    • And really totally missed the--what Luke said was he sent this summary, his summary, of Theresa Grafenstine's Inspector General report to 40 different Democratic women and none of them had a comment
    • Well what really the Inspector General is supposed to do is inspect for the general public and put those reports out publicly
    • This is the basis of my lawsuit against Theresa Gradstein, saying this is a breach of fundamental duty
    • You see a fraud that was happening, with like with Fusion GPS and the DNC
    • That's what needs to happen
    • If Trump could do one thing immediately would be produce Grafenstine report, because what Luke didn't cover in this article was nefarious activities what are nefarious activities
    • And is that related to Project Cassandra
    • Nefarious activities isn't the garden in the back of Sprayer Street, or the furniture that Andre Taggart took
    • Nefarious activities are the hundreds of suspicious activity money transfers to Pakistan, and the terabytes to Pakistan
    • Omar Khan--here he is at Wilmer Hale VM seen his picture before
    • And here's the plan I'll finish up on this Richard O'Neill
    • And the Center for Strategic and International Studies
    • This is a think-tank war kind of mongering think-tank
    • Richard O'Neill is a Navy cryptologist, it kind of started this thing called the Highland group
    • So we're gonna--they come up with threats and they bring in different defense contractors basically, to try to create standards...for folks to go to
    • So I'll just introduce you to it briefly
    • This is Richard O'Neill they run this gov to technology summit
    • And this would be the kind of thing that I would invite a Theresa Grafenstine to, as a DoD Inspector General, or as House Inspector General
    • I bring all of them in and kind of form their thinking here at these kind of--talk and munch, with wine snippets here
    • To kind of lay the track and get the handshakes of the people who need to meet each other, for the defense contracting business
    • We'll introduce him more as we go on
    • I just wanted to introduce the Highland group up in Bethesda, Maryland
    • And I want to introduce Richard O'Neill a cryptologist that started it all
  • Day 151.2 Andy and Oleg Oligarchs On the Mnuchin BBQ - YouTube
    • It's day 151.2
    • And the Treasury Department just put out the Putin list here
    • The Putin list is gonna be the names that are going to be target for the next round of surveillance
    • And surveillance leads to asset seizures
    • So this is good to every once in a while do sanctions, because remember in the Carter Page case, our surveillance rabbits here
    • Anyone that are 210 prominent Russians touch, wherever they do a handshake, at whatever conference, about whatever industry
    • Now, we can put everybody under surveillance
    • And somebody is going to be able to be compromised
    • So that's why you want to put on a 114 different senior political figures of Putin
    • All the different people Putin's talk to now become a surveillance target, as well as its 96 oligarchs
    • But cleverly, Treasury and I think this is a combination of Mnuchin at Treasury, and Wilbur Ross over at commerce, they cleverly put the senior political figures first
    • And then save oligarchs for the last
    • But we know since we've watched this series, that really the oligarchs are sort of an ATM that you go to
    • And Oleg Deripaska and Andy McCabe being the conspirators, the flim-flam guys around the corner, trying to figure out the next pigeon drop, the next compromise they're gonna run on these oligarchs
    • Are sitting out there with Oleg on his boat, and then Andy is waving over there from the Eastern District of New York and Brooklyn from the Navy Yard saying, should one if by land at compromise, or two Oleg's a yacht, with the girls on it by sea
    • So we know that we've seen this before
    • So what we're going to do is immediately skip 114 we're gonna go down to the ninety six
    • And then we'll see really what the story is all about
    • And you're gonna love it because all the investment you've made, there's one hundred and twelve people in the different political departments
    • But the investments that you've made here are going to start paying off, in terms of the different people that we focused on in the series
    • Here's Peter Aven, for instance,
    • First of all Peter Aven is going to be one of those guys at ROSNEFT
    • He's going to be one of those keys guys t guys at letter one letter one being me a letter one being--a-one (AWAN) he's going to be one of those key guys in BP
    • A Thinly-veiled triumvirate of him and Friedman and the other gentleman from England of being the triumvirate in oil with BP
    • And Peter Aven the guy who did the Trump Tower hack
    • So right off the bat, you don't even get past letter one, before you're immediately rewarded
    • And the out I'll give you the key here: it's gonna be oil oil oil and compromise
    • And then when you after you get done compromising the oil guys, then go see the next oil guy because then Andy and Oleg Deripaska tried to compromise them
    • But here's [[Bogachev]]
    • Now, is he going to be related--is his daughter gonna be a Bogacheva as one of the Rostanets? We don't know yet
    • But you don't have to get too far down here till you get to Oleg Deripaska
    • And Oleg Deripaska being one of the guys who steals from all these other guys with him and Andy conspiring around the corners, flim-flam men
    • So so we made it to the D's
    • And we'll just go a little bit further in the list
    • And look for some other famous names up there's gonna be [[Fridman]], here's your Gooby gooby goo (GUBAREV) not goobygooby goo but your doughboy
    • But there he is not too far into the list well let's see if goobies on here as well Gooby went to Cyprus
    • Now, Gooby didn't make the list will will
    • We wonder if Kaspersky has any relationship to the virus and it's virus software
    • OOOp! There he is German Kahn
    • We remember German Kahn because he's not German
    • And yes he has a CON, he's going to go back to our previous episodes as well
    • Basically, people that are Russian kind of fake oligarchs that are set up to have these meetings so that we can get surveillance on all the other oligarchs
    • So and Putin knows this game
    • And permits the game to go on, because the United States is the most powerful country in the world
    • Moving through the list here, and I won't belabor the list, beause it's a list of 96
    • Oh Prokorov Mikhail Prokhorov
    • He's going to broker off the New York Mets
    • Mikhail Prokhorov we know him from the Eastern District of New York
    • He's one of the guys who said hey come on over to the other side, and we'll put a whole bunch of money through your casino
    • We'll put a whole bunch of money through your hockey team
    • We'll put a whole bunch of money through your basketball team
    • Whatever we can't put through those then we'll figure out a different pharmaceutical companies like VERO Pharma to to launder our money through
    • And there you have it
    • Just that simple
    • I'll finish this off here with a couple more names
    • Timchenko there's another name
    • It reminds me of---?--she was the very pro nationalistic person who ran Ukraine
    • And looted the Treasury in Ukraine
    • But Timchenko is gonna be another guy who met in New York tried to buy some ROSNEFT oil on the cheap, because it was supposedly from an embargoed nation
    • So that was the launder, when when ROSNEFT buys it
    • And whatever Timchenko company is going to be is going to be the rinse
    • Now, we've got to clean oil supposedly for the international market
    • That's basically going through this list
    • It's gonna be oil first, are gonna be the targets
    • Oleg Deripaska and Andy McCabe a flim-flam man around the corner, trying to figure out if it's one
    • If it's gonna be in a hotel some, somewhere in the Eastern district of New York downtown or it's gonna be two if by sea
    • Now, I will say well it could be one other place
    • We have Andrew McCabe meeting with Deripaska in Paris in 2008
    • So I'm gonna open this up to saying it could also be a hotel in Paris as well as the Southern District and Eastern District of New York
  • Day 151.3. Stop the Opiod Crisis - Start With Oleg and Andy - YouTube
    • It's day 151 this is part three
    • And we pushed out a lot of stuff on SES today Senior Executive Service
    • And what I want to say about a CS is we're trying to--use the scalpel here
    • And determine what happened over the last eight years
    • And there's a lot of good people in SES
    • We just met a couple last night and tonight
    • Folks that work at the Andrews Air Force Base
    • Folks that work at Bolling Air Force Base
    • Folks that work at DHS, Anacostia
    • We talk to them every day
    • So again, we want to focus on what happened to this inner core--the rot
    • And it appears the rot really starts at DOJ
    • We pushed out a list of SES at DOJ
    • It's going to be the Bruce OHR's
    • And that type of folks this kind of evil, not the 333 half evil, all the other agencies and all the other protective services
    • It's going to be the full-on 666,
    • Where it's like we need to do what we need to do for our SS--I look at SS
    • And almost look at a chop down the middle as the three three three for everybody else
    • This core group of SES that came in
    • Unqualified people who are just political appointees, really the super-delegates of government, really
    • That's what we're looking for
    • And this this list really gets into this kind of "unholy alliance" that some of the people inside the DOJ made with Russian criminals
    • Made with Russian gangsters
    • Made with Russian mafia, for political gain, for for drugs in America
    • This VERO Pharma is going to be the string that unwinds the whole Emperor's clothes
    • But the this whole Prokorov thing that with the Treasury today
    • This Peter Aven, the Fridman, all those names that I talked about earlier today are going to be at the center of this drug drugs in America
    • This unholy alliance between these people in DOJ and these Russian oligarchs
    • Again, oligarchs is a big circle the mafia with inside the oligarchs
    • This Russian oil mafia Rosneft mafia FSB
    • It's a very small group
    • As well as the DOJ group is a very small group
    • It's it's this unholy alliance between these two Intelligence agencies, along with the help of five eyes
    • People who think they're doing half evil
    • And we're really getting down to the bottom of it
    • The face of it: if you want to put a face on it as Oleg on their side and Andy on our side
    • Now, really it's it's Brennan having Andy do all these horrible things with his other little group of Dukes
    • But it's really Brennan and Oli
    • Well it's really Brennan and Sechin that are the two Godfathers
    • And the two kind of--mafioso running around are Andy and Oleg
    • So that's we're really trying to get to the core
    • It's kind of like--watching The Godfather
    • You don't want to just say well--it's it's 13th Street
    • No we want to go for Lucky Luciano and--name the individuals involved
    • Meyer Lansky etc
    • We don't want a--broad brush sweep everyone who has a great Italian restaurant
    • We want to go right at the Meyer Lansky's and the Lucky Lucianos on 13th Street
    • I think was 13th Street Lucky Luciano where he batted the coin and says "I don't want to drive for you, I want to work for you"
  • Day 152.1 The Blackberry 20 Revisited - Awan Contra - YouTube
    • It's Day 152 this is part 1
    • And this map here of the United States has kind of turned sideways
    • And it's a Congressional map and it's red state versus blue state
    • And you can see here by the margin of victory and the height of these blue skyscrapers, that in the areas where the Democrats win, they win big
    • And those are the are the districts, which year-after-year, return the same Congressman usually
    • Now, the thing about the twenty people that I've put here in the middle of the map--you may recognize from our series, I call the blackberry 20--these are people that work for Imran Awan works for and configured their BlackBerry's
    • Now, what's important about this is here in Washington DC where Eleanor Holmes Norton has been a representative for about thirty years
    • That district is where the Awans have the server the Democratic caucus server, which all these members here are all Democrats
    • They're all their informations going there
    • Ad the Grafenstine report from the office of the inspector general her report said that the Awans were using this for nefarious purposes
    • Furthermore reporting in the Daily Caller said that it was collecting information from all over the country, a lot of different servers in sort of collating all this information back here in Washington DC, on this server
    • So that's what's important about this is that this could very easily be used as a money-laundering system:
    • Taking political contributions throughout the year, and so forth, and laundering those monies that are being taken in for a whole variety of different activities
    • If you were a union like SEIU, you would want to partner with a Democratic party
    • So that you could process your profits through these Democratic offices around the country
    • Now, the Democratic representatives may or may not know about this activity
    • All you need to do is hack their phones, and process the money
    • Typical activities of the SEIU Union has been involved in, and before that the Teamsters, was money laundering, racketeering, drugs, forced prostitution, in the days of going back all the way to days of prohibition
    • And it turns out to be these same areas where you have heavy drug use as well in these lower socioeconomic areas
    • Although that if that situation is changing very rapidly with the overdose situation
    • So the important part here is to kind of predict who that blackberry 20 are, because there is a police report out there by the Capitol police that says that "these 20 folks or 20 folks that the Awans configured Blackberries for were all burglarized the night of the inauguration, or very on or about the night of the inauguration"
    • So it's important that when the report does come out
    • And I've asked for that in lawsuit form, that we know who those people are
    • We may miss one here, we may miss one there
    • But you'll recognize all the names from our story
    • I've also included a few people on the edges here that were Congressmen, and did use the Awans very famously
    • Anthony Weiner with Anthony's trusted staff, which I believe was the Awans
    • Also obviously Rahm Emanuel who used them of course
    • Henry Waxman was in the Congress for I think 40 years
    • Then of course Adam Schiff is now, kind of the current heir-apparent of the Rahm Emanuel leadership position
    • As well as maybe Joe Crowley here, who's the lead whip in the Congress
    • And of course he once started here with Robert Wexler in Florida
    • So you can see here Florida represents the strongest enclave of five representatives
    • Followed closely by California or maybe led by California with Becerra here
    • Swallwell, Lieu, Sherman, Maxine Waters...
    • Texas Al Green, Cedric Richmond in New Orleans
    • Emanuel Cleaver turns out to be right in the middle of the country in Kansas City yet
    • In Colorado Keith Ellison
    • Mmnnesota Schakowsky you're married to Bob Creamer one of the SEIU Beatles in Mt Prospect Illinois
    • So that's kind of your rundown of course Yvette Clark is where the was Anthony Weiner's old district
    • And a lot of the equipment that was distributed around the country to these different offices ended up going through, being purchased through Yvette Clark's office
    • Remember all I need is one one blackberry encrypted blackberry in one of these offices and then I can establish a whole server and then a whole group of people and use that server
    • So we're going to be looking for these police reports I've already asked for this in my court case
    • And it could happen any day
    • So this is the background
    • I'll be using this chart a lot
    • This is the BlackBerry 20
  • Day 152.2 You Won't Find Me in the SES PlumBook - I Work at NAVAIR - YouTube
    • Its day 152 this is part two
    • And we have the shooting this morning at great Mills High School here
    • Only about six miles from NAVAIR that we've been talking about
    • You people may remember Martin Amad that we featured there at NAVAIR as an SES
    • But I call a helicopter SES, where you kind of helicopters in over these career professionals that have spent their life of flying jets...
    • And the parents are being met over at Leonardsville high school over here Leonardtown high school over here, at the MedStar St. Mary's
    • So you can see how close these med stars are to these major Naval air stations like NAVAIR, which is the head of all Naval aviation
    • It's much like NAVSEA at the Naval Yard NAVAIR is a Pax River is the head of all Navy operations
    • Now, this isn't the other side of the Maryland, that's kind of like a tongs, like a barbecue tongs
    • It isn't the other side over here at Salisbury you may remember Task Force
    • And I go into Salisbury the high school they're the International excuse me the International College, with all the international people getting Twix T W I C's
    • If you get a Twic you can go anywhere in the world work at any port including an airport or a Navy port, just with one fingerprint
    • So it's ripe for in Salisbury to make those fake ideas because basically you print money, you print ways in and out of ports with with that
    • But that's aside from the point this morning there's three there's three people shot this morning, here at this high school
    • I'm not saying it's a warning shot to say keep quiet at NAVAIR
    • It could just be total happenstance
    • But it does kind of combine the today's news with the rest of the story, which is the importance of NAVAIR in the purchase of F-35s, all the advanced F-18 F-22s etc, as well as all the Navy ordnance, like those Tomahawk missiles that are six million bucks apiece
    • And if you don't remember the story we did about five days ago, on Mr. Ahmad, Martin Ahmad
    • We wondered--did he have trouble with his if he what he lost his ID, did he have trouble with his remembering his middle name
    • And is that why he has somebody different aliases
    • Sometimes people just--forget when they get new IDs, when they when they lose their old ID
    • So I'm not saying anything here is untoward {{ lol }}
    • But what I am saying is that the Senior Executive Service here
    • And there's been a lot of people doing shows on Senior Executive Service was: there used to be up to GS-15 there was a GS-16, 17, and 18
    • And what happened was the SES was locked off those top three positions were lopped off
    • And they created the Senior Executive Service
    • This is exactly what happened in what night of the Long Knives with the Nazis, where they took all the generals out to a big meeting, they killed about a thousand that night and usually the ratio as you kill a thousand, the other 7,000 fall in line
    • And this was kind of the same idea
    • They retired off the top thousand GS people, and then they made their own rules for the top three grades
    • And really it's gonna is it really just Christine Marcy, or did she have the director of the Central Intelligence Agency at that time in 1977--George Bush--behind this idea of making the SES
    • Kind of like the same idea that when the SS was created
    • The SS was mainly created, took form at night of the Long Knives
    • It isn't the three three three the half evil folks
    • Aren't those really kind of a reincarnation of the brown shirts? Well we'll see, we'll see over time
    • But it does look like even in the two examples
    • The other one was William Levy in in Long Island that we'll go back to
    • We have a one Will Levy coming from China Lake in California if you remember his case, kind of as a Navy police officer
    • And then there's this other Will Levy from this Rosalind Roslyn Long Island that has all these Lamboroghinis and Porsches and Mercedes...
    • So these are the things we're going to look for these are the signatures that were going to look for
    • But really we only had to pick two they have something very kind of meaty to talk about
    • And again, if you go through the plum book, you go through the plum book which supposedly has all the openings the SES, you don't see any of Amads
    • And I went through all the Martens as well not listed
    • So that's that's where I say this SES service is a hidden service
    • We'll be drilling more down on Mr. Ahmad
    • And NAVAIR, NAVSEA as well as China China China Lake
  • Day 152.3 Drilling Down On SES Is the Only Way To Win - YouTube
    • This is Day 152 part 3
    • And I've done a series on SES a Senior Executive Service
    • And what I believe in is not just saying oh well there's a 3200 people that feel bad and contrite on their heart
    • We've won the day, let's stop doing compound searches, let's stop doing individual profiles of these different people in the Senior Executive Service
    • The people that start from being cops in China Lake to police chiefs in China Lake to doing security down at the Navy Yard, and all of a sudde now, they're running they're the CIO for the Bureau of printing and engraving and they have this connection to NAVAIR
    • So that's why I go to this level of looking at connections of all these Tomahawk cruise missiles are shared between NAVAIR here in Pax River, and NAVAIR at China Lake that's the other side of this guy named Amad
    • And yes he's got a name his name was Butler maybe he changed to being Muslim
    • But his wife's name Moore she didn't change her name she works for a company called Alon pharmaceuticals out of Dublin they make this anti Alzheimer's drug
    • And anti Crohn's disease drug anti multiple sclerosis drug just--
    • It just reminds me of the Leavey situation where there was a corollary Levy up in Long Island that had all these Lamborghinis Porsches and-and-and mercedes-benz
    • I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but I'm saying when you get seven eight nine ten houses that are million-dollar houses, then you start raising eyebrows
    • The SES starts looking like sort of a CIA's infiltration into our lawmakers and government servants and creation of a deep state
    • That's what I'm saying
    • So then I look at things like proximity analysis this morning this great mils over here to NAVAIR
    • And how MedStar seems to track them...
    • But what I want to focus on is creating avalanches very simple information requests it could create an avalanche of information
    • One of the things I looked up in the book here this morning, which is the plum book was for Levy
    • And I didn't find him
    • And I didn't find Amad either
    • These are kind of hidden these are hidden jobs
    • >>>CONT
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